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This is the perfect kind of movie. Adults acting like fools while swearing worse than sailors. Minimal plot that makes fun of the people in the movie. People acting like sexually deprived animals.

The movie revolves around people who work in an office. A guy who hates his job. The boss is annoying and has problems communicating with people. The employees who do real work get fired while the slacker gets promoted.

All of this to funky hip-hop music.

Oh yeah, there is a girlfriend, crime, and a guy who isn’t forcefull in saying what he wants.

If it doesn’t sound like much, it isn’t. But it works. A funny, great movie. Worth the hour and a half it takes to watch it.

There is brief nudity and a lot of swearing, hence an R rating.


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  • Tom

    It’s practically required viewing if you work in a large company. Mike Judge hit every little stupid thing that happens in every office everywhere, from the irritating woman answering the phone over and over to the printer that mysteriously refuses to print. Managers and directors of companies *really* need to watch this movie to see how their moronic policies affect the “little people.”

    If you like this, and enjoy “British humor,” be sure to check out The Office on BBC America (at least in the US, that is.) It’s less laugh-out-loud funny than Office Space, but it’s even more true-to-life. Great stuff.

  • I love this movie. It is so worth seeing.

    I can totally fantasize about it when things get icky at work.

  • Anne

    Anyone who’s seen this movie and worked in an office can relate to it on some level or another. Gary Cole was great as the boss. He had just the right combination of smarm and faux parental concern.

  • SageOne

    Hilarious. Funny. Gut Busting. Love this movie. A must have for anyone who’s ever worked in an office. Ah, yea…did you see, the memo?