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Ongoing Investigation.com Being Auctioned on eBay

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Now you can answer questions just like White House press secretary Scott McClellan.

Written by Joe Wilson (not the former ambassador)

LOS ANGELES (PoopyCaca.com) – Taking a cue from White House press secretary, Scott McClellan and President George W. Bush, now the rest of us can avoid answering annoying questions with one simple answer, “I can’t discuss it, it’s part of an ongoing investigation.”

Fake news Web site, PoopyCaca.com is auctioning OngoingInvestigation.com on eBay for that very purpose. The winning bidder of the domain name can set up their own Web site with a list of all the things they don’t want to talk about.

When asked annoying questions like, “Where’s those sales projections? Why haven’t you mowed the lawn? Are we getting engaged or what? Do I look fat in this?” there’s the all purpose answer, “I can’t discuss it, it’s part of an ongoing investigation. Check OngoingInvestigation.com.”

Domain name expert, Cornelius O’Toole, said, “OngoingInvestigation.com not only taps into the popular lexicon with a catch phrase that’s constantly in the news, it’s also a handy way to avoid answering questions. I know there’s stuff I’m tired of being asked about, like my name, for instance. I’ll definitely be bidding on it.”

Visit the eBay auction of OngoingInvestigation.com.

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