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One-Day Libertarian Takeover

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Late in his campaign for US Senate, Al Barger appeared on Abdul in the Mornings program, the only local drive time talk show in the Indianapolis area. Abdul describes himself as a conservative, and probably was expecting to do battle with Al over the usual points of divergence with a Libertarian.

Alas, Al diverges from most Libertarians on the most pressing national issue of the day- Iraq- into agreement with Abdul. After mixing that up with fiscal topics, Abdul was left to exclaim, “Al Barger, where have you been all my life?”

On Friday, Abdul will be vacationing. His first thought for a fill-in? Al Barger, and his Libertarian pals. The station is WXNT 1430-am. The signal can be streamed by going to their website and clicking the link to the audio stream.

It’s a one-day Libertarian takeover, with Blogcritic Al Barger, LPIN Political Director Brad Klopfenstein, and me. We’ll be talking about state and local issues amongst ourselves, with phone-in guests, and taking calls from whomever is out there willing to stir the pudding with us.

It’s all subject to changes based on the news that breaks and what the three of us cook up between now and Friday morning, but the show should look a little like this:

6:00-7:00 Indiana elections recount-o-rama. Problems in Franklin & LaPorte Counties, and in Congressional District 9.
7:00-8:00 Will the GOP be fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, both, or neither in the upcoming legislative session? They’ve always said, ‘just give us the tools and we’ll reduce the size of government’. Well, they have the tools now.
8:00-9:00 Special phone-in guests. Big secret. Can’t tell you. Have to listen to find out.

I’ve been without a show of my own for about two years now, so I’ve been itching a bit to be behind the mic. It will be with great pleasure that I will sit in this Friday, with Al and Brad. Please call in! It would be a hoot to hear from other Blogcritics! Studio line: 317-228-1430

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  • It seems that Al won’t make it due to a nasty illness. Get well soon, Al!

  • I know Al won’t be there with me, but check out the show this morning, and feel free to call in with a question or comment.

    Get well, Al!

  • RJ

    How did it go?