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Oblivion Domino Day Is Simply Wild

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Oblivion has inspired thousands of MMORPG gamers to forsake their multiplayer titles in favor of some seriously addictive single-player action. Its rich graphics have prompted mod makers to create topless skins, much to the chagrin of America’s games rating board. And, it’s even managed to gain a ratings change due to that nude mod (and some other reasons).

Now, Oblivion has its own series of fan videos.

By all appearances, the game’s faithful over at YouTube have been having a blast taking Oblivion’s rich settings and creating their own videos. Oblivion Domino Day is one such video that almost defies description.

Creating an elaborate maze of books and mousetrap type set ups, the moviemaker takes viewers on a musical trip through the world of Oblivion. As book after book, along with some swords and watermelons fall in domino style, music runs in synch with the action.

Some may say too much time was taken to make this video, but I say, “whoa, that’s cool!” The video is simply wild.

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  • Holy shit, that was cool. Gotta love their use of that annoying Adoring Fan.

  • eric

    what cheats/mods do they use to make the domino?

  • It’s pretty cool, but the action all seems to take place in just one building. I’d have enjoyed seeing a bit more of the game world. Still liked the video, though.