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O’Grady’s Freebie on iTunes

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The Free iTunes Blog has come through for me again. I was looking for a cheap thrill and I found O’Grady. This is an odd little cartoon that I frankly would never have seen if it had not been free. Whoever at iTunes thought up the free download trial should be rewarded because it worked in this case.

Since O’Grady is carried on The N channel, a channel aimed at teens, I don’t think many people are watching it. Which is too bad, because it’s funny. There are some very juvenile jokes but nothing as bad as South Park.

The basic plot follows the lives of Kevin, Abby, Harold and Beth, four normal high school kids dealing with normal high school stuff and The Weirdness. Did I forget to mention the paranormal force that plagues the town of O’Grady? That is where a lot of the jokes come from, watching the kids deal with the bizarre situations. The high school humor can be pretty well written and smart, sometimes. But the major selling point is the celebrity guests that pop up now and then that are usually very funny. Try it for free while you can.

In O’Grady’s second season, the Weirdness is witnessed by a slew of all-star comedy guest voices belonging to Late Night’s Conan O’Brien, Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, and Arrested Development’s David Cross and Wil Arnett…all complementing the wicked humor of O’Grady’s regular (and hilarious) cast. But even fabulous celebrities might not be able to make Kevin and Abby admit how hot they are for each other. oh and P.S.: Season 2 also boasts MORE IRIS!

Source: Free iTunes blog

If the iTunes offer isn’t still running you can watch streaming video straight from The N.

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