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OBH Podcast: “Third Time’s the Charm”

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A weekly scheduled is just too limiting; I want to hurry up and get through “the bad old days” as quickly as possible! Plus, recording tonight meant easily leaving out a couple of persistent guests. Now the tension begins: will Thaniel listen to the podcast? Will he object to the verbal tongue-lashing he receives? Will he apologize? We’ll find out in episode #004!

One Big Happy Podcast #003: Third Time’s the Charm
Download the 6.9MB MP3 file, or subscribe to the One Big Happy podcast feed. You can also catch future episodes of One Big Happy podcast when you subscribe to the podcast feed for the Blogcritics Radio Network.

Complete schedule of the show:
00:00 Welcome
00:39 ♩ “Opera Singer” by Cake from Comfort Eagle
01:04 Meet the Family: Ungrateful birthday boy and impending doom
07:47 ♩ “Shiver” by Maroon 5 from Songs About Jane
08:05 Books In Print: An Instance of the Fingerpost and Simple Abundance

16:51 ♩ Intermission: “Take Back the Beat” by Church of Rhythm from Church of Rhythm
17:22 Suburban Homesteading: On the Care and Keeping of Chickens
20:59 ♩ “The Beauty of Gray” by Live from Mental Jewelry
21:07 Freak of the Week: Pat Robertson
26:24 ♩ “Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)” by Scatman John from The Best of Scatman John
26:30 Wrap-up
28:18 ♩ “Take Back the Beat” by Church of Rhythm from Church of Rhythm
28:46 End of podcast

As the short durations probably make clear, the listed songs are excerpted very briefly. This week features one new bumper clip; can you spot it without peeking at the Amazon links?

Past episodes are also available at the official home of One Big Happy Podcast

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  • Unfortunately, Thaniel got home last night as I was listening to the show to write down timestamps. Next episode might be ugly!

  • What does that mean? Timestamps?

    And I’m downloading now though may not get to it until I have to download again at home.

    Cool another podcast.

  • The fact that “Shiver” comes at 07:47 is what I meant.

  • oh, this is cool…