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OBH #011: “Lottery Winner”

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[34:35, 7.9MB, MP3] Recorded 2005/10/18

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Complete schedule of the show:
00:00 Welcome
00:13 ♩ “Opera Singer” by Cake from Comfort Eagle
00:38 Meet the Family: Mildred is still here, and is pregnant, by the way. Also, Thaniel and Emily have stopped by the studio, while I produce a box of Good & Plenty licorice candy to demonstrate that licorice is a flavor
04:06 ♩ “Animal” by Phil Keaggy from 220
04:22 Scary Stories: People who’ve won the lottery and ended up broke, or worse
11:57 ♩ “No One Knows” by Queens of the Stone Age from Songs for the Deaf
12:11 Advice for the Rich: What to do if you ever win the lottery, including tax office featuring lots and lots of numbers

32:23 ♩ “Come Out And Play” by The Offspring from Smash
32:28 Wrap-up: We’re off to watch Batman Begins, out today on DVD
34:09 ♩ “Take Back the Beat” by Church of Rhythm from Church of Rhythm
34:35 End of podcast

As the short durations probably make clear, the listed songs are excerpted very briefly.

New bumper music this show from Phil Keaggy, and this is our longest show yet. Not on purpose, though. We figure the switch to twice-weekly ought to result in shorter shows, but of course we haven’t actually recorded the second show yet, so maybe we just don’t actually believe it will happen.

We’re on Yahoo Podcasts, for all the good that does us. Does anybody ever even think of going to these sites? We’re also listed on Podcast Alley, Odeo, and iTunes. As well as, of course, here.

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  • Take that, DJ — they just keep coming!

  • #7 is ready… being held until Friday for reasons which will become obvious.

    Of course, with my iPod having gone on the blink last night I thought about retiring from podcasting. It is the worst thing in the history of things to have your iPod break.

    I have downloaded and will be listening this morning.

  • Oh, and btw… nice choice with PK.

  • I started with bumper music from songs that had clean breaks in instrumental portions. Then, a few shows ago, I started in with the quick-fade, which opens up a whole new world of bumper music!

    I’m a huge Keaggy fan, so I suspect you’ll find a few more of his songs and albums promoted on the ‘cast in shows to come.

  • Gee, having your iPod break doesn’t sound catastrophic — so long as you can afford a new one. The new ones look quite nice. 🙂

  • I actually have some PK in Ep7 (from Acoustic Sketches).

    The iPod is under warranty. They should replace it. Until then, I have not one. I take my iPod into the bathroom with me. I am distraught – distraught I tell you!!

    And… many of the 11,400+ songs aren’t backed up because I don’t have the storage space available. PAIN!!!

  • DJ, no offline storage? Oh, man. That *IS* painful. I’ve got a huge hard disk I bought just to store my CD collection. Firewire-connected. Easy.

    If you manage to recover this stuff, consider that.

  • It’s too late to recover it.

    DJRadiohead’s Christmas List:

    1 – Extend the iPod warranty
    2 – External hard drive to back up the music I am about to have to re-rip

    I had to find my old CD wallet to bring some music to work. *cursing, moaning, and wailing*

  • Other than being a little number-wonky, that was the funniest and best podcast yet! Herself was really making me laugh until the crack about the blind trust not being seen. That was bad. She redeemed herself with “The Notebook” quip and the “maybe one person.” Really awesome job.

  • Thanks!

    I’m not quite sure I get your disappointment in the blind trust bit. She was joking, of course. I have to make that clear because her favorite recurring bit of humor is to act naive in such a believable way that even family members are taken in. She delights in it.

    Still, it was a bad joke, so if that’s your complaint, I hear ya.

    I’m glad you think it was a good one. We thought so, too, but we were worried about it also being our longest one so far. 🙂

  • I just meant it was a bad pun. Had I been ‘in the room’ there would have been a groan and then laughs. The naive bit is very believable and funny. I noticed when I downloaded it that this was a bit longer than you normally go. I think you all did a nice job of keeping it going. I really did enjoy it.

  • Yeah, it was awful. I tend to completely ignore bad puns… except when I make them. 🙂

    The naive/dumb act is so good that after we’ve been married all these years, she’ll still occasionally catch my father or one of my brothers. Not often, any more, but still sometimes.

  • It was the research that did me in, I think. I had two shows worth of material, and tried to skim and cut down when I should have stopped and left the rest for another show. Ah well.

    I think we’re aiming for tomorrow for the next show, so we’ll see how that goes. Twice a week ought to make them go fast, and they’ll probably be heavy with “personal update” stuff. That’s risky territory there.

    We might settle into having one per week personal updates, and the other more prepared topics. I don’t know!

  • That is the advantage of picking up the pace of doing the shows. I noticed in recording #7 how much faster I went. I had my material prepped. The sound levels and the voicing went MUCH quicker. I am just beginning to feel like I might have an understanding of what I am trying to do. I am sure I will still fall on my face some. I think that’s inevitable.

    My thoughts: don’t have a rigid rule on personal update vs prepped stuff. Let it flow. If you have good prep, do it. If not, let what happens naturally happen. I am trying to get a little less prepared and a little more spontaneous myself.