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OBH #014: “Cold Weather Coming”

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[23:47, 5.5MB, MP3] Recorded 2005/10/27

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Complete schedule of the show:
00:00 Welcome to One Big Happy Podcast #014, “Cold Weather Coming”
00:05 ♩ “Opera Singer” by Cake from Comfort Eagle
00:29 Meet the Family: It’s edging toward cold in the 75010, while Fern turns out to be a “Fur Real Friend.”
04:48 ♩ “Animal” by Phil Keaggy from 220
05:04 Christians & Halloween: On the origins of Halloween, and the origins of Christians’ fear of Halloween.

19:13 ♩ “Come Out And Play” by The Offspring from Smash
19:19 Wrap-up: Planning for the Halloween show continues, as we look ahead to NaNoWriMo.
23:21 ♩ “Take Back the Beat” by Church of Rhythm from Church of Rhythm
23:47 End of podcast

As the short durations probably make clear, the listed songs are excerpted very briefly.

NaNoWriMo is real, and you’ll be hearing more in the upcoming month, I assure you.

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  • DJ, this one is for you especially. 🙂

  • Well first things first… things look different around here again. I am so confused. But not really.

    Great job again, folks. Really enjoyed this one. I grew up in what would seemingly be at least a similar background and know more than I wish to know about the “Harvest” festival (Hallelujah night is hilarious, though!).

    Bottom Line: Free candy. What’s not to like?

    Good show. And no more talk of marital favors! You’re married. You don’t do that anymore. =P

  • Thanks for the shoutout/dedication there. I enjoyed this. And no John Mayer conversations to sidetrack us.

  • The “marital favors” line is definitely a joke. We’ve never understood the concept of threatening such, nor why it should always run across the gender lines as it does.

    You say no more, and I think — let’s dedicate a show to it! 🙂

  • DJRadiohead

    My “no more” comment was in jest but I am happy to help with show prep. I think it would be funny to explore in the context you suggest in your comment.

  • I’ve started writing ‘cast ideas on index cards, but then I get ideas in the middle of the night, so I have to spend some effort convincing myself they’re not good ideas.

  • ‘Cast ideas on index cards. Hey, that’s pretty good.

    And not for nothing, but if you’re going to do this thing twice a week you should probably not throw any of those index cards away.

  • Have fun trick or treating tonight. I am sure I will be at some Harvest shindig (kidding… I am sick and will be sitting at home eating soup, but that is neither here nor there).