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Oh Oscar, How Could You?

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I’ve always been a fan of Oscar De La Hoya – he is a great fighter, a nice person, and somebody whom I thought was a committed family man. About ten years ago, one woman told me Oscar De La Hoya is one man she would let “rape” her. Another woman admitted she named her vibrator “Oscar.” How could these otherwise normal women be brought to make such absurd statements?

Apparently, Oscar De La Hoya brings out the naughty in many women. However, I never thought I’d see the day when Oscar would become a woman.

Apparently, the photos of Oscar De La Hoya were taken during his kinky affair with a New York Stripper. Oscar allegedly likes very kinky sex games and they don’t just involve women. Debbie Caplan, his publicist, claims the photos were “photoshopped.” Her statement sounds as valid as R. Kelly’s statement that the sex videos he appeared in were digitally manipulated.

I’m not here to condemn Oscar De La Hoya’s allegedly kinky sex practices. I have nothing against Mr. De La Hoya dressing up in high heels, fishnets, and a wig while wearing boxing gloves. Each person has their own preferences and kinky games.

I am here, however, to condemn Oscar De La Hoya for his stupidity. After all, the man is married to Puerto Rican singer Millie Corretjer, with whom he has a child. Can you just imagine how much this kid is going to be taunted by classmates with these pictures? Can you imagine the horror on his wife’s face? Can you imagine what his parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and even close friends are going through?

Celebrities, whether they like it or not, are in the public eye. Everything they do can become an object for gossip, even when it’s not true. So what was Oscar thinking when he was posing for these pictures? One friend told me he was probably “wasted,” but I am sick and tired of hearing that excuse. After all, a drunken man’s actions are a sober man’s thoughts.

I guess this is all good news for those who have sexual fantasies about being with a man in drag. For the rest of us, including his family, this is somewhat disturbing.

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  • Oh goodness.

    Check the jawline in these photos, and the odd pixel gaps and lack of shadow behind his head in the bathroom shots.

    These look like a photoshop hackjob.

    I am bemused that you shake your finger at him for, in your opinion, posing for these “photos” an not for, ostensibly, being in a compromising position with someone other than his wife.

    Anyone is capable of pretty much anything, but this seems like a potshot lamebrained attempt at extortion.

  • behind the scenes

    I know these pics are real, this is how they were together, Oscar, and (stripper) he loved her Im telling you! He was a freak ..Ive seen it!!