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Of Tila Tequila, Juggalos and Trash

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Reality TV star Tila Tequila suffered facial cuts after being pelted with bottles, rocks and, apparently, shit. The incident took place in rural Illinois at the Gathering of the Juggalos, a festival put on largely for fans of the Insane Clown Posse. For the uninitiated, juggalos and juggalettes are “mostly young people who sometimes wear clown makeup.” Thanks, CNN.

According to Sheriff of Hardin County Tom Seiner, the Gathering of the Juggalos is a “nightmare event” and “things got out of hand” during Tequila’s set at the “music” festival. According to Seiner, event planners pick Hardin County because there’s no entertainment ordinance governing the joint. Anything goes, which is welcome news to fans of trash and nonsense everywhere.

Photos of Tequila’s injuries are up on the web and a brief video clip outlines the general feel of things, featuring an especially delightful male fan attempting to get on stage to do God knows what to the petrified and suddenly topless young woman. Apparently in her confusion, she decided that taking her shirt off would quell the rampaging apes in the crowd. Or maybe she was just trying to fit in with the shirtless sea of white flab tossing from side to side and brimming with sexual frustration and general loneliness. Warmer?

Now, there are a number of questions that could be asked here. For starters, what the hell was an “artist” like Tila Tequila doing at the Gathering in the first place? Did promoters really think that Tequila would be well-received by the numbskulls in attendance or were they just setting her up for disaster? While I don’t know the exact circumstances, it seems sensible to assume that Tequila’s appearance at such a “festival” would be anything but accepted with polite praise.

Then there’s the idea that this happened to begin with. Should we be surprised that juggalos threw feces at a human being, even if that human being was a trashy TV starlet whose nonsensical foray into “music” makes Ke$ha look like Joni Fucking Mitchell? Should we be shocked that juggalos would pelt a performer with rocks and bottles? Should we be stunned that there are actually still juggalos walking this earth? It is 2010, right?

In any event, situations like this always remind me of just how absolutely idiotic people can be. A throng of inadequate dimwits in clown makeup pelting a woman with rocks, bottles and shit sounds like something out of some trashy prison movie. Nobody, not even Tila Tequila, deserves that kind of abuse. Hell, I may be tempted, but even I wouldn’t throw my poo at a juggalo.

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  • right freaking on, Jordan!

  • I always tried to keep an open mind about Juggalos, but the one I knew in high school used to steal and is now a meth head living on the streets in Florida. Stereotypes exist for a reason I guess.

    From what I read, apparently Tila was brought in on purpose to be booed off the stage. Every year, the crowd treats the non-Psychopathic Records acts (save for artists like Ice Cube) to a shower of boos and debris. The first one to crack and leave the stage “wins” what’s called “The Bubba Sparxxx Award”. Tila was brought in essentially to recieve that honor. Not only is that sad on the part of the Psychopathic Records people/fans, you also have to wonder what kind of bubble Tila lives in to NOT be aware of what possibly could occur. There are tons of accounts of this happening to other artists, and she was non-stop threatened before the show by Juggalos (and their female counterparts) who didn’t want her to be there.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Well, Tila Tequila isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the package. Her relentless pursuit of fame puts her in countless bad situations, so I’m not overly surprised she would show up to this event at all.

    That’s still no excuse for what happened, though.

  • Comment #2:

    That was my first thought as well: what the hell was she thinking? My second thought is that she might wanna consider firing whoever booked her there.


  • I definitely don’t condone it either, Jordan. The whole Juggalo mindset is supposed to be family and brotherhood, but apparently it also includes being disrespectful and destructive.

    Thanks to this article, I did a whole ton of research on the ICP fans/sub-culture so I both thank you and am shaking my fist at you at the same time 😛

  • Jordan Richardson

    Yeah, it’s quite a sub-culture isn’t it? Almost cult-like.

  • Jordan Richardson

    One of the portions of this story that I didn’t include in the article is that Tequila was chased from the stage by a “mob of hundreds,” according to Tom Green and CNN. She went into her trailer, where “They rocked the trailer and smashed its windows.”

    The sheriff mentioned in my article corroborates the story too, adding that the windows of Tequila’s vehicle were also smashed.

    Now that’s fucked up.

  • I had no idea that there is a group of nuts running around in clown makeup and throwing their own feces at people!

    🙁 thanks for this info, Jordan I’ll keep my eyes open

  • Daniel

    I’d like to point out that from one to one hundred percent of almost any groups of people will have these problems. We just like shocking news, of which this is. Furthermore, there are just as many skinny Juggalos as there are flabby ones. Not to mention it’s 80 degrees and 65% humidty (you’d be shirtless too). Finally, even if your question is to be taken as a statement, you still punctuate with a question mark. Thanks. Woop! WOOP!

  • Jordan Richardson

    No, my question is meant to be taken as a question: the short form to “Am I getting warmer?”

    I’m sure the skinny juggalos appreciate your spirited defence, too. Woop.

  • The fact that juggalos even exist is quite indefensible.

    Nice job Jordan covering this story. Your write up of the event was much more balanced than my own. I basically said they are a bunch of crazy fucking clowns who live to create mayhem, murder, rape and BAD MUSIC. Oh, and poorly executed prison tattoos.

    You sir, are a real journalist.

    I wonder if in Jonathan’s research he discovered the penchant for the female juggalettes to offer sexual favors in exchange for a dollar?

    I stumbled upon a host of pictures from one of these horrific events and there were the most attractive women (oh, you truly can’t imagine how attractive they were) offering to show their breasts for a $1.

    Classy AND stimulating the economy. Excellent!

    The Gathering is a veritable gold mine of comedic (and nightmarish) material.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Thanks Dawn.

    Apparently Tila Tequila isn’t the only one pissed at the juggalos. Turns out rapper Method Man was hit with a beer can while on stage at the Gathering and it busted him open pretty bad. He’s planning to sue.

    It’s true what they say: “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit.”

  • Jordan Richardson

    And Dawn, for the ultimate in juggalo/juggalette greatness make sure you Google “Anabelle Lotus.”

    Prepare thyself. It’s horrifying beyond belief.

  • Jami Cundiff- A true Juggalette

    Fuck all you stupid judgemental hypocrites. If someone came to your family reunion and was talking shit about your favorite family members you’d get mad too. [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor] desided to come to our biggest get together of the year,the event every juggalo waits all year for, and tried to bring down the party so the dumb bitch got what she deserved. Saying that all juggalos wear clown makeup, murder, rape, kidnap, etc. is very stereotypical. Thats like saying every american is lazy, demanding, and rude, this might be true of some but definately not all, right? I don’t paint my face but I’m fully a member of the hatchet family. I’ve never killed anyone, not saying I havent thought about it but how many people can honestly say they never wished someone dead. What your saying is that all juggalos are bad, destructive, criminals, thats just like saying all black people are crackhead thiefts,or that all mexicans are lazy drunks, its a fause statement and is highly offensive. Maybe if you did your research on stuff by a juggalo instead of by a bunch of haters you would understand what we really stand for. Yea, we’re some mean motherfuckers who will always have eachothers backs. Ask your self this, If someone hurts or disrespects your family (what if some SOB raped your little sister, jumped and beat up your brother, or stole from your mom) wouldnt you want to get back at that person, thats all we do, theres just alot of stupid hating assholes who dont understand us and don’t want to because we scare them so therefore they talk shit and try to shut us down but Juggalo Family WILL NEVER DIE BITCHES!!!!!

  • Jordan Richardson

    Tila Tequila was invited by organizers of your “family” event to participate and she was good enough to do so. She didn’t invade your crapfest to disrespect you. She went to ENTERTAIN because she was invited to.

    Are you seriously comparing someone entertaining a crowd to someone raping your little sister? That’s beyond fucked up.

  • Jami Cundiff- A true Juggalette

    No dumb ass, that dumb bitch came and started talking shit about like you are now. Only weak people talk shit, strong people act on what they want to express. I wish you could understand but you never will

  • Jordan Richardson

    Only weak people talk shit

    I hope you remember that.

  • Jordan Richardson

    And how do you explain, if the abuse was just a reaction to her shit-talking, the premeditated planning that went into the attacks on Tequila?

    Or what about the full beer can tossed at Method Man’s eye?

  • Jami Cundiff- A true Juggalette

    I can’t explain exactly why shit happened the way it did because I wasnt there but we live to be hated on so we can take all the rage pent up inside and use it to “attack” who ever pisses us off. I’m not saying what they did was right exactly, just that thats how juggalos are. If someone fucks with us or gets under our skin we’r out to rip their skin off (I say it metaforically but some of us mean it quite literally) I just wish you could see it from my perspective. We see it as holding our ground and representing for our family. yes some of us get alittle bit crazy overboard with it. “We’ve got good intentions, maybe bad ideas,” the family can’t control how its members will react, even tho I wish I could sometimes so outsiders would quit getting the wrong impression of what it means to be a juggalo or juggalette.

  • Jordan Richardson

    It’s never acceptable to take the “rage” you have living inside out on another human being whose only crime was to try to entertain. If you’ve seen the clips, it was a vile scene and even the organizers admitted that what happened was wrong.

    If they can’t defend the community for such a thing, how can you?

  • bryan s

    whoop whoop