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On 9/11: The Disaster That Bush/Cheney Turned Into A Catastrophe

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9/11 should've been a wake-up call for us to act more nobly in the world.

Instead, we've done the opposite. On 9/12, we were a bewildered nation, but economically we were strong with a surplus, and morally we were supreme because everyone felt sorry for us.

Today, we're the world's biggest debtor nation, and the whole world hates us, and we're bogged down in the Middle East — overseeing a budding civil war in Iraq, watching the comeback of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and with our surrogate in the Middle East, Israel, screwing up maybe worse than us, if that's possible.

Jeez, at a time when we needed the best leadership, we ended up with the worst — a bunch of impractical, ideologically-driven incompetents. Think how much better off we would've been if Clinton or Gore had been in charge instead of Bush and Cheney.

For me the worst thing is our loss of moral leadership, which we had in the palm of our hands like never before because right after 9/11 we had the moral authority of the #1 victim. Nothing like suffering to give you moral authority. Now, as a nation that tortures and lies and starts unnecessary wars, we've lost that. The terrorists exceeded beyond their wildest dreams — they turned us into a nation of terrorists ourselves, who've killed over a 100,000 Iraqis in a totally impractical exercise, to serve oil and military interests in the US under the cloak of bringing "democracy" to the world.

Question: were we just unlucky in our choice of leaders, or have we become such dumbfuck ideologues ourselves that we cannot hope for better leaders because we don't make 'em anymore?

Think of our black leaders today: We've got Al Sharpton instead of Dr. King. I don't know what's going on, but it seems to me our Ivy League universities turn out armies of ambitious idiots and MBA crooks.

Where are the leaders who speak the truth and stand for something besides greed? Why is Barack Obama so charismatic? I'll tell you why — because all the other politicians are such shits and idiots. He stands out simply because (a) he's honest, (b) he's smart enough to write his own speeches, (c) he's religious without being a pious hypocrite, and (d) he actually believes in an America that's on the side of the angels. He's also, of course, madly handsome and sexy with the best smile since Julia Roberts. The problem is there's only one of him: the rest aren't worth a bucket of warm poo.

I didn't want to get angry on 9/11, but I am. Know why?

Guess where Bush is this morning of 9/11? He's in my New York, talking to firefighters. I'm throwing up in my mouth. Get this bad stinky virus, this germ of warmongering out of my city! I don't want him crawling up the asses of firefighters to suck up to the nation. Who needs a President that makes one feel ashamed to be an American? That Dixie Chick was right when she said, even before the Iraq War, that she feels ashamed he comes from her state of Texas. That's how he makes me feel — ashamed that he is an American and represents America. Screw him and his entire ilk with the business end of a porcupine up their butts.

What a way to start my day, but there you are. It's been 9/11 every goddamn day for the last five years, and, with an election coming up, we haven't heard the last of it. Maybe when the GOP loses both the House and the Senate in November because of the stupid war in Iraq, the wailing and gnashing about 9/11 may start to die down, and we'll start dealing with the catastrophe that Bush/Cheney created out of it.

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  • when Cheney said on the Tim Russet show yesterday “I would do it ALL exactly the same today” I think you know what kind of leaders we have today…Anyway I thank him for saying that because he helped the Democrats with that stupid statement..I wonder if he was talking as the President..

  • dee

    Georgio – I feel the exact same way. His saying that is crazy. It just goes to show how they view themselves as the “kings” of this country. Statements like that should piss off all freedom loving people because he is basically saying that we don’t have a voice if you disagree with him and his cronies. I say impeach him, bush, rummy and condi.

  • Nancy

    Cheney – who I suspect is the one who really runs the show – is what in the old days was designated a psychopath (nowadays a sociopath): someone who feels no empathy, no guilt, no doubts, all of whose facilities are geared only towards gratifying his own ends. Sending 3,000 American troops to their deaths (after a lifetime of avoiding service & danger himself) fazes him not at all; the slaughter of 100,000 Iraqis or anybody else is equally unimportant to him, no more than if they’d been a hill of ants. Of course he’d do it all again: none of the death touches him, and he makes sure it doesn’t touch anybody in his family, either. It’s just the great unwashed who are dying, so what’s to be concerned about? After all, in his eyes, they’re not human, not being rich like him. In Junior, he has his perfect puppet, an arrogant, alcoholic, selfish, self-centered, spoiled, overprivileged & overmonied fratboy with ultrarich parents who has had every problem & failure he’s ever faced bought off for him by said parents, and who is incapable of independent thinking.

    Both of these disaster got there because Americans HAVE degenerated into a nation of equally spoiled, overprivileged, undereducated people raised on the permissive guidelines of Dr. Spock,conditioned by mass media & corporate marketing to demand instant gratification of all their wants (not just needs), unused to critical thinking, having been mentally wet-nursed by TV to having everything spoon-fed, from opinions to entertainment.

    We were getting there before 9/11; post-9/11, enough of us bought into the lies of BushCo & the GOP mindlessly, thereby fulfilling the quote of B. Franklin, that those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. We took the low road, because too many of us were too damned stupid, intellectually lazy, and alarmist to think for ourselves.

  • Again, Mr Ash is ashamed to be an American, and apparently thinks we’re being attacked because we’re a debtor nation, among other crimes for which Al Qaeda wishes to punish us. A debtor nation that will stand up militarily to our enemies- how awful. Bush represents a show of strength, where Mr Ash thinks that suffering and being the object of pity is the source of moral authority. That’s a sickening and disgusting way to think, unworthy of an American. That would be a much better fit with the shame based Arab cultures that are breeding our enemies.

    Again, America sucks, and sucks worse than ever. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Nancy

    You need to learn to read, Al: Ash said he’s ashamed BUSH is a fellow American, not that he himself is ashamed of being an American. Take it one sentence at a time, it’ll get easier, I promise.

  • Stop arguing! You’re both right! Adam said he’s ashamed of Bush AND ashamed to be an American.

  • Bliffle

    “Bush represents a show of strength, …”

    Show? Is that what counts? A show?

    If he had real strength he would have pursued OBL and taken the strong action required. Picking on the Ugly Kid, Saddam, that nobody likes anyhow, instead of the hard work of dealing with OBL hiding in Pakistan, was a weak move. As a concequence we are tied up in Iraq, an unnecessary war, while OBL plants more bombs. Weak and stupid.

  • dee

    Nancy – Couldn’t have said it better myself. Amen to you. Bush may represent strength in a f*cked up sort of way, but what good is strength if its for the wrong reasons? Nazi Germany had strength also.

  • This doesn’t make sense

    Ash thinks we would be better off if Clinton or Gore were in charge. Yeah, we wouldn’t have to worry about a Spanish national anthem, ’cause it would be in Arabic. This is no time for a pacifist coward. We need Bush now more than ever. We need decisive leadership. So what if he always makes the wrong decisions, at least he makes them and sticks to them. My wife burns the “freedom” toast every Sunday, but at least she cooks. Al Gore doesn’t cook. We’d all be hungry. I ate a sandwich for lunch. It was marvelous. The new season of Lost looks promising. Seacrest out.

  • zingzing

    tdms–your schtick stucks. stop.

    so what if he makes the wrong decisions?
    at least he makes them?
    and sticks to them?


    well, i’m going to make a decision about my job. gonna drop my pants in front of my boss and leave a big old steamer on his desk before i steal every phone in the place and piss in the fucking elevator! gonna do it! i’ve made up my mind! THAT’S ALL I NEED TO DO!

    and yes, the arabs are coming to take over. they’re coming to steal all your cookies and all your televisions.

  • dee

    Did someone just say Seacrest out up there???? [Edited] It is insane to justify Bushco by saying at least he makes decisions and sticks with them even when admiting they are the wrong ones. I say it is worse to stick to your guns out of pride or ignorance or because god told you than it is to do nothing or attempt an alternative. Insane. Attempting to justify failed policies by arguing well at least he sticks to them is crazy and dangerous. [Godwin edited]

  • This doesn’t make sense

    Dee, why do you hate America? What did our troops do to you?

    ZingZing, the arabs are not going to steal my cookies. I delete them, along with my history so my wife doesn’t know that I look at porn. If you are really going to shit on your desk and piss in the elevator make sure you join the union first, that way you won’t get fired for it.

    Don’t forget to return V for Vendetta you anti-establishment hippies.

  • This doesn’t make sense

    Oh yeah, Seacrest out.

  • Bob Jones

    I don’t know if this is fully true, but I read online that in the wake of 9/11, every single country in the world (including Iran, North Korea …) gave support for the invasion of Afghanistan.

    The US went from full support, to that of a few countries like Britain.

    Boy, Bush did everything wrong.

    In 5 years, he has lost all most all support from around the world and inside the US.

  • This doesn’t make sense

    Bush is still better than Gore and his fascination with Man-Bear-Pig. I’m super serial right now.

  • Martin Lav

    Nancy, Correction Bush is an “untreated” alcholic that doesn’t drink. Nothing worse than that believe me. Here are some of the characteristics that define a “dry-drunk”:

    -Exaggerated self-importance and pomposity
    -Grandiose behavior
    -A rigid, judgmental outlook
    -Childish behavior
    -Irresponsible behavior
    -Irrational rationalization

    I would say this pretty accurately describes our President and why he acts the way he does, except for maybe the exaggerated self-importance, which isn’t really exaggerated seeing how he is the President of the USA. Otherwise, as any 12 step recovery person will tell you, there’s nothing worse than a 1 stepper. (Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity).

  • Arch Conservative

    It’s nice to see that all you moonbats can do on today of all days is bash Bush while completely ignoring the fact that we are threatened by ISLAMOFACISM. It was this way before took office and it will be this way when he’s gone.

    You people are the reason we had 911 and will probably have another one. You look to America for blame and a means to justify the islamic facists whackjobs who would kill us.

    Instead of whining about our foreign policy maybe you had better voice more support for the tactics that will actually single out the terrorits and save our lives like the domestic sureveillance program.

  • Dean


    You want to save your life? Bush has told you the way. “They” want to kill us because we are a democracy. So, move to a country that is not a democracy.

    Just don’t go to one of those dictatorships like Sweden, Switzerland or Greece.

  • Bliffle

    Sounds like Archie has quickly fallen in line behind Bush with “islamofascism” added to his soundbyte repertoire. Oh well, in a pinch any slander will do. But whatever happened to ‘flipflopper’? Too passe, too 2004?

  • zingzing

    what does islam have to do with fascism again? maybe i missed the connection.

    and is “islamic terrorism” too 2005?

    and yes, it was the dems/lefties who caused 9/11, i’m sure… (detect sarcasm)… i would say it is our foreign policy of invading their countries and supporting israel and commandeering their oil that has us in trouble with middle eastern muslims. just a thought.

    i think there is some rational explanation for this conflict beyond “they’re just jealous.” and i think archie knows it.

  • Nancy

    ZZ, they take their thinking cues from BushCo; they’re incapable of independent thought.

  • zingzing

    see, nancy, i’d like to think that they are. i’d like to think that if there is enough intelligence in them to be able to read and think long enough about what someone says to form an opinion, that they would be able to have some rational thoughts and opinions of their own. i think they are hiding something. i don’t know exactly what, and i don’t know why, but i’m sure that archie (much as i loathe to admit it) is smart enough to figure beyond this silly “jealousy” thing and look at the actual events long enough to see a connection between the things we do and what happens to us. it’s just logical. we aren’t innocent by-standers, caught in some crossfire between radical islam and someone else. we are on the other side of that fight, and we are doing things to make this fight continue. we needn’t give in to them, but we also can’t expect them to give in to us. it’s just not how things work. if this thing is going to end, it’s going to be either with huge amounts of blood and more death, or it’s going to be with some diplomacy, and i would rather try the diplomacy thing. if that makes me responsible for 9/11, so be it. but i think that continuing the killing and the bombing and the torture will only bring us further war, and i think that is a logical statement.

  • Nancy

    Well, the world is overpopulated, and I’m sure BushCo won’t mind or miss any as long as they aren’t wealthy buddies of his or Smilin’ Dick’s.

  • steve

    If Al Gore were in office; I believe we would in fact be addressing his issue of global warming. Not because of the carbon dioxide our cars dish out; but because we would have been attacked by WMDs so many times they had kicked a hole in the sky. Clinton/Gore/Kerry leadership would bring us to our knees. ’nuff said.

  • zingzing

    only bush can protect us! live in fear of 2009, when we all die! election day ’08–>mass suicide anyone?

  • PeterJ

    The reason there was a 911 is because of Bush.

    Bin Ladin knew Bush would never touch him, after all, Bin Ladin is his Bush’s godfather!
    Bush just opened every door for him, including the regrowth of the almost non-existant poppy crop. ANY othe president would have Bin Ladin dead by the end of the day.
    You need to have balls to be the president!

    Don’t you guys ever get sick of saying the same old shit over and over? If Kerry,,,If Gore”’ If Clinton,,, Krist, find a new song willya?

    If Al Gore were in office, If Kerry were in office, if CLINTON were in office we wouldn’t think 9-11 was anything more than the day after 9-10. By the way, which WMDs would we be attacked with? The imaginary ones we went to war over?

  • Peter, when the tiny rat runs around in your brain does it hurt?