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Okay, Time To Back The Twins

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The Minnesota Twins stand for everything that wrecked, ruined, and capsized the Detroit Tigers season. It would be so easy to wish them a quick three games against New York, laugh, and then move on to whatever the hell it is that displaced Tigers fans do. (Watch the leaves change, I think.)

But no. That’s not the AL Central way. The division is getting ridiculed, mainly because its winner, if transposed into the NL West, would be in fourth place. Five teams in baseball lost at least 95 games; two of them dwell in the Central. It’s a veritable national punching bag, and after the 7-2 loss to the Yankees, the sweep is looking likelier than a second key to the city for Derek Jeter, one that opens all of the chastity belts in the nunneries.

There is no reason Tigers fans shouldn’t place their goodwill and hearty wishes behind the Minnesota Twins. What’s good for them is good for the division, am I right? Plus, I’m pretty sure they’d do the same for Detroit. Minnesotans are nice enough to ask their burglars how they like their coffee.

Who says the Twins are going to lay down quietly? Did the Tigers do such a thing in 2006 when they faced the big bad Yankees? What about the Cardinals that same year, when everyone was expecting a Tigers World Series sweep? And how about the fictional team in Little Big League? Oh, they lost in the tiebreaker, you say? Well WHY DIDN’T THAT HAPPEN ON TUESDAY?

Ahem. The postseason is all about momentum, and despite the loss in Game 1, the Twins still contain some, winning 17 of their last 22. Most teams won playoff spots earlier in September, rested their starters and had their superstars achieve personal milestones. The Twins have been playing “playoff baseball” for quite some time now without guys like Justin Morneau and Joe Crede. And, as a Tigers fan, I can tell you they’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Admittedly, Minnesota has yet to beat the Yankees in 2009. I guess this means to everyone else that Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is going to tell his team, “welp, why even bother trying? It’s been fun. Pick up your checks on the way out, and see you all in February.”

Nah, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Twins came back and won this ALDS. They have a habit of shocking complacent teams. The Legend of the Hefty Bag shall continue to haunt the nightmares of rich-payrolled teams.

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  • Ruvy

    Well, we tried. I was able to pick up WCCO-AM on the computer – but they don’t carry Twins baseball anymore. The game is not on their schedule, and all I got was a radio simulcast of “60 Minutes”.

    My wife, the real honest-to-goodness Twins fan, is very disappointed.

    Does anybody know how to pick up the baseball games? The playoffs (in case the Twinkies get lucky and get to them next year?)

    Now it’s almost 1:30 in the morning. There is NO reason for me to be on here now.

  • Ruvy

    My view has nothing to do with religion, Matt. I moved to Minnesota in 1979 and kinda followed them as they lost and lost and lost. It was only after I got to talking with real sports buffs that I was taught what happened to the Senators – who also lost and lost and lost for all the years they were in Washington. I also found out that it was the policies of the owners that kept them a losing team. When the team was finally sold to Karl Pohlad, the team started to actually get better. But since 1991, they have not been able to clinch anything other than a few pennants.

    So, what am I supposed to say? Baseball is not my field of expertise. But I had no use for the Senators and when I realized what they had morphed into, I had trouble cheering for them also.

    For all that, I do understand that in baseball, as in everything else in life, you can’t go home again. There is no Brooklyn Dodgers to cheer myself hoarse over and there never will be again.

    That’s life.

  • You really are a devout Jew, Ruvy. Looking at the entire team’s maligned history instead of today’s positive signs.

    Yes, three World Series since 1913, but two since 1987. Five division titles this decade. What happened many years before we were zygotes doesn’t mean much today, because last year the Phillies won only their second WS, and they’ve been around since the Chester A. Arthur administration.

  • My wife, the St. Paul girl, really wants to listen to or follow the Twinkies tonight (tomorrow morning) as they try to save their butts. When I pointed out that the late unlamented Washington Senators, (aka the Twinkies) have won three world series titles since 1913, she at least had the decency to look embarrassed.

  • Tonight, (at 01:07 Israel Winter Time) the Twins will attempt to save their playoff hopes this year with a Yankee castoff, Carl Pavano, acording to the Pioneer Press.