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Odyssey by Fischerspooner


This, the long awaited follow up to #1, will without a doubt bring Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner back into the public consciousness where they belong. More song-based than their debut offering, Odyssey has an acoustic, analogue sound that is rarely heard in modern electronic music. Vocals also feature more heavily and give the record an eerie feel, especially when set against the habitual bass and synth backdrop. The lyrics’ surreal quality might also stem from the fact that many of them are drawn from ‘Spam’ emails. ‘Everything to Gain’, for example, was inspired by an unsolicited email offering diet pills.
Musical influences are also wide-ranging, from Pink Floyd, The Cure and The Stooges to Japanese noise artistes Boredoms (whose song ‘O’ they cover). However, don’t put your party shoes away just yet- the guitars are as virtual as they come, and this is as classic a dance album as #1 ever was.

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