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Office Space Vs. The Superfriends

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You probably think you’ve lived your life to the fullest, but I hate to be the one to break it to you…you haven’t. That is, unless you’ve seen Aquaman/Drew make his “O-face” or Batman/Michael Bolton griping about a certain no-talent ass clown. So take a measly three minutes out of your day which you’d probably spend trying to figure out what exactly P.C. load letter means anyway and check out This Place Sucks (via Waxy), a mashup of Office Space And The Superfriends. It’s ten times more exciting than a game of “Jump To Conclusions” or digging through a bucket full of flair!

And if such tomfoolery floats your boat, when you’re done you can always visit some classic blasts from the past such as:

The Big He-Bowski (The Big Lebowski vs. Masters Of The Universe)

Raging Fred (The Flintstones vs. Raging Bull)

America’s Biggest Dick (Dick Cheney vs. Scarface)

And it goes without saying that all these links are filled with cussing and whatnot, so unless you want your kid to have a vocabulary like Quentin Tarantino, you probably want to steer them clear of it. On the other hand, the very thought of young children reciting the “They peed on your rug!” exchange also makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. I’m mature like that.

Drew can be found kvetching about movies and pop culture at Drew’s Blog-O-Rama as well as providing the universe with free movie and television scripts online at Drew’s Script-O-Rama since 1995. Because really, what the world was lacking was another whiny bastard who fancies himself a witster, and how could society truly function without free access to scripts like Analyze That and Biker Mice From Mars?

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  • Drew, I want to say your script site has been an inspiration to me for years, illuminating how video is made by going to the source.

    Just like I learned about making web sites by reading the source html, I have learned so much about vids by reading scripts.

    If I was a cat, I would leave you a wounded mouse or bird on your bed.

    oh, and “Office Space” cartoon mashups are always funny.

  • In reference to this sentence:

    If I was a cat, I would leave you a wounded mouse or bird on your bed.

    well that could be the strangest sentence I have ever read in my life. As a writer, I am both disturbed and in awe of your word choice. Hazzah!

  • While I didn’t think about it, it is probably a bad haiku, but how would you re-write it as a scene in a movie?

    My best guess at real haiku (it’s 5-7-5, right?) would be

    If I was a cat
    I would leave a wounded mouse
    or bird on your bed.

  • the sentence just seems like a metaphor to me.

    lono, live more, write less! lol

  • Thanks to reading “Google Hacks” and the use of the “define:” syntax, you, alienboy are wrong. It was a simile.

  • whatever, still nice