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Of Cats, Blogging, Viral Video, and Stuff

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As Blogcritics evolved over the years from a loose collective of bloggers into an “online magazine,” it evolved by editorial consensus that we were no longer interested in “cat blogging.”

Not that cats in and of themselves are any less interesting than other creatures, but “cat blogging” became a code phrase for blogging of a purely personal, even insular nature where the micro details of life yielded no particular insight into the macro. That, and people get so icky about their kitties.

And yet fascination with cats remains rife on the Internet, especially in video form, where cats do everything from wielding heavy weaponry to striding about purposefully on two legs. Their wild popularity mocks our “cat blogging” decree.

The underlying meaning of this SIX FREAKING SECONDS-long video with almost 700K views is that cats are supposed to be agile, chilled, self-possessed creatures of mystery and wonder, and this kitten is just a dumbass.

I’m still concerned about “cat blogging,” though.

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About Eric Olsen

  • Lisa McKay

    I’ve been known to get icky about my kitties, but I swear I would be afraid to close my eyes at night if I ever posted humiliating videos of them on the Internet. They are nothing if not vengeful. And cute… very cute, furry, and vengeful.

  • Eric Olsen

    The return of cat blogging! I sense you about to burst forth, Lisa!

  • Jon Sobel

    Lest we not forget, there were cat videos before YouTube. I seem to recall a cat on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” who meowed whenever someone said “Bill Clinton.”

  • Eric Olsen

    yes! Cats and videos go together like, um… things that really go together!

  • Elisa Peimer

    And there was LOLcats, not LOLdogs, LOLguineapigs or LOLparakeets.

  • Eric Olsen

    furry felines=fun

  • Mark Sahm

    The bigger question, EO, is how many Blogcritics had and/or still have cats when that epic decision was made?

  • Realist

    I have plenty of cats! Maow!

  • Anna Creech
  • Bryan

    The first few cat videos were funny, but now there are so many knock offs and spin offs that it’s mind numbing. I prefer the Fail Blogs cause at least those kind of mix it up, although is always ends in paid.