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On The Late Show with David Letterman This Week

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I must confess. I have to confess.

I love David Letterman.

Oh, no — not like that woman who kept breaking into his house in the '80s or, more recently, the woman who thought he was sending love messages in code to her. Not like that at all. This is more of a sane sort of love. Or, is it?

I've been a Letterman fan since his early appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and can even boast to watching his rather short-lived morning show, circa 1980 or so. Through his NBC Late Night with David Letterman days into the present, he's my late-night fodder. Campy, zany, though oddly intellectual, I've spent my adult life with his show(s) on my must-see list.

Last week's highlights for me were the Jack Hanna segment (always a favorite with me) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley on Lost) reading the Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed With Lost. In particular, I enjoyed Number 10: "After each episode, you do an all-kitty reenactment in your basement." I have to admit that my two cats balked at playing all the characters and wanted to hold out for more money per episode.

Late Show with David LettermanThe week ahead boasts Mr. Letterman's second rather unusual week-long programming event for the season. Earlier, it was Ventriloquist Week. This time, we'll see Impressionists Week. Yep, you've got it! I'm not sure if it will match the excitement of the ventriloquists, but it'll be neat to see Rich Little once again. I didn't know he was still around.

Here are the guests scheduled for this week on the Late Show with David Letterman:

  • Monday, Nov. 13: Robin Williams, Impressionist Rich Little, George Jones
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14: Jack Black (promoting the new movie Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, which I misheard a while back as the "Pig of Destiny." I like it that way, don't you?), Impressionist Fred Travalena, Tenacious D
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15: Christopher Guest, Impressionist Gordie Brown, +44
  • Thursday, Nov. 16: Ellen DeGeneres, Impressionist Frank Caliendo, The Game
  • Friday, Nov. 17: Senator John Edwards, Impressionist Kevin Pollak, Will Arnett

Okay, ventriloquists and impressionists… what's next? Tap dancers? Magicians? I don't know, but I'm sure to be watching. As for Leno, I watch or tape him when he has the Blue Man Group on. Dave should do more Blue Man Group.

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