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Oh, My Contempt for Colin Powell

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An interview with Colin Powell by Barbara Walters will air tonight on ABC, and the New York Times has some excerpts today:

The former Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell, says in a television interview to be broadcast Friday that his 2003 speech to the United Nations, in which he gave a detailed description of Iraqi weapons programs that turned out not to exist, was “painful” for him personally and would be a permanent “blot” on his record.

While Powell laments how painful it is to have been the one who sat in the UN and made statements about Iraq that were false, I’m not buying his act that he was “devastated” about being misled by intelligence agents who didn’t inform him that the information was unreliable.

Come on. Colin Powell was by far the smartest person in any room he entered, and he was the only one in the Bush administration who ever bothered to ask questions that bucked the party line. To believe that he was unaware of the many serious questions about the accuracy of the information he was presenting on Iraq is ridiculous.

Powell acknowledges the importance he places on loyalty, and this is the only reasonable explanation for not only the Iraq debacle, but for his toeing the line so many times while it was obvious to everyone that he disagreed with what Bush was up to.

And that’s why I don’t respect Colin Powell. When an issue of such importance is before you (as the runup to the war obviously was), you don’t place your loyalty to a flunkie who finagled his way into being president over your loyalty to the United States of America.

Powell is right about the “blot” on his record. Everything good he’s ever done, and there’s been plenty, is overshadowed by his willingness to be the stooge for BushCo.

(And that goes for you, too, John McCain.)

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  • ukexpat

    Why? Misguided loyalty?

  • gonzo marx

    same as McCain..for placing personal considerations above and beyond the Responsibilities of the Job…

    if you wear to serve the US, and then instead give your first Loyalty to an individual/Party, you have failed primary Ethics 101

    do NOT pass “Go”…do NOT collect Respect from the public…

    nuff said?


  • Edward Scott Michael

    This is an example of just how wrong the Bush/cheney philosophy of Government really is. Everyone who voted for these people is responsible for the hell they have created. Sadly, we see everything we feared as compassionate, peace-loving people coming to pass.
    The US has become the great bully of the world. Mayhem and warfare are our biggest and most visible exports. We can’t seem to speak to anyone in the world (including poor blacks in New Orleans) unless we shove bayonets in their faces. Is this not the refuge of the weak, lazy and stupid? Is that what we have become?
    We continue to store our treasures in places that destroy, not places that heal or serve justice and wholeness – i.e. War instead of storm preparedness, War instead of money for education, War instead of health care, War instead of reparations, etc. Why are so many so callous and unreflective, so certain of our correctness, so willing to blow up nations around the globe while denying the misery caused by racism, classism, and a lack of respect for workers here at home? Why do the defenders of this president insist on always saying “yes” to military solutions and “no” to policies that help those most in need? Don’t they remember Jesus said “What you do for the least of these you do for me”? Must everything be done to benefit the richest people the world ever saw? Tax cuts for the wealthy in times of national crisis? This Government’s entire agenda is poitically wrong and unchristain and unholy by any measure.
    This is a dark time, and we need strong champions of light to pull us out of it. Those champions will not speak with guns, but with divine inspiration, compassion, and love, even for the Bush/Cheneys of the world. God help us all. May we act in ways we can be proud of when we are questioned at the pearly gates. I know many Americans have some ‘splaining to do right here and now, as well as later. That healing and that explanation begins with acknowledging our philosophy of government is wrong and it must be changed.