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Advertising was once a business model only available to media companies. These companies specialized in building large audiences by creating programs or entertainment that allowed them to also sell advertising to companies that wanted to reach their audiences. The Internet allows much smaller, non-media companies to both advertise and make money by accepting advertising on web sites.

Traditional CPM (cost per thousand) advertising involves advertisers paying based on the number of ad impressions, or views. Other traditional options also available online include negotiated sponsorships of all types.

Online advertising online also includes Internet-only strategies like Pay Per Click keyword advertising (like Google’s Adsense) that allow anyone to promote products and pay only when someone clicks on their ad, or affiliate marketing, where advertisers pay web site owners commissions on sales or customer referrals.

These strategies represent a revolution in advertising because they allow any blog publisher or web site owner to make money online by advertising to their audiences.

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