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On a Spirtual Path – Stubborn Taurus Boyfriend: Astrology-Based Advice

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Hi Elsa!

My grandmother was an extremely devout Catholic and was also involved with a woman who practiced some sort of magic in Mexico. She refused to see modern doctors for any ailment and asked her friend to create potions and cast spells for herself and our family.

My mother, who once was forced to live with this woman and work for her, was also a devout Catholic until she and my stepfather decided to join a radical evangelical Christian church. I saw through the brainwashing and unfortunately suffered the consequences of the backlash until I was 14 and my parents had a falling out with the church. Hooray!

Now personally, I've found a Buddhist path called Shambhala, which has made me a better person and more at peace with myself. It ties together the visions and dreams I’ve had of a traumatic past life and how I feel about my role in this life. The love of my life, unfortunately, doesn't take me seriously. And since I’m known for my temper, he asks me, "Aren't Buddhists supposed to be peaceful?"

I’m not perfect but I am trying. I’m afraid I’ll end the relationship based on our dissonance in our religious beliefs. At the same time, I feel like I should assert myself in this point because I am so much happier now than I was before I discovered this path.

I feel so strongly about the revelations I’m having that are connected to my Native American heritage, I want him to know this is who I am. How can I get him to take me seriously?

taurus cup bullOn A Path

P.S. He's a Taurus

Dear Path,

You can’t get anyone to do anything. All people do whatever they want, but this is especially true for Taurus, the most stubborn sign in the zodiac! So in regards to turning this guy, well picture this: imagine a bull in a field. He’s just standing there, for the most part. Maybe he’s swinging his tail to keep the flies off, but only as necessary! Mostly he’s just chewin’ the grass. And then you come along.

And what do you want? You want him to climb up a hill and look out over the horizon. You want him to dance around a teepee, but so? What’s the horizon got to do with him? He’s happy in his field, yes?

“But come away with me!” you say. “Come to these exotic places!” you cajole him.

He just stares at you with his big brown eyes, waiting for you to understand. Understand that he’s not going anywhere. If you want to run around to and fro, well you go right ahead. That’s your life. But it’s not his!

So this is where you are. You will not get this man to do anything unless he damn well pleases. And if he ever pleases, I doubt it will be soon. So based on this, you have choices.

If you love him where he is, the way he is, that’s fine. Otherwise, you need another man.

Good luck.

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