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One Of The Few +’s For Wal-Mart

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Here is the link from walmartstores.com.

Wal-Mart has been named one of “The 30 Best Companies For Diversity” by Black Enterprise magazine. This is the most recent recognition for Wal-Mart’s continuing efforts to diversify its work environment – both the commercial and corporate environments. It has also received praise from DiversityBusiness.com, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, and Asian Enterprise magazine.

Wal-Mart should be recognized for its diverse workplace, but that is one of the relatively few pluses for the No. 1 Retailer to go along with its many more minuses.

1. Diversity among its many, many employees.
2. Diversity among its many, many items that the company sells.
3. Low prices on its many, many items that the company sells.
4. Friendly personnel, or at least the ones that I have dealt with.

1. Low hourly wages for its many, many employees.
2. Destroys local businesses and merchants with its incredible low prices.
3. Huge Supercenters are ugly.
4. Much traffic caused by the many customers looking to save an extra $1 on soap.
5. Devotion to appeasing the family crowd by banning CDs with explicit lyrics in favor of “safe” versions and pretty much only selling FULL FRAME DVDS!
6. The cheapness feel when entering one of the stores.
7. The untidiness of shopping at its stores when shopping later in the day when everyone has picked the store twice over for that soap that’s on sale that will save them an extra $1.
8. The huge square-footage needed for a Wal-Mart, which causes their the stores to be built miles from the cities and to the suburbs, or in some cases to the middle of nowhere, where urban sprawl and more traffic become worser problems.

As you can tell, I despise Wal-Mart more than I like it. But you do have to admire the fact that the company has grown from nothing to a more than $200 billion-a-year-in-revenues company. Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart but there have been rare occasions when I dove into the $4.88 DVD bins or bought some shampoo that I desperately needed.

This list was compiled rather quickly and without much thought. You can tell that it is very superficial. If there are more that I forgot, or ones more detailed that should be added to the list, please let me know how dumb I am.

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  • They do and don’t. I’m sure they’d like to build in the cities, but people started liking the entire strip mall feeling so that’s why wal-mart builds in the middle of nowhere and other businesses follow suit because there is more room to build and expand in the middle of nowhere with lots of parking.

  • mavis

    Actually, I’ve seen more widescreen DVDs at Wal-mart. Not a bunch, but on some of the newer releases. Maybe it’s a trend.

    I always wonder about this urban sprawl thing. Does Wal-Mart build stores where people AREN’T?

  • At my Target, they sell full frame DVDs too, so I stopped shopping there too. My counter-anecdote is based on my own previous readings of anti-Wal-Mart stuff.

  • Nancy, Tan supplied a link and a source for his reporting that Wal-Mart is diverse. You’ve offered a counter-anecdote based on… what? What do you know that Black Enterprise Magazine doesn’t?

    As for me, I just hate the “full-frame” DVDs, so I shop at Target.

  • Nancy

    There’s currently a radio ad on our stations, with some local manager spouting off about how he started out pushing carts in the parking lot, then got called in and given a chance after 3 months, and now he’s thinking about looking for a regional manager job w/Walmart. I always mentally add at the end of this spiel a voice-over disclaimer, “…women and minorities need not apply”. It really is the appropriate missing ending.