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Obamas Prepare for Societal Breakdown, Plant Survival Garden

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Following the example of thousands of concerned families around the country, the Obamas are preparing for the worst-case outcome of complete social collapse by starting a garden on the White House lawn. In past eras presidents have put in swimming pools and bowling alleys, but times are grimmer and their choice of lifestyle enhancements represents an awareness that for many survival and keeping food on the table have become bigger concerns than entertainment or exercise.

The Obamas' victory garden is going to be 1100 square feet and visible from the street, like a beacon to the homeless and hungry who congregate in Lafayette Park in ever-growing numbers. It follows in the tradition of presidential vegetable gardens maintained by Abigail Adams and Eleanor Roosevelt, but with a more modern and fashionable selection of vegetables, including a healthy selection of soul food greens and trendy peppers and leaf vegetables. They hope to turn out enough vegetables to provide for family meals and lay some organically grown pride on the table for visiting dignitaries.

Of course, the rest of us who may be following the Obamas' example by necessity, rather than as a hobby or symbolic gesture, might want to focus on more practcal food sources than arugula and exotic herbs. For us, it's likely to be potatoes for the high carb content and chickens for the eggs and occasional bit of meat protein. Add in winter cabbage, onions and summer tomatoes and you've got a viable peasant diet. Since the current goal of our government appears to reduce us all to living like peasants, being prepared with low-cost, high volume garden items is essential.

If the Obamas are setting an example by planting a garden to feed their family they are also sending a message, and maybe not the one they intend. They're telling us we'd better learn to be self-reliant, because while there are many things which government may take from us, we really can't count on it to take care of us, to feed our families or provide us with any real security. It's a little hint of the truth which Obama can't admit to the followers for whom he promised to create an all-encompassing nanny state — the truth that if times get really hard there's a limit to what the government can do and when it gets as bad as his policies are going to make it, we'll be on our own and relying on our little gardens.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • Clavos

    I’m glad you brought up Eleanor Roosevelt’s garden, because, cynic that I am, the first thought I had upon reading the news of Mrs. Obama’s, was that, in light of the dozens of parallels which have been drawn in the MSM recently between Mr. Obama and FDR, at least part of Mrs. Obama’s motivation for starting her garden may have been to reinforce that comparison further.

  • “if times get really hard there’s a limit to what the government can do and when it gets as bad as his policies are going to make it, we’ll be on our own and relying on our little gardens.”

    Well, that’s a touch of realism, wouldn’t you say so, Dave? So he is coming around in a round-about kind of way – for which you should only give him credit. Admitting that government may not be the end-all-and-be-all, that’s a big step, I should say.

    Nicely written article, BTW. Your one-page pieces seem to come off the best.


  • 1/2 Naked Patriot


  • Aichebomb

    Independance is good. It takes us back to our roots. Something many have lost track of, and more have never known. In time our foundation will rebuild, communities will heal and our nation will grow stronger.

  • If more of us retuned to reliance on our own resources and our local communities and told the feds to screw off, we’d probably be a lot better off as a nation.

    And Roger, I don’t doubt that Obama is well-intentioned. But even Robert Reich on Meet the Press this morning agrees that Obama and congress are doing exactly the wrong things in dealing with the crisis, and if Reich has seen the light it’s time for them all to wake the fuck up.


  • M ar k

    The idea that you’re gonna grow an organic garden in the politically toxic White House soil is absurd.

    They’re going to poison themselves and their guests.

  • It’s a mixed metaphor, Mark, but a nice shot.

  • zingzing

    my mom has a garden. has for years. it’s got nothing to do with the economy. but i think everyone knows that. another cheap shot, dave.

  • I don’t think Robert Reich and Dave Nalle would agree on a solution for the economic crisis, although it was eyebrow-raising to see Reich and George Will more or less agree that the answer is to put several of these institutions into receivership, i.e. bankruptcy, immediately.

    Then Reich and Will immediately got into an argument about their agreement. Unity was fun while it lasted.

    And I do think the condescending comments from Nalle and others along the lines of “I’m sure Obama means well, but…” should be accompanied by disavowal of useless hyperbolic rhetoric [represented in a milder form in this very article] like claiming that the president is a socialist or is out to subvert the capitalist system, ruin small businesses, and drive us all back into the stone age.

    There may actually be more than one way to solve our problems and move forward. Rigid ideological responses, like the idiocy of ‘populist rage,’ will accomplish little or nothing that is good.

  • Clavos

    You’re right, zing. What Michelle is really after is drawing the parallel between herself and Eleanor Roosevelt.

    ‘cept Mich is waay better looking.

  • But, Handy.

    As I mentioned earlier, it may be a tactical move to generate sufficient public support and the momentum that until now may have been lacking.
    Anyway, something to consider.

  • M ar k

    …you’ve found another way of saying that Barach is lame, Clavos?

  • Clavos

    Rigid ideological responses,like the idiocy of ‘populist rage,’ will accomplish little or nothing that is good.


    So why were the flames populist rage lit by, and are now being fanned by government officials, not a few of whom are in the administration, including the President himself?

  • Clavos

    LOL! Good one, M ar k!

  • With a new garden, guess there’s finally an opening for a Special Olympics hire.

  • Arch Conservative

    Gee I’m truly surprised no racial demagogue libs have come along and attempted to paint you as a racist because the tagline for this article had the word spade in it Nalle.

    Must all be repacking the bongs………

  • Arch, not everyone is as racially conscious as you are.


  • zingzing

    [blowing a full bong-load back through the bong and out of the pipe]

    ooohhhhh! damn! smack!

    shit. sorry guys. i blew bong water all over the place. i’ll repack. my bad. damn, man, when’s the last time you changed the water? that shit stinks.

    well, yeah, i’ll clean it up. jeez, this happens to everyone now and again… stop being such a… alright, alright.

    for fuck’s sake, “pal,” where’s the damn carpet cleaner then? yeah, i know it’ll stain! that’s why i want THE FUCKING CARPET CLEANER! chill out, damn it.

    shut the fuck up about your circular motions! you want to clean it! i’m sorry, goddammit!

    no, man, fuck you. you need to goddamn chill out. your mom is going to come down here if you don’t calm the fuck down. what are you doing still living with her anyway? she got a new boyfriend yet?

    oh yeah? oh yeah? come on, stoner, i’ll kick your damn ass. alright… fuck… don’t you dare… oh, man, you hit my balls… and look… you turned the bong over… haha… fuck you… oh man… my balls…

    yeah, lick it up you fuckin dickhead.

  • Wow, zing, Bongwater! I thought I was the only one here that is a fan!!

  • zingzing


    they were certainly a creative band. i can’t follow all their little tangents… sometimes, they just went off into their own thing, regardless of whether or not anyone wanted to follow them there. but that’s cool. creativity is often its own reward.

  • B.A.L.L. were really good too.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Yet another “Obama’s evil because…” by the conservatives. Yawn.

    They apparently don’t see how ludicrous, how very desperate these accusations are when seen by rational people – but that doesn’t matter to the conservatives, does it? All that matters is “Obama’s evil because [put accusation here]”. The truth or sense of the accusation doesn’t matter – all that matters is that the accusation is made.

    So far, Obama’s evil because:

    – Rev. Wright was his pastor (but nobody cared about McCain/Hagee/Parsley)

    – Obama’s Muslim (never mind that he isn’t)

    – Obama wasn’t born in America (no matter how much proof is provided otherwise)

    – Obama “pals around with terrorists!” because he happened to be on the same planet as a one-time terrorist (who is now a respected professor at a major university)

    – Obama’s actually willing to talk to Iran and other eeeeeeevil nations! (never mind that ALL presidents did this…before Dubya)

    – Obama wants to reform health care so that all Americans have access to it – such a socialist idea! (never mind that ALL other modern industrialized democracies already have it…and almost all have the longer life expectancies that come with it for a MUCH cheaper price)

    – Michelle Obama’s evil too because she allows her bare arms to be shown! (never mind that Jackie O. did, too)

    and in Dave’s article above, Obama “promised [his followers that he would] create an all-encompassing nanny state”! (never mind that he did no such thing)

    the list can go on for days…


    Gee whiz, Dave, I mean, come on! You know that I do my best to refrain from personal insults, so please understand that this is constructive criticism. Such nit-picking over little things like growing a doggone garden is NOT conducive to a political discussion. Instead of proving any particular point against Obama or the democrats or the American government in general, such an article makes the author look rather petty (“Gasp! Obama didn’t wear a flag pin!!!”) and/or alarmist like my fellow rednecks who are buying up every scrap of ammunition in sight (“Obama’s comin’ to take away yer guns!!!”).

    Fortunately, most of us know you’re better than that. Please don’t prove us wrong.

  • AmericanEagle50

    Hello to all of my American Kindered Spirits eveyrwhere,
    Self-Reliance! Its never been a problem for us throughout history. The problem with this present day thinking is this! When we as Americans in the past had to rely on self for our personal survival was in extreme dire need. When our country was young and building one in this fashion the new adventure of adventures! Not brought about by the means of those wishing to inject a ‘Failed’ dream tried by so many individuals in dreams gone before us. This social experiment has been tried and it has failed before, Oh…. This Dream of the Socialist State! When we the Americans of this America begin the full and total restoration of this grand experiment known as Freedom we the people of an imperfect union will finally tear off our shackles and begin to breathe the full and free air, Will then and only then begin to push back from those whom have taken from the grand lady known as “The United States of America”. Then and only then will the national garden of survival begin to bear her fruit!
    Take Care and God Bless to all!

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Yep! SUCH a ‘failed socialist state’, huh? That’s why we’re down below two third-world countries on the life-expectancy list, while the top twenty-seven ALL have universal health care for much less than what we’re paying now….

  • Clavos:

    As I mentioned on another thread here, I think it’s just wrong to accuse the administration of fanning the flames.

    Following the flames, yes. They were caught short by the intensity of the reaction to the bonuses story and the longevity of it.

    I think the president and his staff are politically astute enough to see that AIG Rage could derail their entire economic policy — so they are most likely to try to deal with the anger, defuse it, not fan it.

    [Thus the president’s words on Wednesday: “I understand why people are angry. I’m angry. But we need to try to channel this anger into constructive policy.” Also note how he has so far avoided embracing the ridiculous, blatantly unconstitutional tax bill passed in a bipartisan frenzy by the House this week.]

    Whether you agree with the president’s policies or not, having them fly apart in a sideshow of a scandal will not do any of us any good. It will, in the short term at least, make things much, much worse.


    I don’t think anyone said that. Or hinted toward that. Or farted within two area codes of that.

  • bliffle

    Dave finally wakes up: “But even Robert Reich on Meet the Press this morning agrees that Obama and congress are doing exactly the wrong things in dealing with the crisis, and if Reich has seen the light it’s time for them all to wake the fuck up.”

    Reich has been one of the best economics commentors for about 8 years. He’s pretty straight thinking, and so was disfavored by the Clinton boyos, as you might recall.

    Reich could see the lights a long time ago.

  • I saw this on facebook Dave and thought you were kidding. I see you weren’t this is an article. Okay. And I asked myself the same question why plant a garden? The first family is the model for the country. And yes JFK had a mural of the French Rivera commissioned for the pool (now bricked over I heard…ouch), how’s that for class warfare?

    Not sure why a garden should be the target of a political argument. I think MO is sorely out of touch because poor black people (Iknow because I taught their kids) all eat at freakin’ Mickey D’s or “some kind of chicken” place. That was my first thought.

    They DO not, I repeat do not prepare meals at home. They all eat on the run at McDonalds.

    My advice would be to perish the thought that poor people (you have to have space to plant and someone to watch your back!) were not going to buy this from Michelle. Why, because they don’t even cook. Cooking first, gardening second.

    Middle class people on the other hand might not be such a hard sell on gardening. As for myself, I am strictly a flower/plant gardener, as I have tons of outdoor space at my disposal. It is so hot here. I tried tomatoes and so did my neighbors but the heat and sun killed them.

    I don’t mean all poor people eat fast food (just 75%). In my survey they were eating there more than 5 times a week. Compared to my vegan self on the other hand, my kids ate there maybe 5 times a year! I eat there never, except to buy a dessert once a year.

    So, my point–the Obamas are out of touch with the little poor guy. And here in Texas restaurants are de rigeur!

    Maybe Dave was being complimentary, maybe?


  • “Obamas are preparing for the worst-case outcome of complete social collapse”

    Yes indeedy, I have always equated a garden with “the worst-case outcome.” How heinous can the Obama’s get? Those filthy bastards!


  • “They’re telling us we’d better learn to be self-reliant…”

    We wouldn’t want that, now would we?


  • Thanks, Suss.

    Glenn, this article is all of a page long. You would think you could bother to read it before going berserk. Even Sussman read it and he has the attention span of a gnat.

    There’s no accusation in this article taht the Obamas are evil, just that they are perhaps inadvertently ironic.


  • Clavos

    And that Mich is trying to look Rooseveltian (or is it Eleanorian?), though I can’t imagine why.

  • I think she is more interested in being Alice Waters than Eleanor Roosevelt:

    Buy [or grow] and eat fresh local ingredients whenever possible.

    That would have seemed like a strange notion for a crusade in the 1930s and 1940s, when most produce was local anyway. [Not too much arugula around back then, however.]

    Nothing wrong with emulating the wonderful Mrs. R, but it’s a comparison that only goes so far.

  • Handy,

    Alice Waters – Chez Panisse.

    Have you been there?

    I was a frequent customer at Stars when Jeremiah Towers, her star pupil, was running it. It’s closed now.

  • I did eat lunch at Chez Panisse once. It was very good, if not earth-shattering. But Ms. Waters’s food philosophy has literally changed the world.

  • On University Ave, in Berkley, right?
    How do you mean “changed the world”?

  • The “always fresh, local ingredients” concept was new when she opened Chez Panisse, and it has profoundly influenced thousands of restaurants since.

  • I thought you’d mean that. Nouvelle cuisine.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dave –

    Yes, I DID read your entire article – I did so twice to make sure that I correctly understood your aim. Perhaps what you do not understand is the aim of my reply.

    No, you did not explicitly say the Obamas are evil; however, you certainly DO make plain your utter disdain for their efforts…and like so many other conservatives you are in the habit of taking any and every little thing the Obamas do saying how it’s a (1) terrible thing, or (2) unpatriotic thing, or (3) evil thing, or (4) stupid thing.

    You yourself haven’t condemned every little thing Obama has done…but I suspect the number of compliments you’ve given him could at best be counted on one hand.

    This time they put up a garden – a simple freaking garden for pete’s sake! – but to you, instead of that being a GOOD example for people to follow, in your reality it’s some kind of a sign, an indication of just how bad things are going to get.

    In your post I see the same kind of scorn conservatives held for Jimmy Carter when he put up solar panels on the White House to set a good example, and the conservatives then – like you now – refused to see it as an intelligent thing to do, but as some kind of a sign or indication of the failure that liberals are sure to bring.

    In the future, Dave, try not to nit-pick – you’re better than that.

  • Mr. Dock Ellis

    Interesting take, Dave, though I think you’re loading a little too much on this one day photo op.

    In the comments, you say Obama is “well-intentioned” Is he now?

    On 60 minutes, he’s making jokes about who’s worse the banks or the auto industry. Thousands of people lose their jobs and it’s funny? He pokes fun at the Special Olympics. He takes a thoroughly wicked untrue jab at widow Nancy Reagan. He’s taking shots at the jobless, the disabled, a widow. He smiles a lot, but he’s mean. By going after the weaker members of our society, he shows himself to be a cynical bully.

  • I don’t watch TV, but that’s a rather harsh indictment. Even if he were, as you say, “a cynical bully,” one should think that he’d have better sense than to show it.
    Are you certain, now, of your assessment?

  • Dock,

    To say the least, your interpretation of Obama’s comments ludicrous. It’s a typically anal response.

    Oh, and Hel, would it have been more appropriate for Michelle to have broken ground for a Mickey Ds on the WH lawn? Should she know better than to suggest to her “homeys” that they might at least consider a garden a worthy endeavor?

    There are a # of urbanites who have come together and work in community gardens on roof tops, vacant lots and even plots in the burbs accessed via bus lines, etc.

    Is it not a good thing for the first family to promote more healthy eating habits? Or does the gesture go no further than a cheap political ploy?


  • Clavos

    Or does the gesture go no further than a cheap political ploy?


  • Handy,

    A good opinion piece by Frank Rich, NYT.

  • B, yes. Folks will buy burgers but they won’t buy gardens. You can take that to the bank. In fact the stats have only worsened in this. I don’t need to wait for the “experts” to say I am right. It’s out there.

    Homey’s don’t do home cooking, period. They do Mickey Ds. And they are taking that to the bank.

    When I was younger I wanted to start a vegan fast food burger franchise. But I had no help to start such an enterprise. And I’m not a white male so the banks were not loaning money to black folks back then. They only did it now that they have figured out a way to milk brown and black dry.

    So, to get back to my point, or was it yours, Michelle is playing to the suburbanites, as you yourself point out. It is not a hard sell to the middle class, okay. B, You too made that point.

    Stupid me, I once asked students to write out steps they would take to prepare a meal, simulating steps one would take to prepare a lab. They had no clue about a menu or steps to prepare a meal. I got blank stares and blank papers!

    Then I got smart and made nutrition content of McDonald’s the lesson, next time.


  • No, you did not explicitly say the Obamas are evil; however, you certainly DO make plain your utter disdain for their efforts…and like so many other conservatives you are in the habit of taking any and every little thing the Obamas do saying how it’s a (1) terrible thing, or (2) unpatriotic thing, or (3) evil thing, or (4) stupid thing.

    But I said none of these things here. I have no disdain for their planting of a garden. That’s just fine. What I am writing about here is the irony that they are planting a garden at the same time that their policies are creating a world in which we may all need our own gardens to survive. How can you not get that one simple point. That’s all the article is about, not any of the other silly stuff you bring up.

    You yourself haven’t condemned every little thing Obama has done…but I suspect the number of compliments you’ve given him could at best be counted on one hand.

    When he does something positive I’ll bring out a compliment for him. Actually, I do have a draft article on one of the healthcare plans currently being considered by Congressional Democrats which I believe he endorses which is pretty positive.

    This time they put up a garden – a simple freaking garden for pete’s sake! – but to you, instead of that being a GOOD example for people to follow, in your reality it’s some kind of a sign, an indication of just how bad things are going to get.

    The parallels are too obvious for me to resist, sorry.

    In your post I see the same kind of scorn conservatives held for Jimmy Carter when he put up solar panels on the White House to set a good example, and the conservatives then – like you now – refused to see it as an intelligent thing to do, but as some kind of a sign or indication of the failure that liberals are sure to bring.

    I certainly wouldn’t have condemned Carter for putting solar panels on the White House. Not when he did so many other things that were genuinely idiotic. Hell, I wish I could afford to solarize my house.

    In the future, Dave, try not to nit-pick – you’re better than that.

    Small things illuminate larger issues.


  • Re comment #22,

    Glenn, it is painful to see you attempting to defend someone who is obviously in way over his head.

    Dave wasn’t taking a cheap shot at the Obamas for planting a garden. He was pointing out the irony in the message. If I was some homeless guy in Lafayette Park, I’d be salivating at the veggies growing at the well guarded garden growing in my view.

    But gardens aide, there are a lot of things wrong with the Luo incompetent you have in the White House these days. But the two main ones are that he is in way over his head in problems he cannot solve – and he does not have the best intentions in dealing with those problems. Here I’m talking about the US of A. The other issues that concern me – like the fact that he routinely chooses people who will dislike Jews and who hate Israel – may work to our (Israelis) advantage here. so, instead of joining the whining chorus of complainers, I’ll do what I can to take advantage of his anti-Israel attitudes.

    There may be a slim ray of hope yet….

  • Ruvy,

    Not fair. Can’t just a person on the basis of SOME of his appointments. Next you’re going say he’s anti-Semite.

  • Roger,

    Arabs are Semites, just as are Jews. Obama is very much pro-Arab, so what he is not is an anti-Semite. Maybe he is a Jew-hater, a fact he keeps well hidden from his Chief of Staff. That is an accusation I will not make – yet. But he is most assuredly not an anti-Semite.

    As for his Jewish Chief of Staff, the mere fact that his parents fought in the Etze”l and that he himself speaks Hebrew, does not speak for his own provenance, something that Israeli “right-wingers” stupid enough to trust Obama at all are learning to their chagrin. Rahm Emanuel hangs out with the traitorous Tel Aviv elite that ruins this country.

    Finally, Roger, nothing in politics is fair. Politics is the conduct of war by an alternate means, and all is fair in love and war.

  • Roger

    Well, I can’t vouch for Obama’s character and I don’t know his heart – so my point was limited to that. If there is anything disappointing, I’m beginning to see a loss of passion in his speeches (which, as you know, were highly charged all along until now) – certainly not the kind of passion that JFK and Robert Kennedy used to project. As a matter of fact, he’s starting to sound more cut-and-dry with each passing day.

    Perhaps passion is difficult to maintain day in day out, so I hope I am wrong about this. But if not, then indeed I’d be forced to conclude that much of it was an act.

    Meanwhile, it behooves me to keep an open mind.


  • When it comes down to it, I don’t even know what Hel is talking about. Apparently, she believes that a garden is simply a waste of time for urban blacks. Even if that was true, it should be remembered that Michelle is the First Lady of the entire nation. There are in fact a lot of people who could benefit from planting and using the harvest from a vegetable garden, which, if done properly, is more cost effective and healthier.
    But, I guess only elitist liberals are concerned about costs and their health.


    You have in the time I’ve been posting here at BC become increasingly more cynical. It appears to be beyond your ability to believe that anyone you opposes ideologically could possibly have honest motives.

    I know life has been difficult for you of late, but it appears to have given you a jaundiced view of about everything and everybody.


    I grow herbs as a hobby and even make a little of my investment back by selling basil to Italian restaurants. And, yes, I even grew some arugula or “rocket” and feel no shame for it, none at all. I personally don’t care for it. Nor do I like cilantro which I think tastes like soap.

    But practically everybody eats cilantro – anyone who eats at Taco Bell, Qdoba, Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Don Pablos,the now defunct Chi-Chis, or just your run of the mill corner taco stand has almost certainly downed some cilantro. I imagine there are few people who have not had a sprig of parsley on their plates at restaurants. Or how many people have eaten parsley buttered potatoes – standard fare at midwest cafeterias? People most certainly have eaten basil if they eat Italian. How many people have had sage dressing during the holidays?

    But, for some idiotic, obviously political reasons, arugula gets singled out for scorn. It’s knuckle dragging stupid. Arugula is just a fucking plant, the leaves of which some people like in a salad or on a sandwich. I’ve heard it whispered that some Republicans have actually eaten arugula – no really! I suppose they’d be horrified if it got out, though. It’d ruin them, utterly. Hey, I even know a dyed-in-the-wool Republican who drives a Volvo. No shit! I don’t know if he eats arugula, though. Now that would be just too much to assimilate.


  • “Even Sussman read it and he has the attention span of a gnat.”

    It’s called youthful exuberance. When one turns 50 one tends to resent it.

  • STM

    1/2 naked patriot writes: “WE ARE SCREWED!”

    Mate, just to be on the safe side, can you let us know which half is naked?

  • Lee Richards

    The garden soon will be a thriving showplace, what with congress providing all the richest kind of manure daily it will ever need.

  • I’m here to tell you from personal experience that Heloise’s contention that ‘Homey’ doesn’t cook is absolute bollocks.

    Unless the hugely successful and delicious soul food potluck we had here at the office last month (not to mention the numerous similar events in the past) was an illusion.

    But then Hel does live in Texas, which is a law unto itself. To a Texan, if it doesn’t go Moo it’s not food.

  • STM @ #53, re ‘½ Naked Patriot’:

    Mate, just to be on the safe side, can you let us know which half is naked?

    We can only hope it’s the left side, and that he dresses to the right.

  • Bari, nothing wrong with arugula. As I said it doesn’t bother me more than any other leafy salady thing does. But the name is funny sounding and it’s a recent arrival on the menu, so it’s a natural target of derision.


  • I just saw the ‘leafy salady thing’ bit over on the right sidebar of the Politics homepage out of the corner of my eye and thought it said ‘lefty salady thing’!

  • Clavos

    That works, too, Doc.

    A good conservative wouldn’t dream of eating something so poncy.

  • Lester

    I’m with Lee Richards. He’s right.

  • I hope the two of you are very happy, Lester.

    As for arugula, I can never shake the suspicion that I’m eating dandelion leaves. And as a former small boy with the concomitant boundless curiosity and zest for experiment, let me assure you that I have in fact eaten dandelion leaves, so I know whereof I speak. There’s very little flavour distinction between the two species, if such they are.

    Daisies, on the other hand, actually do make a tasty little snack, once you take the petals off. So do buttercups.

  • ‘Arugula’ is the Italian word. It was known in English as ‘rocket’ for many years before becoming trendy. It tastes really great, by the way.

  • Clavos

    One man’s ‘great’ is another’s dandelion…

  • We should all plant edibles in our yards. I’ve been doing it for years and basically I started when my kids were little. Children should know that a pumpkin pie comes from pumpkins and not from Kroger’s.

    If you don’t have a yard, plant edibles in pots. My best cucumbers and tomatoes were grown in pots. In fact, everyone should grow an edible plant and eat it. It’s far healthier than eating the fast food crap and frozen junk in grocery stores.

    It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve been canning. It’s no coincidence that bad times come in winter, after the growing season.

    I personally saw the Obama move as being a complete publicity stunt. Whatever.

  • “I personally saw the Obama move as being a complete publicity stunt. Whatever”


    They are going to plant and grow a vegetable garden on the WH lawn. They will be bringing in local kids from schools to help tend it and also use it as a teaching tool. They plan to use some of the harvest in the WH and any beyond that is to go to local food pantries/kitchens. Yeah. That sure measures up to a cheap publicity stunt.

    It stands to reason if the McCain’s were now in the WH there would be no garden. Cindy McCain actually does believe that pumpkin pies come from Krogers. (I must admit, it’s hard for me to imaging Cincy McCain eating a pumpkin pie.)


  • STM

    I was wondering what arugula was. I know it too as rocket.

    The word rocket is also used in Australia as a sardonic nickname (shortened from rocket scientist) for someone who says something dumb, or really, really obvious … as in, “fair dinkum, rocket?”, perhaps in reply to someone who says something clever like, “All politicians are full of sh.it”, or “Poms are useless at cricket”.

  • Clavos

    (I must admit, it’s hard for me to imaging Cincy McCain eating a pumpkin pie.)

    It’s hard for me to imagine Cindy McCain shopping in a low end store like Kroger. I see her more in a high end gourmet market, like Epicure here in Miami.

  • Cindy



    That is the hardest I laughed all day! lol

  • Dr. D, you are dealing with adults for one. I was working with kids. But based on their responses it was because many parents worked and there was no time for anyone to cook.

    I didn’t say the moms did not know HOW to cook I just meant that they don’t take the time to cook and are not passing that skill down to the youngsters.


  • Cindy


    Are you sure you ate arugula? It’s really good stuff! Better than most lettuces.

    Daisies, on the other hand, actually do make a tasty little snack, once you take the petals off. So do buttercups.

    I gotta luv a man who likes to eat buttercups. 🙂

  • Cindy

    Macho men could take a lesson from Dr.D here. Most sensible women prefer the confidence of men who could eat daisies and buttercups and admit it. 🙂

  • Thanks, Cindy, but you see my macho-ness is demonstrated by the fact that I was wont to eat them rather than prance around with them in my hair!

  • Bliffle

    I enjoy natural uncooked food myself.

    Right now I’m sitting in front of the PC nibbling a little Fuji Apple (uncooked!), a little Roquefort (uncooked!) and a little 1999 Bourgogne (uncooked!).

    Ahhh, the flavor of natural foods!

  • …and a little 1999 Bourgogne (uncooked uncorked!)

    Fixed it for ya, Bliffle…!

  • Clav,

    No, actually I can’t imagine her “shopping” anywhere, at least not for groceries. Wine maybe. Perhaps a bit of haute couture (her husband probably has no idea what that is,) but not groceries.


  • Cindy

    hmmm Roquefort is uncooked?

    Well, I like wine, Roquefort and apples. I guess I am a natural uncooked food fan too!

    (tries to think how to make a raw fondue)

  • Cindy

    If I eat a can of SpaghettiOs (uncooked) does that count as raw?

  • Irene Wagner

    That counts as gross Cindy.

    What you have to do to make Spaghettios a great culinary experience is to cook them while they’re still in the can (lid opened off of course) in a saucepan of boiling water, and then eat them right from the can, too.

    Sustained contact with metal gives the dish a certain, je ne sais quois.

    Whitey can’t cook! Pshaw.

  • Cindy


    I always love your posts; my spirit is so often less than generous. I hope you have a lot of children around you. When I read your comments, my aim is often to do better.

    (Good recipe, BTW, I’ll have to stop eating them raw. I only did it as a health thing! 🙂

  • Cindy

    Ummm, considering the children comment.

    Yeah, well, I wasn’t counting us…

  • Maybe Spaghetti-O’s preceded by arugula, topped with Roquefort and accompanied by burgundy…

    Lots and lots of burgundy.

  • Cindy

    What time’s dinner handy? 🙂

  • Irene Wagner

    Cindy, I’m not sure how to take the hope I’m surrounded by children comment. I just watched the Banned Commercial Dan (M) posted. You didn’t mean THAT kind of children did you?

    Actually, mine are teenagers. Markets being what they are these days (target the affluent youth! target the affluent youth!), no one’s going to make a commercial about the sometimes ugly realities of parenting teenagers!

  • Irene Wagner

    O yeah, teenagers. Dinner. Where’s my can opener? See ya!

  • How about Reddi-Wip on white bread? Lucky Charms and Pepsi?

    Only true connoisseurs need apply.

    B :%}

  • Clavos

    Peanut butter — on anything — at any time…

  • No, mayo.

    I just had Aztec steak with black bean rice for dinner. FSM bless Dream Dinners!

  • Actually, I was treated to a very nice sushi dinner tonight, and it was devoon. And some white burgundy to wash it down. It’s not Spaghetti-O’s but it was acceptable in a pinch.

  • STM

    I had warm roast chicken breast with mango and herbs, and fresh garden salad – which included rocket (aragula) – and vinaigrette, with crusty bread.

    Washed down with fresh passionfruit, mint and pineapple juice, followed a bit later by a bit of dark-chocolate kit-kat (bet you miss them, eh, Doc?) for dessert with a nice, strong, sweet coffee.

    Actually, the coffee might have been the reason I was still on the threads at 2.30am AEDT, completely off my nut, around the time you guys were starting to think about lunch.

  • You can get Kit-Kats in the US, Stan. Unfortunately they’re not imported from the Old Dart but made under licence at the Hershey factory in Pennsylvania, which means that like everything else which comes out of there they taste like caramelized vomit.

  • Because Easter’s approaching, however, you can get Cadbury’s Cream Eggs here at the moment (they’re not available year-round as they are back home), and the good news about that is that they are not laid by Hershey, but are actually imported from England.

    I shall be partaking of them extensively until mid-April.

  • My son regularly brings home about half a suitcase full of chocolate from Germany. Often, the other half is taken with wine. Not a bad combination, I’d say.

    The miracle, at least so far is, that it has always made the trip intact. It’s often been obvious that the suitcase had been opened for inspection, but as far as we could ascertain, nothing has ever been missing and none of the wine bottles have broken. Go figure. I suppose there will come a day…


  • Cindy

    Umm B?

    Do you put the pepsi in the lucky charms?


    The best sushi I have ever had was in NYC. I can’t remember the name of the place. If you have any recommendations anywhere near the theater district can you let me know? I love great sushi, but it has to be great. Just had tuna tartare in DC about 4 times. It was amazing.

    Or even near Wall Street? I’ll be going in a couple weeks.

  • The place we went is called Omido, in the same block as the Ed Sullivan/Dave Letterman theater, Broadway between 53 and 54. It is excellent.

    I have also heard that Sushi Zen, 44th and 6th Ave, is good but I have not been there myself.

  • I’m still mourning the loss of two bottles of fine duty-free cachaça which I was bringing back from São Paulo a couple of years ago. They got to Miami just fine but then I had to check them for the domestic flight. I made the mistake of balancing them on top of my suitcase while I bent down to unzip it, and they fell off and broke. Aiieee!

  • Cindy


    Sushi Zen that’s where I went. I looked at the site and I am 99% sure that’s the place. Thanks for that other one.

  • zingzing

    best sushi is zenkichi in brooklyn on n 6th. but get ready to pay for it. it’s one of those if you don’t know it’s there, you won’t find it places.

  • bliffle

    Anyone who eats sushi deserves to get infested with the little penis-shaped parasites that inhabit raw fish! You can see them under a microscope!

    There. I’ve said it.

  • bliffle


    Enjoy your dinner.

    (Under the microscope you can see them wiggling their little heads around!)

  • Cindy


    well at least they come in a friendly shape! LOL

  • Cindy

    Yikes bliffle,

    First of all, don’t they kill them by freezing? Second, any that would be left won’t be the kind that infest people. That is the point of the sushi chef. Third, you’d just eat them and they would be food.

    In some cultures food is huge white grubs.

    (I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr.D had a few of these in the pantry next to the daffodils.)

    Now, I am erasing this from my mind.

  • zingzing

    aww, bliffle is scared of tiny widdle penises sticking on raw, fishy matter… bliffle is scared of sex!

  • unprotected sex, zing. Only if we could put little rubbers on those suckers . . .

  • BTW, the Japanese make the best condoms in the world – paper thin. Did you know that?

    Not that I’m an enthusiast.

  • STM

    Rog: “BTW, the Japanese make the best condoms in the world – paper thin”.

    I realise those Jap condoms might be big sellers in America, but they just don’t sell at all in Australia … way too small.

  • STM

    Doc: “Cadbury’s Cream Eggs”

    Mmmmm. I grab one this time of year every time I stop at the servo to get petrol. Bad luck about the Kit-Kats.

  • STM

    I used to eat Sushi every second night when I was split up from my wife a few years back.

    Well, sashimi (tuna, kingfish, and salmon) actually – with heaps of sliced white radish, fresh ginger, miso soup and a small bowl of rice.

    With a small pot of green tea, total cost: $8, at a place – yes, this is for real – called Kirrakaze … they even had the aeroplane propeller hanging on the shopfront.

    Cheeky name, great food. It’s high energy stuff all-round and I don’t think I’ve ever been fitter in my whole life.

    They also made the best katsu-don I’ve ever tasted. Also about $8.

    They were actually Japanese too, rather than Korean-Japanese, who tend to run many of the sushi joints Down Under.

  • zingzing

    stm: “I realise those Jap condoms might be big sellers in America, but they just don’t sell at all in Australia … way too small.”

    oooh. actually, i’ve yet to see japanese condoms over here, so the point is invalid!

    and korean food trumps all asian cuisines. at least when not actually in asia. chinese food, in china, is a revelation.

  • Clavos

    Doc and STM,

    You do realize that you have the Aztecs to thank for chocolate, don’t you?

    You’re welcome.

  • STM

    Interesting dietry mix for you, then Clav … Guiness, potatoes cooked six different ways, smoked herring and Aztec-brand choccy 🙂

  • STM

    Wouldn’t mind trying a pint or five of that, though …

  • STM

    Cindy: “In some cultures food is huge white grubs”.

    Yep, that’s us – witchety grubs … they taste kind of nutty (and juicy). You’re supposed to eat them raw and wriggling, but I prefer them cooked on the barbie for a couple of seconds and then straight down the hatch.


    Mind, you, I DO prefer a good medium-rare rib-eye.

  • Cindy

    We call that a ‘grill’ Stan. A barbie is an anorexic doll who’s had breast implants, but whose nipples appear to have been removed in the process.

  • Clavos

    Oh no, Cindy.

    You’ve just destroyed my favorite kinky fantasy involving “prawns (shrimp) on the Barbie…”

  • Cindy,

    Barbie’s surgical mishap(s?) pales in comparison to what my youthful curiosity discovered had happened to Action Man (the British version of GI Joe)!

    No wonder he wanted to get hold of the biggest, ugliest weapons he could find and blow to smithereens everything in sight.

  • Cindy

    Some Barbies from Mattel’s Contemporary Capitalism Collection:

    Generation X Barbie (Comes with ‘Will Work For Food’ sign.)
    Lap Dancin’ Barbie
    Millionaire’s Mistress Barbie
    Border Patrol Barbie
    Shoplifter Barbie (Comes with stuff from other playsets.)

    Barbie Double Sets:
    700 Club Barbie & God Barbie. (Anti-Christ Barbie sold separately.)
    Bikini Wax Barbie & Liposuction Barbie
    Third World Dictator’s Wife Barbie & CIA Bodyguard Ken

    Barbie’s Friends:
    Angry White Ken
    Repressed Memories Skipper
    Hyperactive Skipper (Ritalin sold separately.)
    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell G.I. Joe

    Barbie and Friend’s Accessories:
    Ken’s Pimpin’ Fun Outfit
    Barbie’s Crack House
    Barbie’s Juvenile Detention Center
    Ken’s Tough Love Bootcamp (Comes with duct tape and taser.)
    Barbie’s Fun-Time Survivalist Bomb Shelter
    Barbie’s Illegal Sweatshop
    Barbie’s Patriot Playset (Includes American flag, M-16, and a ‘Grow a Brain Morans’ counter-protest sign.)
    Barbie’s Bodybag (unless included in above)

  • The counter-protest sign is my favourite.

    Those damn Morans*!

    * (They’re almost as bad as the Hannigans.)

  • Cindy


    That moran guy even has a band named after him.

    Poor Action Man. They did the same thing to Ken, you know.

  • I assume you’re damning the Morans because of their ongong involvement in the IRA.

    BTW, there were some items left off your list:

    Anarchist Ken and Anarchist Barbie (come with black jumpsuits and black masks permanently glued on faces with eyeholes in the back)
    Tranzi Barbie (comes with Au Pair Kira and suitcase full of Euros)
    Au Pair Kira (complete with Action Burkha)
    Human Rights Activist Barbie (comes handcuffed with bag over head and a Hezbollah flag)
    Terrorist Ken (Anarchist Ken with his mask on forward and an AK-47)
    PETA Barbie (comes with bull condoms and body bag)
    Dhimmi Ken (Anarchist Ken with leg shackles and no hood)
    Student Activist Ken (comes with a stack of very small handouts, a mini Q’ran and a Pace flag)
    White Slave Barbie (comes with shackles, heroin kit and burkha)

    Barbie’s Anarchist Workshop and Meth Lab (burnt out trailer)
    Barbie’s Riot Gear Action Pack (foam full-body shield, molotov cocktail, red spray paint)
    Barbie’s Dream Madrassa


  • Cindy


    I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

    But Dave, PETA is all yours. It’s a Capitalist organization. I met a PETA person at the march in D.C. I tried to talk with her (for a limited time only). She figured that since PETA was marketing to Capitalists, their ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ campaign was A-Okay. Hey we’re talking about saving animals here. Who cares if we have to exploit women to do that.

    No doubt about it Dave, a Capitalist organization, if I ever saw one.

    (moves PETA Barbie to the Capitalist collection)

  • STM

    People Eating Tasty Animals?

  • Clavos

    Whoa Cindy!

    PETA capitalist??

    They object to:

    eating meat

    wearing fur

    wearing leather (as in shoes)

    use of animals in medical research

    etc., etc.

    If we accepted all their premises there would be no capitalism — or capitalists (or anyone else, except for a few prehistoric communards), for that matter…

  • Cindy


    Okay what can we call them? Maybe they are insane Capitalists. Oh wait!

    Like I said…they’re Capitalists…