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OK GO (self-titled)

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Like Andrew WK’s “I Get Wet” only not quite so over-the-top, the band OK GO’s self-titled debut effectively pays homage to ’80s hair-metal while functioning ably as modern-day rock at the same time.

Prominent largely thanks to its inclusion in the latest “Madden” football video game, OK GO’s leadoff single “Get Over It” is an outstanding bubblegum-rock anthem. powered by vocalist Damian Kulash, Jr and guitarist Andy Duncan. The other standout tracks on the album are “Return” and “What To Do,” with its prescient chorus of “mediocre people do exceptional things all the time.”

What’s refreshing about OK GO is that despite the Madden connection and a light amount of MTV2 play, they don’t arrive with the same amount of hype as all those other bands from the past two years- therefore, they’re not merely living up to expectations but rather exceeding them by far. While they have quite a bit of ’80s metal influence as well as a clear Red Hot Chili Peppers fixation, it wouldn’t be fair to lump their music in with post-punk, nu metal, or any other currently popular label.

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