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Olivia Newton-John’s Missing Boyfriend May Be On the Lam in Mexico, Still Dead, Or Whatever

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People do disappear of their own volition, but rarely forever, especially in today’s digitally connected world.

Witness the case of one Patrick McDermott, a Los Angeles cameraman and lighting technician who was Australian songbird and Grease star Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend for nine years after they met on the set of a commercial in 1996. But then McDermott, 48 at the time, disappeared off an overnight fishing trip out of San Pedro, CA last June 30. McDermott’s car was found in the marina parking lot and his bag and tackle box were found on the boat with his wallet, driver’s licence and passport inside.

OliviaMcDermott McDermott was presumed lost overboard and drowned, a possible suicide – reports trickled in that he had accrued a small nation’s worth of debt and faced possible jail time over unpaid child support for his son to his ex-wife, actress Yvette Nipar. McDermott had a $132,000 life insurance policy to be paid to his son if he died or was presumed dead.

Australia’s Daily Telegraph has been on the McDermott case like a hellhound and now has accumulated what it claims are four different sightings of the apparently undrowned man in Baja California, Mexico — the sunny place for shady people — and now declares him to be “on the run with a northern European woman in her mid 30s.”

Raul Avilez, who works at Pescadero Surf Camp on the Baja Peninsula, is the fourth witness the paper claims “confirms suspicions” that McDermott faked his death to escape debt, possible jail, and/or the 57-year-old Newton-John. Avilez told the paper McDermott spent a night in a beach shack about a month ago with the woman and they left together driving the green VW camper van in which McDermott had arrived.

PatrickMcDermott Avilez said McDermott’s hair was now darker than it was in the photograph released by the US Coast Guard, which is investigating McDermott’s disappearance on the fishing boat Freedom on the night of June 30, 2005. “But it’s the same guy, the same face,” said Avila through an interpreter.

Another witness the Telegraph has found is San Diego businessman John Brown, who says is sure he saw McDermott in the Baja Cantina bar in Cabo San Lucas on or about May 26. Shown the same US Coast Guard photograph of McDermott, Brown said, “I’ve seen this guy. I’m positive that’s him. He was sitting on the corner of the bar by himself drinking beer.”

Brown said McDermott told him he was working on a private fishing boat but planned to lead tours to waterfalls outside Cabo San Lucas. Brown said McDermott acted suspiciously when he said he was interested in a tour and asked McDermott for a business card.

However, a Coast Guard representative told Australian AP that the sightings were “hearsay,” and the latest in a long list of supposed eyewitness accounts from around the world. “You name it, he’s probably been sighted there,” Coast Guard Petty Officer Prentice Danner said.

And despite the latest reports, Danner said the Coast Guard did not have any “strong leads” about McDermott’s whereabouts or whether he was dead or alive. “He’s still a missing person … The stuff that’s come out about Mexico, no one has come to us about that. It seems like people have gone straight to the media with it,” Danner said, perhaps with a sigh.

But if witnesses DID contact the Coast Guard, “We would definitely follow them up,” he added.

Hint. Hint.

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  • Dawn

    Were he and Olivia still dating when this happened? I am confused.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, though she was in Australia at the time

  • I’m surprised that this hasn’t gotten more press than it has. Very close to the stuff of pulp fiction!

  • Joey

    Are you sure it was because of alimony violations… or that Olivia is a (can’t say it).

  • Joey

    There is a guy in Italy that gets identified by paparazzi and MANY tourists as Brad Pitt. A look alike? Could be. It will be interesting to find out.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, I was pretty amazed to realize I hadn’t heard about this when he disappeared a year ago. It’s big in Australia, though, because of the Olivia connection.

    Joey, I met Olivia at a recording studio in about 1984 and she was very sweet, but I wasn’t in a relationship with her. I haven’t heard they had any financial relationship, though, so he could have just broken up with her if that was the problem, I would think.

    With that insurance policy, it sounds like he wanted to get something to his son, who he has apparently neglected over the years.

    Either way, he did something pretty extreme: either faking his death or actually doing it

  • No One

    They had been split up for months and were NOT dating when he vanished. Check out OnlyOlivia.com

  • Eric Olsen

    No One, where do you see this on the site? I looked all over and found very little about McDermott and nothing about them breaking up. Thanks

  • San Pedro Rick

    Olivia did not, lets say, give him the respect that he deserved. Travolta was on the boat that evening and I heard no mention of that fact. This is not to say that foul play or any sinister motive is at play here. Plain and simple though he is gone and a few people are very content about this. By focusing on who those people are we may very well determine how this could of happened to such a gifted individual. I could see this happening to say a local juggler/clown.

  • Kristin Richard

    I am an Investigator out of Texas. Please take the time to look at this website (www.findpatrickmcdermott.com)and see if you all can help me. Thank you for your time.

    Kristin Richard

  • Evan

    i like Olivia Newton John she is prettier and alot better then Hilary Duff