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One of the Greatest Songs I’ve Ever Heard: “I’ll Be Your Lover Too” by Van Morrison

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Derry down green
Color of my dream
A dream that’s daily coming true…

Those are some lyrics to “I’ll Be Your Lover Too” by Van Morrison. Described as achingly beautiful, this song will haunt anyone that hears it. For those young enough not to know, Van Morrison is one of the most gifted musicians ever. Although I might have heard it earlier, I first remember encountering this song in the soundtrack to Proof of Life , a greatly underrated movie. I just encountered it again scoring a poignant love scene in Moonlight Mile. I kept using the instant replay to hear it again and again. One writer described the arrangement of this song as both lush and simple at the same time. The band is excellent. Van’s singing is as good as singing ever was or ever will be. He sings the lyrics with as much power and intensity as if the whole world had stopped to hear this song. And well it might have done.

I only wish I could have this song sung to me by someone that means it. I would only like to have something like this in my life. The declarations in this song remind us of how it’s supposed to be between a man and a woman. It makes the status quo look especially shabby and inadequate. This song is magnificent, grand and magical.

To the best of my knowledge, “I’ll Be Your Lover Too” is only available on the Van Morrison His Band and Street Choir, originally recorded in 1970. There are other great songs on this album like “Domino” and “Gypsy Queen” so it’s well worth it. You can hear samples of all these songs on Amazon. You can also record Moonlight Mile which is playing on Oxygen about now (May 14 2005) and fast forward to the love scene between Jake Gyllenhal and this blonde lady who seems to be a cocktail waitress (I just happened on the movie).

Van Morrison is magnificent and his gift is amazing. Most of the good stuff seems to be his earlier work but there might be some good songs later on. However you slice it, this man has created more great music than just about anyone.

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  • Mike

    It’s a gorgeous song. My friends who got married a few years ago played it for their first dance as man & wife. They had heard it in “Proof of Life” as well.

    Another song you might enjoy is “To Be Alone With You” by Sufjan Stevens.

  • Thanks for your response. I’ll go and try to find that song you wrote about. I bet your friends have a great marriage.

  • crooked spine

    I looove Van Morrison – especially his early ’70s stuff. Be sure to check out “Crazy Love” from Moondance, “I Will Be There” from Saint Dominic’s Preview, and the majestic “Tupelo Honey” from (you guessed it) Tupelo Honey.

    Oh, and It’s Too Late to Stop Now is one of the best live albums ever.

  • Mat

    I hate to admit it since its getting praise here, but I find this song to be rather….um…dull. It’s just too dang slow for my taste. And I really dig some Morrison. I’ll go with Crooked Spine in that both Crazy Love and Tupelo Honey are better songs. Tupelo Honey gets me every fuggin time I hear it.

  • I too am a huge fan of Van. Something is happening very soon that I thought would never happen. Someting more rare than Pink Floyd or a Guns & Roses reunion.

    I am going to see the rarest thing in the history of rock: Van Morrison live!

    for some strange reason, he is playing Red Rocks next month… and I got tickets. Don’t worry, I’ll post a big fat review here. I still half feel it is a big prank (even after dropping $100 for one of the cheap seasts). I mean, Van doesn’t ever tour… ever.

  • I’ve been a fan of Van since the early eighties. I saw him live during the early eighties in San Francisco, but that show was disappointing. Hopefully the upcoming show will not be. He’s a musical genius. I’m not familiar with It’s Too Late To Stop Now. I’ll keep it in mind.

  • Great song and Van is a musical genious.

    Ditto on ‘Too Late’ – one of the great live albums. ‘Into the Music’ is one of my favorites as well (epsecially side 2, back when there were sides!) And of course, ‘St. Dominick’s Preview’.

    I recently had to pick one song for a Desert Isle list…I picked Van. You can check it out on my blog

  • matthew

    U heard this song for the first time when i walked into the room and the ending credits of the movie proof of life were scrolling on the screen and i was instantly ensnared in it’s amazing beauty. since then i’v seen the movie umpteen times, and written the lyrics on countless love notes to my wife. I’m sure she believe i have OCD. I just can’t get enough of it and I wonder why such a beautifull song be so unknown.

  • Rune

    This song is really beautiful. But it’s very different from anyting I’ve ver heard from him. More moody… or something. It’s kinda hard to explain.

  • Great song! I also heard it on Proof of life, I serched for it and I cant stop listening to it. I’m glad I live to hear it. Very deep and romantic, Cheers

  • Olja

    It’s my favourite song too. You described it perfectly. it’s a song, during which the whole world stops moving and just listens to the song.