Ocean of Opportunity

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Scotland is planning on obtaining 10% of their energy from Tidal Power by 2010. They expect to generate thousands of jobs in the process. Once built, these tidal power plants will produce electricity pollution free for decades to come.

New Orleans and the USA are faced with some tough choices in the coming years. We must decide whether to rebuild or write off the New Orleans area. One option not currently getting much attention is to build a massive dyke system to protect the city. Perhaps we need to take a clue from Scotland. With a little American know-how, we could redesign a dyke system into a massive tidal/water power plant that doubles as a protective barrier.

Doing so may require the draining of some swamps and massive terra forming. This would be a massive undertaking and would require several years to complete. The end result however could be pollution free energy for a million people and putting an end to the danger of levee overflows. The construction would also provide a major kick start to the region economically.

Naturally, the professional obstructionists groups like the Sierra Club or NDRC would try to stop this. We as a nation must decide which we value more, human lives or some rare snail. Personally I value humanity above all other animals.


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  • billy

    you are on the right track, but then at the end of your post to blame NRDC? that makes no sense. if you believe in alternative energies, who has done more than NRDC?

    i agree 100% with the intent, but the hate for NRDC is misplaced. fill the whole ocean with windmills and solar panels, we arent even harnessing .01% of the sun’s energy that hits earth every minute.

  • Robert Kennedy lead concil for the NDRC, sued to stop an offshore windfarm. If somebody did try to do this, rest assured they file countless lawsuits for things like “It destrubs the habitat of the speckled fairy shrimp or some such thing. They are absolutely, 100% NOT about solutions, because if they were: 1, Nobody would need them and leadership would lose millions, 2, Proof is in the pudding, why haven’t they spent 1 cent of their hundreds of millions they get every year actually building windfarms or solar powerplants? They are complete frauds and you sir have been suckered into believing their countless lies.