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Older people buy more

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In the UK, parents are buying more music than the kids.

For the first time, people in their 40s are buying more albums than teenagers. According to recent figures from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the 12-to-19 age group accounted for 16.4% of album sales in 2002, a sharp fall on 2000 (22.1%), while 40- to-49-year-olds went the other way, rising from 16.5% to 19.1%. Buyers in their 50s (14.3%) are not far behind. Soon, half of albums will be bought by people who have passed their 40th birthday.

…”It’s easier,” the publisher told Music Week, “to sell to the old gits.”

This kind of news is actually pretty good for me personally. A&S are somewhat more likely to appeal to an older demographic than one of the rock bands in which I play.

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  • Younger people download most of their music, while older people are more likely to be uncomfortable with computers or the Internet. I only buy music from the Apple Store now, and if it isn’t available there, I find it for free. CD’s just take up space.

  • bflaska

    …”It’s easier,” the publisher told Music Week, “to sell to the old gits.”

    Not if you call them ‘old gits’ it isn’t.