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On Democracy and Starbucks.

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democracy noun
1 [U] the belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves:
The government has promised to uphold the principles of democracy.
The early 1990s saw the spread of democracy in Eastern Europe.

2 [C] a country in which power is held by elected representatives:
Few of the Western democracies still have a royal family.
Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary

Democracy. The very idea of it is a beautiful, and in no where in this world is the idea of democracy more beautiful than in the United States. The United States is unique as that it is the first country based totally on an Idea. It’s not a country because everyone is the same ethnic make up, the same religion, speak the same language, etc. It was founded purely on an idea. The people of the United States loved the idea so much, they fought for it and won their freedom from England. A prized that was won with your own blood is more valued indeed.

Even so, the United States has had its share of problems over they years. It wasn’t democratic enough. For a while, blacks and women could not vote. Once again, the blacks and women in this country fought, won, and got the right to vote. Once again, the path for these people to vote was often bloody but once the right was attained, it was all the more precious.

Time goes on. Because of this great idea of Democracy, the United States became the greatest Nation in the world, filled with resources, ideas, and raw power. Because we were a nation founded on an idea of equality and of democracy, we flourished. The idea was a noble one and because of it, the United States became blessed.

The United State from then on became a friend to other Democracies and tried to support other people who wished for democracy. The United States was always there when things seemed to be getting so out of hand. Bring us your poor, your needy and your sick…

But eventually, somewhere down the line, something tragic happened to the United States and things began to get out of hand. Suddenly the United States changed it’s stance from “defending” democracy to “enforcing” democracy. In the end, this is an oxymoron and wrong. Democracy also means that one has the right to not be in a democratic republic. They have the right to live in a religious state, a secular state, a police state, and any other state under the sun, if they so choose. In the end, it’s not about what is “wrong” or what is “right”, it about what the people want. Not everyone wants a democracy and it is their right to choose this option. However, that is the beautiful thing about Democracy and the American ideal… If you want it bad enough, you’ll fight for it and find some way of attaining it. 1,000 people with rocks can always bring down 20 with guns, so long as they believe. Nothing worth having in this world comes easily and sometimes blood has to be shed but that is what makes it so much more worth having in the end.

Yes, the United States is the United States, but being powerful doesn’t mean that you are the ruler of the world.

And this is where the United States started to forget its own constitution. It very first lines “We the people…” It’s seems to have been twisted into “The United States says…” This is so wrong because ultimately, the United States is supposed to be about, you, me, him, and her, the idea that what we wish and how we want to be represented at home and abroad. Not what we want to push on others who don’t believe as we do. Somewhere, the wrong people started to get into office and begin to twist and change what “We the people” means and started to use the great power of the United States for the wrong reasons.

But I still believe in the constitution. I still believe that the people of the United States, if not always properly educated about the rest of the world, are very kind and good people. Sure, we are ravenous capitalists, but I see nothing wrong with that. If you don’t want Starbucks in your country, you have every right to say “no”. Sure, you may need American dollars, but it’s not America’s responsibility to subsidies you. If you don’t want it, you can block it. I even have to admit I was sickened on a recent trip to England to see a Starbucks right outside Windsor Palace… but hey… That is the English’s fault and not America’s. I don’t believe we have any more commodore Perry’s banging on the walls of Japan (but then again, look at what just happened in Iraq). If you don’t want American products then in the words immortal Nancy Regan “Just say no”.

Americans are good hearted people who unfortunately are being led by people who have forgotten what being American is truly about. Who are more motivated purely by power, greed and ego as oppose to the beautiful idea of the constitution. I truly think that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and et al are rolling in their graves, sickened at what is being done, in the name of the “people”. At the same time, they are sickened by the apathy of the “people”. After working so hard to draft a document and a country on the idea of Democracy, people don’t even bother to use their right to vote yet bitch and complain about the leaders who are elected. Many complain that the only way one can be elected is to have a lot of money and big business behind you. This is true currently… but once again “We the people…” you have the right to vote. You have the right to change things. You can try to get more deserving candidates noticed and a chance to lead. You have the chance to go back to the ideal of this country and make it great again. All this can be done by using your simple vote…

Because “We the people…” actually begins with you.

And because many have forgotten their 6th grade constitution class, I leave you with this, the preamble of the United States Constitution.

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”

You can only secure these things by doing what you can to be involved in making sure these things are enforced. Go out, register to vote. Talk to people and begin making a change in ’04. Before it’s too late.

And finally, the “Freedom of Speech” and the Liberal vs Conservative view”

This is really a side not here but I find it so funny and so illogical when you think of it, it’s maddening. When I read about a lot of the protests against the war, inevitably it seems that some Pro-War, cheese for brains, person screams “OH YEAH, WELL YOU IT OUR TROOPS WHO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BITCH ABOUT THE WAR OR OUR GOVERNMENT, GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!”

Oh you silly, silly moronic tadpole. By being liberal, I’m more open minded… so this actually means I am defending your constitutional rights to free speech. Think about it.

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  • The central idea of America is not democracy. It’s liberty secured by limited government.

    A democracy with unlimited powers put Socrates to death. America is unique in being a democracy with a constitutionally limited government that places the liberty of its citizens at the center of that constitution.