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Oh No! Glenn Reynolds A Swarm Victim?

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Here’s an interesting post by a good friend of Viewpoint Journal, Ferdinand T. Cat:

The Dimwit Zone – Blogger Outcry Topples Instapundit

Famed uber-blogger Glenn Reynolds today announced that he is resigning from public life and will no longer blog. Reynolds, the helmsman of the popular blog Instapundit as well as a law professor at University of Tennessee, has been the center of controversy ever since it was reported in the blog Bad Example that Professor Reynolds does not own pajamas. Although it is not known how the Bad Example crew came by this information, it was quickly confirmed by the Tennessee Animal Welfare Authority (TAWA), who had recently conducted a raid of Reynolds’ home in response to allegations he was using small dogs as a food source.

Want to read the rest? Go here.

David Flanagan

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  • What’s REALLY funny here is that this story originally dates from April 2003 on imao.com – it’s got LEGS, folks.

    First line: It’s Saturday! That means it’s time to spread filthy lies about Glenn Reynolds.

    Latest comment: today, March 2, 2005.

  • RJ

    I believe he was making a funny about how the Blogs have become powerful enough to destroy the careers of major journalists. Glenn Reynolds is a blogger, but he’s so successful that he’s almost BECOME a major journalist.

    So the irony is, perhaps bloggers will begin consuming their own…

  • HW Saxton

    Whathef$%*#!? Ummm,yeah,sure uh Ok Dave,
    Whatever you say man…. As long as it
    makes sense to YOU.