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On Procrastination

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Is it possible procrastination is a self-destructive impulse?

It certainly is an impulse — a palpable message from some part of the psyche to not do that which you have determined you ought or would like to do.

Where does it come from?
A habit? A built-up reflex bolstered by data of failure or old messages that what you do won’t matter?

What does it imply?
That you are a pessimist? Passive? That your mind is cluttered with too many counter ideas save self-determination?

How can it be eradicated?
Allowing for a moment that it is a conditioned reflex, one solution is to immediately act to counter this counter-impulse.

When you think to do something and the self-check interjects itself you have to identify it for what it is and deny it. As in cultivating willpower, defeating procrastination is a skill best developed in small steps.

Do you see the garbage pail is full and think you should change the bag? Do you think, “nah, don’t feel like it,” or, “I’ll do it later.”

Immediately compel yourself to do it now! And when you’re doing whatever it is, practice self talk: “I’m not a procrastinator.”

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