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Okay, Facebook: You Win; I Was Wrong About You

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One by one, everyone I knew got a Facebook page. I would get random emails from Facebook, reminding me so-and-so wanted me to join. My friends would come up to me, begging me to get on Facebook, so it would be easier to keep in touch. It wasn’t until I was assigned an essay on Facebook in my English class that forced me to get involved. I said it was “for research purposes only,” but it became so much more than that.

I didn’t want a Facebook page, because I thought that if I got one, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with people face-to-face. It bothered me that someone would be talking to me in front of so many people instead of just texting me. I didn’t like how I could have 500 friends on Facebook, half of which I barely knew.

Before Facebook, I was on Twitter. For some reason, I thought Twitter was better. I liked the fact that Twitter was more news-y. I could follow politicians and celebrities. There were “Trending Topics” on the side, so it was easy to figure out what was going on in the world. I don’t even use Twitter anymore.

My English essay was about if there was any education to make teenagers more conscious about Internet safety on sites like Facebook. But, I realized, in order to do this properly, I needed a Facebook account. I groaned as if I was taking that bitter pill.

The first thing that Facebook did to win me over was the fact that the majority of the people I knew have Facebook pages. Barely anyone I knew had a Twitter. My friends from high school — whom I miss dearly, as we are all college Freshmen and hate being this far apart — had accounts. My new college friends had accounts. Even my mother had an account! And yes, I am friends with her. I believe that kids should be friends with their parents, but that’s my point of view.

Facebook had groups, which made it easier to find my friends. Twitter didn’t have that. I’m part of the Pittsburgh Steelers group and a religious group at my college.

Facebook had games and quizzes that are so much fun to play. I am absolutely addicted to Farmville, where I have an imaginary farm. I am pleased to say I purchased a pink tractor. It was a big accomplishment for me.

On Twitter, you could upload photos, but the catch was you can only upload one at a time. On Facebook, the limit — I think — is 200. That’s a big difference. I love having pictures of my friends and me on Facebook. It’s so much easier to share pictures.

I remember in seventh grade — six years ago for me — where everyone I knew had AIM. Now, most people I talk to don’t. Instant messaging was also a part of Facebook, which I just love. I have one of those phones without a keyboard and after a while, it hurts my hands to text. With Facebook, I could chat with someone in New York or someone two dorms away.

I should have listened to my friends when they told me to get Facebook. I resisted for so long. I hate myself for resisting for so long. I’m not going to lie: Facebook rocks.

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About Maddy

  • Not just Facebook, but Totino’s Pizzas and Staining your wall to look like a religious figure and the Patriots…also winners again.

  • I didn’t even know about Facebook until a year ago and I love it. Much better than MySpace.

  • Interesting post, Maddy! Like you, I swore I would never have Facebook. Then I got tired of everyone talking about great photos from events I had attended, and where were they…? Facebook! I joined for the photos, and like you, I soon signed on as a Fan of the Steelers! One thing led to another, and now I visit Facebook regularly. I haven’t given in to Farmville yet, and I defintely haven’t given up Twitter (still greatly prefer Twitter), but I will admit that Facebook is not as terrible as I had expected it to be… 😉