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On Broken Wings “Some Of US May Never See the World”

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On Broken Wings debut Eulogy Release, “Some of Us May Never See the World”, is a hum-drum effort of oh-so overdone metal core. With past releases on Eulogy Records bringing us instant classics, like the latest from Evergreen Terrace, it is a shame to see such a mediocre band releasing work under the same label.

Sure, the guitar work is there—the drums are average—and the vocals even show a hardcore flare to them that should have made this release well worth the money. So what is missing? Energy. While I have not had the pleasure of seeing this bands live show, I will say that the album lacks passion—one might as well take three chords and run them through a copy machine.

Overall, this disc could have been something great. Hopefully, a sophomore release will birth the real On Broken Wings, and we will all be blown away. Until then, stick with Unearth and Evergreen Terrace from the incredibly talent filled roster at Eulogy.

Jeff Petermann

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  • Ben

    See them live! If you’ve seen Blake and the rest of OBW preform live you will see energy, and that will, at least for me it was, carried though to the album. Just see them. They are on a tour now with tons of dates… Check out there show schedual at:

    Just scroll to On Broken Wings to find the nearest show… Then GO!

  • ben

    Sorry address didnt show up…


  • nick

    one of my top 5 fav albums. dont just take this goon’s bad advice. buy the album and listen to it yourself.