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OBH Podcast: “Full House”

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[28:14, 6.5MB, MP3] Recorded 2005/08/30

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Episode #004 finds Herself and I huddled around the iMac, notes in hand, wondering if we’ll have time to finish recording before one or another group of family members arrives at the house. Er, studio.

We made it, but only because one of those groups got lost. The other group (Thaniel and Emily) might have gotten back before we were done, but they knew we might be podcasting, so they were quiet until they could tell we were making noise unrelated to podcasting.

Complete schedule of the show:
00:00 Welcome
00:37 ♩ “Opera Singer” by Cake from Comfort Eagle
01:01 Meet the Family: Moving out and moving in
04:26 ♩ “Shiver” by Maroon 5 from Songs About Jane
04:36 Gas Prices: Hurricane Katrina will affect costs down the road, but we pay now!
14:13 ♩ “By Myself” by PFR from Goldie’s Last Day
14:29 Indians and Mascots, with a review of Lies Across America

21:32 ♩ “Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)” by Scatman John from The Best of Scatman John
21:38 Celebrity News
21:32 ♩ “Come Out And Play” by The Offspring from Smash
26:39 Wrap-up
27:48 ♩ “Take Back the Beat” by Church of Rhythm from Church of Rhythm
28:14 End of podcast

As the short durations probably make clear, the listed songs are excerpted very briefly.

Indians and Mascots is the featured Blogcritics.org post, and Lies Across America is the featured book.

My family arrived as I was preparing this post late Tuesday night, so that’s it for show notes.

NOTE: If you followed the discussion of gas prices in the podcast, know that the gas station I mentioned raised prices another ten cents by this morning.

Past episodes are also available at the official home of One Big Happy Podcast

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  • iMac ?????

    One of the new ones, I hope ?

    Downloading now.

  • Sadly, no. It’s the 17″ model with the half-cantaloupe base. Kinda slow, three years old. Still does well until I try to do too much with audio or video, at which point it starts to seem slow. 🙂

  • >>One of the new ones, I hope ?

    I guess I said that staring into a 1997 model at work.

    Having downloaded I will eventually listen.

  • Roll down the window instead of blasting AC right off?

    Are you crazy man?

    It’s 108 degrees out there today.


  • Hey — I was just reading off the paper in front of me!

    Actually, I roll around Dallas with the windows down at 100+ all the time. I like it. For freeways, and even extend periods of 45+ I roll ’em up, to reduce drag, but that’s it.

    Mainly I think they were referring to the practice many people have of turning the A/C on extra-high and leaving the windows up — which is counter-productive. Better to roll the windows down and give the really hot air a chance to escape! And blast the A/C if you want, I suppose.