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OBH #015: “Happy Halloween”

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[17:25, 4.0MB, MP3] Recorded 2005/10/31

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Complete schedule of the show:

00:00 Welcome to OBH Podcast Special Edition, “Happy Halloween”

      ♩ “Thriller” by Michael Jackson from Thriller

06:30 The Valley Of Unrest: A poem by Edgar Allan Poe

      ♩ “Halloween” by Dave Matthews Band from Before These Crowded Streets

08:27 Kids Speak Out: Meet my kids, and hear their thoughts on Halloween

      ♩ “I Scare Myself” by Thomas Dolby from Retrospectacle

13:40 Happy Halloween! Show wrap-up, with my feeble attempt at a deep laugh

      ♩ “Halloween” by Aqua from Aquarius

17:25 End of podcast

The songs aren’t left alone: Thriller is extended, Halloween (by Dave Matthews Band) is truncated, and I Scare Myself and Halloween (by Aqua) just have a lot of talking over the top.

It’s a special edition, so I experimented with a few things, some of which worked out well, and some… well, Happy Halloween everybody!

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About pwinn

  • Phillip Winn

    You’ll never catch up, DJ.

    But at least, after this show, Mark Sahm will know he’s safe from my encroachment on his territory. :-)

  • DJRadiohead

    Jealousy is a terrible thing, Phillip.

    Can’t wait to check this one out.

  • Mark Sahm

    Just took a listen. This was a very fun podcast. And I don’t feel encroached upon at all.

    I enjoyed the voice variation you used. Herself should try the Female-To-Male filter sometime in GB. I think she’ll find it quite liberating.

    I also would have enjoyed seeing you dressed up as “Martin Luther” King last year. Very civil rights of you. Heh heh. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • Mark Sahm

    PW, hope you realized I was just joking on that last comment. Just thought it was a funny juxtaposition amongst the kids’ costumes. :)

    On a more constructive note, I felt the change in bumper music was quite refreshing from the Cake/Scat/Off/CofR/Qotsa grouping. Variety is good for the brainwaves. You should mix it up more often.

  • Phillip Winn

    I’m glad you liked the music. I’ve tried to keep the opening and closing music the same on purpose, and mix up the “internal bumpers,” but reality dictates that I don’t often get around to rotating the internal bumpers. :-)

    I realized you were kidding, don’t worry.

  • Mark Sahm

    Perhaps a more accurate critique is that this music specifically catered to the theme, whereas the other music doesn’t always cater to the themes you’re discussing. But I understand your point.

    Nevertheless, I plan on taking a cue from OBH and start working on some concepts, albeit much weirder, instead of being all over the place like my first efforts. So it’s all good.

  • DJRadiohead

    Concepts? OBH has concepts? Podcasts should have concepts? DAMNATION! This just pushed back production on Episode 8 by WEEKS! 😉

  • Mark Sahm

    I felt the Elliot Smith podcast was as much a concept as a tribute, so I think you’re safe. :)

  • Phillip Winn

    Go with the flow, DJ, just record what you’ve got!

  • DJRadiohead

    What I’ve got is squat. But I think you’re right all the same. I think I have been overthinking things a bit. I am going to try and get back on the horse as soon as breathing becomes less forced (damn colds!).

    And Mark… excellent. I did have a concept. That rules. I am happy now.

  • BH

    I think is ok, and I love thriller