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Old school metal done right

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The Weight of the World
Metal Church


Purveyors of trad-metal, Metal Church have been flogging their version for many a year, 20 to be exact. When not recording or touring, they have been involved in numerous singer problems. Vocal duties are now done by Ronny Munroe, who has an unfortunate habit of lapsing in Blaze Bailey-like flatness. ‘Hero’s Soul’ could have easily been one of the highlight of Blaze-era Maiden output. In other places Ronny adopts a more Halford approach to his vocals. However, the main engine to this metal machine are the guitairs of Kurt Vanderhoof. The guitarist, who has an excellent hard rock side-band called Vanderhoof, also produces this collection of straight-ahead metal. Its Maiden workman-like music that still hits all the buttons. All you need to do is hear ‘Blood Money’ to realise that. The Metal Chuch hasn’t sounded this good, for a very long time.

Rating: 4/5

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