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Ocean’s Eleven (Widescreen Edition)

Since I bought my iBook recently (as seen here) I couldn’t wait to try out it’s combo CDRW/DVD drive. The other night my wife prepared dinner and we sat down with our iBook on a little foot-stool. We popped Oceans 11 in and enjoyed a pasta meal and a star-filled flick.

George Clooney. Bernie Mac. Brad Putt. Matt Damon. Andy Garcia. Once the shine of the stars wears off I still loved the story line. The smooth dialog, the quick wit – the charm was so sickeningly fake, the ego so fiendishly brash – you just have to love it.

Of course, a heist like this (oh yea, this all revolves around a scheme to rip off a big casino) could never happen. The plan is so ridiculous, so impossible, and pulled off with such arrogance that it just makes you want to rob banks. They make it look classy and slick that you want to make a trip to Todays Man (or Mens Warehouse, whichever) and start a life of crime.

But of course you won’t. My wife and I certainly didn’t. Heck, my wife fell asleep (she saw it before). A standard length film, done in crisp, wide screen beauty… yea, you need to watch this with some friends.

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  • jadester48

    this film is top-class. Everyone should see it. Oozes style without seeming to even try