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One DJ At a Time

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Our very own Bitter Girl Shannon wants to get on the radio to improve it from within. She’s looking for help:

    Kirsten & some other people have said I have a total voiceover artist voice. Think I’d be a good DJ? WBCN is looking for a new one, and are asking for tapes. Could solve my permanent job problem and grievous lack of free tunes problem once and for all. I used to live with the program director, musical director and other bigshots for 99.3 ACRN, I know what I’m doing. Kind of.

    Let’s start a Get Bitter-Girl on WBCN campaign, shall we? As your candidate, I, the bitter one, promise to keep playing kickass tunes all the time, not just like last weekend, as Andrew noted. I will play Boston bands like Soltero, Brad’s band the also-rans, and much more. It will rock.

    So. I need your help….

Somebody help her already.

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  • Shannon

    Aww, Eric! Thanks for the link! I just now noticed it – you are lovely!

    Seriously, y’all.

    At least I have musical taste and am amusing…