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Omaha. It’s Icky. A Lot.

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I cannot take credit for the origin of this catchy little blog entry title, but I can take credit (or blame) for the following contents: Omaha, somewhere in middle America (my apologies to the Counting Crows). For those fans of mine who are not familiar with it, let me paint you a picture.

OK, get ready, here it is. Think overgrown cow town festooned with “buy here pay here” car lots, constant road construction, frigid Antarctic Winters, sticky Louisiana-like Summers, beautiful Autumns that last all of 15 minutes.

There are about 20 jobs in the town that aren’t either insurance or telemarketing company executives or low-paying “Would you like to Biggie size that” jobs. If you are a 25-45 year old technology professional, just keep driving.

That’s what I did. I spent almost 15 years of my life in Omaha after being dragged there by Uncle Sam during my Air Force days. It was small, quiet, fairly safe and an easy place to raise a kid or two. If you are looking for excitement, career advancement or direct flights to anywhere I would suggest that you keep driving. A dear friend of ours pestered and cajoled my wife and me absolutely buggy until we finally gave in and decided to pull up our roots (not that many really) and move west.

Oh! I almost forgot one thing. Omaha has a great view of… wait for it… wait for it… Iowa! That’s right. No mountains, no water (excepting the sewage-laden Missouri river), no breath-taking valleys or vistas. Just Council-fricking-Bluffs, Iowa.

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  • sharon

    It was icky. Then you left. No it’s better. A lot.

  • tabitha

    Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. but this is ridiculous, ive lived here for 18 years and i have a GOOD job a good home, and on weekends i go to clubc till 4:00 in the morning, maybe your just a stick in the mud who has no ambition or drive to get a real job or meet anyone and have fun? oh, and fyi, we havent had cows in omaha that havent been in a slaughterhouse in about 50 years, and ive been other places, same there.

  • Darrell

    Well lets see um warren buffet lives here. Dont know who he is? well he is as rich as bill gates. Well lets see paypal’s home office is here. And as for council fricking bluffs they have google.

    Perhaps you suck at information technology which is why you couldnt get a job. Omaha is booming with IT jobs.

  • Tim

    I will say omaha is ok but I would say it not for everyone. If your more into a smaller size city then this isn’t a bad place or lincoln. I would say the rest of the state sucks and if you need to get some really good excitement. You can always drive to KC or Chi town. ( 3 1/2 hr or 5 hr drive)
    I would also say don’t go to North O. LOL

  • omahastyle

    wow really? you sound like some one from cali or newyork that has only seen nebraska on a map and by saying omaha is full of construction lets see im pretty sure every city that is growing has to have construction yes it sucks some times but its every where you go theres no getting out of that and antarctic winters hmmmm i think its been in the 50s and 60s the past week yes some times it gets cold for a few days but then with in a week its back in the 40s if not better like it has been lately. and talking about the river? you must not know about the river walk or the new bridge or even the quest center lol come on now really do you have anything that actually makes any since to say? wait one thing you did say the council bluffs sucks and theres no views go see the cliffs in council bluffs there are some very nice ones that look over omaha and it looks very nice…………… cus word cus word lol

  • C

    What part of “Omaha” were you experiencing? While you’re entitled to your [weird] opinion, all anyone has to do is look up “Best Places to Raise an Family”, “Best Places to Live and Work”, “Most Recession-Proof Metropolitans”, etc. to realize your comments are grossly inaccurate. A typically $500K house in CA costs $200K here, yet the wages are only slightly higher in CA than they are here. The consistently low cost of living and low unemployment rate seems to work well together for publications such as Forbes magazine to repeatedly rank Omaha as one of the top areas with a high quality of life.

    If you value excitement and beautiful views over economic stability, people who really care about their city (judging by the large anonymous donations made to keep things like the Henry Doorly Zoo in business; thus, keeping the prosperity of one of our largest attractions from being entirely dependent upon our tax money), and relative safety, then, no, Omaha is NOT for you. If, however, you’re like the majority of adults who are raising or want to raise a family with a good quality of life, I would strongly suggest Omaha.

    We don’t claim to have wonderful attractions or promise a fantastic time – it’s not necessarily because we don’t have them; it’s because we don’t really want people like you polluting our area.