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On Marrying Someone of a Different Religion

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History says that religion starts wars. If that is true, what will it do to a dual-religion marriage? I’ve heard of Christians who marry Jews and atheists who marry Christians and I’ve heard it can work out. But I wonder if for the majority it is the best idea. As a husband who has been married for eight years, I can tell you religion can cause conflict. It can be like a private world the other is never able to enter. It can also be a shared support system. I think a happy marriage is possible with mixed religious views. At the same time, it should be considered as a potential powder-keg.

The definition of religion varies from person to person. Webster defines it as “a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.” Because this connotes such personal convictions, one might reason that two separate religions will conflict in a marriage. I’m sure people out there in these sorts of marriages could answer some of my questions in the comments.

I hope they do. It’s something worth talking about before getting married. Based on the arguments my wife and I have had through our marriage, I think the concept should be discussed either in counseling or in the privacy of your own home. My wife and I have had arguments about religion and we are the same religion, Christian. If that is true, what arguments will a couple have when they are say Muslim and Christian or Buddhist and Mormon?

I feel that marrying someone of a different faith is bound to be a challenge. That doesn’t mean it can’t work out though. When, as a couple, you inevitably encounter tragedies in life or longing for a church community, you will be faced with the fact that only one of you can lead the way.


I think it is fine to marry outside your religion as long as you realize that a major support system you once enjoyed as a single person will disappear. Furthermore, both your faiths are more likely to move toward an absence of faith since common ground will be hard to find.

Having said all that, (there I said it!) people in love aren’t the most logical folks to listen to reason. Keep love at the forefront but discuss with your partner how you will handle religion in your home once you are married. This is especially important if you have kids or plan to. Don’t make the mistake of seeing it as a “non issue.”

So, what’s your take on marrying someone of a different religion?

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