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Office Space – The Musical

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I was watching “Office Space” for the nth time (I have it on DVD) and realized, that while it isn’t very good structurally as a movie, (it really is more a series of episodes) it would be absolutely brilliant as a Broadway musical.

Looking at it structurally, most points in the movie practically yell, {put a friggin song right here}

If “Hairspray” (which opened this week in Toronto), can make it as a musical, “Office Space” should be a pure lock.

Mike, baby, give me a call, let’s nosh, we can go to Schwartz’s, get a medium fat smoked meat and a cherry cola.

Some of the songs would have to be:

“Hey Man, Check Out Channel Nine”
“The Two Bobs (The I Don’t Really Care Song)”
“Pieces of Flair”
“The Squirrels Were Happy”
“Red Swingline Stapler”
“The TPS Cover Song”

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  • Sean

    How about “Die Muthafucka, Die(Reprise)”.

    Or Ricoh Blues

  • Morassa Mohseni

    I just went and saw Office Space the Musical here at the Chicago New Millenium Theater. It was really funny 🙂 I would recommend to those that love the movie..not to those who havent even seen it before. I took my bf and he has never seen it before and he was completely lost.