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O.J.’s If I Did It: It’s Not About the Book, It’s Not About You, Judith

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If I Did It, the new O.J. Simpson book that is roaring over the publishing landscape like a tsunami and leaving as much devastation in its wake, is wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to even begin to separate them; but frankly the real issue has nothing to do with publisher Judith Regan or even that of Simpson writing a book about the slayings. What is weird, perverse, and pretty much evil is that Simpson is being given a public forum to fantasize, relive the details of a crime in his mind, and then invite us all to share in the “dream.” I mean, how perverse and voyeuristic have we become?

Blood money transactions abound in our culture. Publishers show dismal taste in their choice of many books. Readers open their minds to baser and baser information. That’s a given in our culture today. But this, this is different. There is something wrong, something twisted, something unreal about this whole issue and the ensuing conversation. For whatever reason there are, apparently, those who believe that somehow Simpson’s creative “confession” would be a boon for society.

The announcement took on epic proportions early, long before Judith Regan entered the fray. Now, what already screamed bizarre became, if possible, even more odd. How can Reagan even imagine that Simpson’s folly will have some kind of cleansing effect on anyone, let alone her? And what does it say about her own pathology when she has apparently so intricately threaded her personal psychology into the fabric of this drama?

Whatever Regan’s reasons are for publishing the book, she is not the issue. Whatever ethics might be called into question regarding the supposed three million dollar deal, that is not the main problem. Whatever motivations are ascribed to O.J. for his latest headline-grabbing antics, they are barely worth the time and energy invested in their generation. The fact that there is an automatic assumption that we, the readers, will not only want to know but will willingly become accomplices in O.J.’s public fantasy projections is something that society may need to examine carefully.

If Simpson is innocent, how does this benefit us? If Simpson is trying to make a rather perverse “confession,” what is our role in all of this? If Simpson committed these crimes, what are we allowing him to do to us?

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  • Excellent. Well said.

  • If someone, ANYONE in The Mainstream Media will talk with me, IN PUBLIC, about OJ Simpson and Simpson’s Regular Limousine driver, my ex-in-law Rocky Bateman, who drove Simpson regularly from Approximately August of 1993 to June of 1994, and quit BELLY-ACHING about Simpson, and covering-up for so many others, I can PROVE that Rocky Bateman unloaded murder evidence for OJ Simpson.

    Here are my website’s if anyone wants to contact me.



    Mario George Nitrini 111

  • Thanks, Gordon. I generally don’t do much commentary on “public” events but I caught a few shows featuring Judith Reagan last night and I had such an odd feeling as I watched and listened that I hit the keyboard.

    Talk about a reality show that keeps on giving.

  • Mario,

    I don’t know what to tell you but I don’t think it’s the media that can offer you any help in resolving this issue. I don’t know the legal ramifications but he has been tried and found not guilty. They’d have to get over that double jeapardy hump to do anything, I guess.

    Of course, if you’re just in search of media I am, of course, not the one to come to, nor am I a media-attracting columnist.

    Good luck.

  • Hey Vicki,

    The legal power of The Internet literally has saved me.

    Most media people hate me.

    OJ Simpson Still can be tried for various crimes he committed connected to his cases and saga.

    Both sides (Prosecution and Defense) broke the law in The OJ Simpson Cases and Saga. The Defense and OJ Simpson Started it (The Illegal Dirty War), and The Prosecution “STEPPED” into it with them………

    When I met with The F.B.I. in June of 1997, they were VERY interested in what I had in evidence and Information (Rocky Bateman and “The Missing Bag,” and More). There also was an on-going investigation of a murder-for-hire plot that OJ Simpson was involved in with Robert Kardashian and Bill Wasz. The Feds decided to forget me (Chased me away) and pursue the Wasz/Kardashian/Simpson Situation. That situation got Too STICKEY, even for The Feds.

    Just for everyone’s information, Bill Wasz was found dead in his apartment in Mid-March, 2005. Here’s his website. I conversed quite a bit with Bill:

    Bill Wasz – Official Website
    We regret to inform that Mr. Bill Wasz tragically died in March of 2005 in Los
    … This site is entirely dedicated to Mr. Bill Wasz, his work, his passion, … – Cached

    Please click on FORUM, and you can read some of my correspondence with Bill.

    One week before he was found dead (I believe he was murdered), Bill sent me this E-Mail:

    “From: “BILL WASZ”
    Sent Sunday, March 06, 2005 12:01 AM
    Subject: Be nice


    No reason to be mean or disrespectful…

    You live in the Valley.

    I will buy you lunch in the Galleria…

    We will talk…and maybe you will ease up on me.

    Bill Wasz”

    One week later Bill Wasz was dead.

    Mario George Nitrini 111

  • Eli

    Good writing, Vikk. What saddens me the most is the ongoing attention Simpson receives.
    Why do publishers keep printing books like this one? Because they sell. What I wonder is why they sell.
    Your point is well taken. When publishers and booksellers give a book like this space, it is societies loss. The only way to send a message is if all these books end up on the remainder shelves.

  • Eli,

    Yes, I do think it will be interesting to see the sales, although I think they will probably be there due to the curiosity factor.

  • Deborah Whitaker

    You raise good questions, Vikk. Anyone who buys this book needs to take a long, hard look at their motivation.

    Have we so completely accepted the sensationalism promoted by today’s media that we can be manipulated into exploring the “fantasies” of murderers?

    I plan on boycotting all businesses that advertise or promote this book. If it shows up on the front page of my Amazon recommendations page, (because I buy mysteries and criminal justice textbooks), I’ll be moving all my business to Borders.

  • Thanks, Deb, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if Borders and the rest of the stores carry the book. I don’t think Amazon will be alone. Also, Amazon picks up all the books to be published by rote and probably doesn’t double-check. I like to call them the layman’s Books in Print. Depending on how they’ve set their recommendations up, you may very likely have it show up–as will I.

  • kim

    Excellent commentary on the sad state of the American mind and the extent to which we are now just as undiscerning, undisciplined, and mindless in our consumption of ideas and entertainment as we are in our consumption of food, energy, and goods. – kim

  • Thanks, Kim. Yes, it does seem as though many are in a mindless state. I used to wonder what kind of thoughts various people had when I met them. I wondered what they thought about? Did they ahve ideas? Were they exploring subjects or were they simply responding to daily events. Now, I’m not so sure I want to know.

  • kelso

    If ever anyone had any doubts about OJ’s guilt or innocense, good or evil, just the idea he would perpetrate such an outrageous diatribe should settle it in everyone’s mind once and for all. Try putting YOURSELF in the Goldman’s shoes just for long enough to imagine the hurt, anger, outrage and sadness they must be going through to have this man rub in their face the foul deed our justice system permitted to go unpunished. This literary deed by OJ is nothing more than another ‘assassination’, and again one he will be unpunished for if we permit ourselves to be drawn into his mire of spiritual filth and disgust. Please don’t soil your soul with involving yourselves in his lust.

  • Craig

    Well Vikk, it seems the tide of public opinion agrees with you and now Murdoch has cancelled the project.
    Good article, maybe he read it.

  • I feel for the Simpson children.

  • Yes, you’re right, Crait. As Eric Olsen’s article reports, the interview and book have been canceled. That is a relief. Working in a bookstore, I wasn’t looking forward to the massive inquiries and discussions about the project.

  • Ooops, sorry for the typo on your name, Craig.

    It would be nice to think my article had something to do with Murdoch’s decision but I have a feeling the outrage from his affiliates did that one.

  • All of this is interesting but there is another theory which has not been discussed except in my book ‘The Glove’. It may be similar to the hints of ‘other killers’ put forward first by Shapiro and then by Bailey. It would vindicate both Mark Fuhrman and OJ Simpson ( at least in the actual execution of the crime ). It requires a closer look at Fuhrman’s testimony under cross by Bailey.