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The ocean covers right around 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. That’s interesting… your body is about 70 percent water, too! But, 95 percent of the ocean is still unexplored. You have probably discovered most of your body by now!

One of the big draws of the ocean is the beach. Sunbathers everywhere adore the beach. Not only they, but their sand-loving counterparts who play volleyball, fish from the pier, take long romantic walks along the shore, and gather sea shells all take part in the wonderful activities that the ocean affords us.

Without oceans, you wouldn’t have your favorite island getaway that you could visit on vacation. And think about how many shrimp and lobster you never would have eaten were it not for the ocean! You couldn’t go yachting and break awesome waves with a sailboat or a personal hovercraft.

But more importantly, the ocean creates a lot of jobs. One in every six jobs in the U.S. is marine related, and that adds a ton of money to our Gross National Product. The ocean may even hold some keys to cures for diseases. The ocean supports about 50 percent of all the species alive on Earth.

The ocean is not only fun, but pretty important. Bloggers speaking about the ocean can be found at sites like oceana and oceanextremesports.

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