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Once upon a time in nottingham…

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…a group of friends went to see Once Upon A Time In Mexico.
Sequel to the amazing Desperado, Once Upon A Time… features even more outrageous effects during the gunfights, a more twisting plot, Johnny Depp, not nearly so much Salma Hayek and a fistful of evil-looking characters that seem to popup in lots of similar themed films (you’ll recognise blokes from Desperado, From Dusk til Dawn and other gangsters-in-Mexico films).

Don’t concentrate too hard on the plot – although it has been given more thought than in Desperado, it’s not the film’s strong point, but then it was never intended to be. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but i found that even more than in Desperado, this film does not try and take itself too seriously, but for me it’s all part of the fun. This is the ’80s action film formula reinvented for the ’00s.

Oh yeah, the guitar case full of guns is back, thank god (I love that mean-looking sawn off) altho it doesn’t play quite such a central role.

If you don’t particularly enjoy action films you won’t find this very special, but I loved it.

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