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ObscuraCam – App review

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This is an interesting app. When I first saw the software I was wondering what it was all about. ObscuraCam really only does what the likes of PaintShop/Photoshop/Gimp have been able to do for years – select a certain part of a picture and blur, pixelate or completely remove it.

I was thinking about how you would utilize this app and for what reasons, and then it made sense – to me at least. I run a small website for the Boys Brigade in the UK and when I go to an event organised by them, to raise funds etc., I may take pictures and upload them to Facebook. Because so many children take part, it is impossible to ask each and every parent to sign a disclaimer to allow us to upload their child’s image to appear online. When you take the pictures you don’t want to upload to a computer and then “Photoshop” the images either if possible.

With ObscuraCam all I need to do now is take the picture, the app immediately recognises where the faces are on the image and you simply tell it to filter the image of the face. This is a very clever piece of programming and can cope very easily and quickly with a large number of faces on one image and if it does happen to miss anyone you can tell it to create another “Tag” which you can move around and resize until it obscures the face. For a bit of fun you can even place dark glasses and a moustache, complete with bushy eyebrows, over a face to hide a person’s identity.

The software is user friendly, easy to use and eliminates the need for additional software or indeed hardware to accomplish, what has now just become, a simple task.

If you run any kind of organisation involving children or simply want to take pictures of your children at their school play without worrying about the legalities – this is a very useful and cool app to own.  I highly recommend it.

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