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Obama’s Arab Spring Revisited

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In yet another example of the joke that is President Barack Hussein Obama, on April 5, he gave  $1.5 billion of money we don’t have to Egypt, whose government is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). White House spokesman Jay Carney acknowledged that the Obama administration met with the MB, then said, “Anyone who has paid any attention to the revolution developments in Egypt knows that the Muslim Brotherhood will be a major player.”

So, let’s see what $1.5 billion buys. As it turns out, not much, unless your last name is Obama. This is the same MB that views the United States as an enemy to be destroyed, which is why it was US policy to avoid formal contacts with the MB until recently.

But Obama, from his first days in office, has embraced the MB. The MB leaders were invited to attend Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo, despite the MB’s status as a banned organization under Egyptian law at the time. Further, it has been invited to advise the Obama administration policymakers, despite its well known record of championing violent jihadists and repressive sharia. Obama’s administration officials have absurdly portrayed the MB as “secular” and “moderate,” although the organization has never retreated an inch from its professed mission to establish Islam’s global hegemony. Obama has overlooked the MB’s overt ties to Hamas, which self-identifies as the Ikhwan‘s Palestinian branch, and is formally designated a terrorist organization under American law.

The Obama administration hailed the MB’s triumph in post-Mubarak legislative elections and made a point of abandoning the policy against formal MB contacts, though it simultaneously claimed that this “outreach” broke no new ground. Incidentally, Mubarak was viewed as recently as 2011 as a US ally. On April 3, the House Democracy Partnership met with Khairat el-Shater, the MB’s new presidential candidate in Egypt’s 2012 presidential race. el-Shater’s candidacy reneges on MB’s prior commitments not to run anyone for president. So much for the MB veracity and credibility.

Anyway, the Obama administration is alarmed by the rise of a charismatic but extreme Salafist party member, Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, who is presently in second place in the polls. el-Shater could overtake Ismail and lead Egypt in the Brotherhood’s more pragmatic direction. Let’s see, is this the same bunch that casts aspersions upon US polls? Perhaps they see that Egypt’s polling is much superior to ours. Ismail the extremist is actually an MB guy whose father was a popular Islamist and he has already run for office twice as an MB candidate. The MB and Salafists disagree on the pace of change, not on the direction.

Now let’s turn our attention to Khairat el-Shater. The New York Times reports that el-Shater embodies, “The Brotherhood’s pragmatic focus on stable relations with the United States and Israel and free-market economics.” But what is most pragmatic about el-Shader and the MB is their understanding of Western opinion elites: gullible and desperate to believe Middle Eastern Islam is unthreatening. The MB’s stated agenda is to destabilize the United States and destroy Israel. The MB goal is to end the Western model of free-market economics and impose sharia economics, whose totalitarian elements may have some allure for the Obama left but which few Americans would regard as free.

el-Shater is the MB’s “Deputy Guide.” He has been tasked with the Nahda Project, the Islamic Renaissance or Rise. He is also said to be a major supporter of Hamas. In Alexandria, Egypt, in 2011, el-Shater delivered a lecture about the Nahda Project.  Among other things, he said, “You all know that our main and overall mission as MB is to empower God’s religion on earth, to organize our life and the lives of the people on the basis of Islam, to establish the Nahda of the Ummah and its civilization on the basis of Islam, and to subjugate people to God on earth.” Egyptian clerics said el-Shater pledged to them that he would introduce Sharia, or Islamic law, if he is elected in May. el-Shater was emphatic that the MB’s principles and goals never change. The only thing that changes are the tactics by which they are pursued.

It was two years into Obama’s term that MB Supreme Guide Muhammad Badi reminding Muslims of “Allah’s commandment to wage jihad for His sake with [their] money and lives, so that Allah’s word will reign supreme and the infidels’ word will be inferior.” This is the same MB, the rabidly anti-American organization Obama has courted for nearly four years and to whom he just decided to give $1.5 billion more American taxpayer dollars.

Is Obama going to “reset” relations with Egypt since he has had so much success with Russia?

This is the man that you Kool-Aid drinkers continue to defend and want to re-elect in November, 2012.

But that’s just my opinion.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Apparently, in Warren World “diplomacy” means the dip’s too low for Mom to see.

    Um, Warren – are you aware of, say, Reagan’s support for Saddam Hussein, and of Iran-Contra? Are you aware of the conservative support that Juan Perot had? That the Muslim leadership in Pakistan had (including up until the present day?

    By YOUR standards, Reagan must have been more Muslim than Obama, ’cause more Muslims have been killed by Americans under Obama’s watch than under Reagan’s (not to mention his (and Dick Cheney’s) support of Saddam Hussein). But then I forget – Obama LOVES illegal immigrants, too, even though he’s deported record numbers of them, instead of giving them amnesty like Reagan did.

    And you DO know that the Bush administration specifically allowed Osama bin Laden’s family to fly out of Texas in the days following 9/11 in spite of the nationwide no-fly zone, right?

    But I know that all that means NOTHING to you, because in Warren World, Barack Hussein Obama is…could it be, Satan?

  • Kyle Hussein Hunter

    Glenn, you don’t read the same history books as Warren. Obama used his psychic powers as a future president and pressured helpless Bush to let the bin Ladens leave the country.

    It’s sort of what Obi wan did to the guards in Star Wars.

    The great and powerful Moslem Hussein Obama of the evil empire also caused the droughts in Texas to punish Perry, the oil spill in the gulf to punnish Jebb, the tsuno tsoman tsaun that big wave that hit Japan, and ordered gas prices to come back down after Grigrich made a fool out of himself.

    Just recently he made Satan create earthquakes in Mexico to try to scare the pope away.

    Hussein Obama is all powerful, he’s a dick-tater and an apostle of Satan with black helicopters full of ACORN volunteers.

    Obama wants to take everyone’s guns away too and give them to his army of black panthers to kill god’s children

    He’s also left handed.

    Really Glenn you MUST keep up on your reading before you make such comments. Warren speaks for all that is right and good in the world and is struggling against the forces of e-ville to inform us and edjukait us against those dastardly dick liberals.

  • Kyle Hunter

    Warren, let me put you in touch with one of my 4th grade students to help you learn the correct way to present facts in an orderly fashion that makes sense and is easy to read.

    She’s currently out on spring break but classes will resume soon.

    You could use the help.

  • Kyle Hunter

    This should prove to be enlightening:

    plural war·rens
    1: a series of underground tunnels where rabbits live :rabbit warren
    2: a building or place with many connected rooms, passages, etc., where you can get lost very easily
    ? a warren of narrow hallways

  • Kyle Hunter
  • “This is the same MB that views the United States as an enemy to be destroyed”

    Where have they said this, Warren? I’ve looked on their English-language website, at their Wikipedia entry, and elsewhere on the web, and have been unable to find any statement by the organization to that effect. Perhaps you can enlighten us.

    “the organization has never retreated an inch from its professed mission to establish Islam’s global hegemony.”

    Again, I cannot find any reference to the MB going on record stating this as a mission or goal. Can you provide us with citations to support either of the above assertions?

  • Clavos Juarez Santana Zapata

    Is the MB the group that spawned Al-Qaeda?

    I remember reading a book some years ago, The Looming Tower, which made the case for that historical fact quite convincingly.

  • Could be, Clav, but that in itself doesn’t incriminate the Brotherhood.

    Plenty of terrorist organizations have been spawned by peaceful movements. For example, the Irish republican movement spawned the Provisional IRA. Closer to home for you, the Weathermen also originated from a peaceful student activist group, and the Branch Davidians came (via a convoluted path) out of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

  • Clavos Juarez Santana Zapata

    I wouldn’t lump the Branch Davidians with the brotherhood, IRA and weathermen; they were far more pacific than any of those others.

    And, unlike any of the others, they were violently (and unlawfully) exterminated (without due process) by the US government.

  • Credit where credit is due. President Obama is absolutely and, like totally on the ball.

  • Those balls were made as White House visitor Souvenirs, and Obama isn’t the first nor the last to have his picture on such things Dan, and you know it.

  • Zeb Blanchard

    “I cannot find any reference to the MB going on record stating this as a mission or goal.”