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Observations are an act of noticing or perceiving according to the dictionary, where something may be learned while you are doing it. But in fact this is something we all do every day on the internet and in our day to day life.

Observing may be people watching, internet surfing, or even viewing the heavens above and making notes and thoughts on what they see.

Teachers observe their students every day and then take notes on their observations. When raters review their products, services, or movies, and then make decisions based on what they see, they are taking observations and then creating opinions based on those.

A favorite is social networks and blogs, where people regularly post their opinions, perceptions and facts on what they see in the world, and then others respond to that. Observations are part of our daily lives, what we do, what we see, and what we act. Its always enjoyable when we see observations that make us happy.

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