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Obama: “The American People Will Feel That I Deserve a Second Term…”

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Okay, I made up the second part, but the fact that this narcissistic wackjob can ignore the anger and frustration over his decimation of the economy, national security, and foreign policy, is indicative of an ego-blinded moron.

From The Hill:

“President Obama said Friday that he’s convinced that voters will come to see him as the candidate best prepared to serve as president by next fall’s elections.

The president said he thinks that he can make the case for a second term, though he acknowledged that the state of the economy could be his biggest hurdle to clear in winning reelection.

“I think the economy’s going to continue to improve, and I think I’m going to be able to make an effective case that … I am the person who is best prepared to finish the job so that we are on track to succeed in the 21st century,” Obama said in a video interview this morning with The Associated Press.

“I think I can make that case, and I think that, in the debates that take place over the next 18 months, the American people will feel that I deserve a second term,” Obama added.

The president launched his campaign earlier this month by filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to formally indicate he would seek a second term. Obama advanced that effort with a trio of fundraisers last night in his adoptive hometown of Chicago, the city where his reelection effort will be headquartered.”

I certainly hope he’s a one-term fuckup. It will take years to undo all the damage by Obama and his merry band of socialist czars. Obama’s regime is without a doubt, one of the most corrupt in U.S. history.
Just a sampling:
—Taxpayer money was used to curry political favor with privately held corporations (GE)
—They created a federal-mandated commerce and tried to force citizens to buy into it (ObamaCare)
—The Pigford scandal
—Aiding and abetting muslim terrorists both here and overseas
—Collusion with union thugs (AFL-CIO/SEIU)
—Kowtowing to foreign despots
—Accepting illegal campaign contributions from foreign donors
—Allowing Interpol to operate in US territory with impunity and without oversight by Congress, the courts, FBI or local law enforcement
—Obama’s involvement with Rod Blagojevich’s attempt to sell his old Illinois Senate seat
—A presidential cabinet stocked with corrupt, leftwing nihilists hellbent on the disintegration of our Democratic Republic
—Refusing to prosecute New Black Panther goons for voter intimidation, and a deputy assistant attorney general who instructed her subordinates to ‘never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority, no matter what they do.’
—For having a tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury
—His ACORN pals committed voter fraud and gave advice on how to avoid tax and immigration laws for underage prostitution
—His good buddy, wealthy Fabian socialist George Soros, coincidentally sold 22 million U.S.-listed common shares of Petrobras (the Brazillian Oil company) to get dividends right before Obama committed $2 billion in loans and guarantees for Petrobras’ offshore operations
—For using the leftwing MSM and other political supporters to supress freedom of speech
—For harassment of Joe Wurzenbacher, a private citizen who dared to confront Obama on his Marxist “spread the wealth” philosophy
—For compiling an “enemies list” that includes military veterans, opponents of ObamaCare, and advocates of strong border security and enforcement of immigration laws

The unabashed trampling of the Constitution and violations of federal law by himself, Pelosi, and Reid, warrants impeachment and prison.

Everything (and more) that I predicted at the beginning of this train wreck’s time in office has come true.

The GOP needs to offer a strong candidate who is serious about fiscal responsibility and putting America’s interests first, both here and abroad. That candidate must understand the U.S. Constitution and fight to get this country back on track with the principles stated in the document.

They must promote common sense policies that will stop the insane practice of rewarding failure and penalizing success; in other words, let free market consumerism define the economy. Stop bailing out corporate mismanagement, stop forcing banks to lend to undependable clients (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac), stop putting companies in a government vice to the point where their only option for survival are layoffs, outsourcing, or folding. Put an end to the union thugs’ influence in government and prosecute their criminal assaults against people who oppose their tactics.

Demand an end to the PC approach to airport and border security. Enforce our immigration laws; direct a crackdown on all illegals. Scrutinize and prosecute the muslim terrorist support groups in this country. Finish the war against Islamic terrorists with a scorched earth policy against any country that gives them safe haven. And don’t apologize for doing what it takes to straighten out America’s economy and security.

It remains to be seen if a strong, viable Republican candidate will emerge from the field to ensure that Obama can’t continue his swath of destruction for another four years.
Right now, even Obamessiah’s most dedicated followers (including minorities) are losing their affection for him; his approval rating plummeted a while back. If that trend continues, we may be spared from further “fundamental transformation”.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Soldier –

    One – the stimulus did NOT cost even as much as the Iraq war…especially after the long-term health care cost of Iraq war veterans is taken into account – and it’s because of this that there have been estimates of well over $2T dollars. If you call up the VA, they’ll tell you about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi war vet claims. I know this because I call every single week about the status of my current claim – and no, I’m not an Iraq war vet. I’m so glad I didn’t have to be involved in that illegal, immoral, hideously wrong war.

    TWO – What was Obama’s stimulus spent on? Was it war overseas? Or was it on the American economy? He spent it on AMERICA, and not on overseas wars and to overseas contractors like HALLIBURTON – you know, your boy Cheney’s favorite company?

  • Not if I can help it!


    “Glenn Contrarian”,

    Hey “sailor”, have you ever bothered doing some research on your own beefore you accuse others of “false pretense” and “conspiracies” and “being fed by “Fox News”. You might want to tear yourself away from the leftwing NBC-ABC-CBS-PBS-MSNBC hacks once in awhile.

    There’s enough real conspiracy going on, especially with George Soros, to preclude any attempt on my part to make one up. As for the WMDs and torture, read the following links and try to pay close attention to the information provided.
    Wikileaks Proves Saddam Possessed WMD
    No Lies About Iraq
    You Want Torture
    Solid, provable facts.

    I worked in counter terriorism/Intel for the better part of my career. I love it when someone tries to bring up the fatuous, hackneyed “illegal war” crap. It’s so much easier than accepting the fact that Saddam Hussein was a brutal WMD-wielding megalomanic who posed a threat, and that Congress authorized the military action. We invaded Afghanistan first, remember? There are assclowns out there who think that Osama Bin Laden doesn’t exist and that 9/11 was a “conspiracy” by the “eeeeevil Boosh”.
    Obama’s so-called “stimulus” cost more than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]


  • zingzing

    #11: “[Edited]”


    ian: “Are there still editors at BC?”

    apparently. they even cleaned up the title, which was hilarious. i was hoping no one would notice. now you actually have to read the article to figure out how silly it is.

  • Ian

    Are there still editors at BC?

    Both articles and comments seem to be taking a nose-dive into the dumpster.

  • It’s all too tempting to go down the list in this horrifyingly silly and angry article, and try to refute it. But the author wouldn’t listen, so what’s the point. This kind of bilge is what gives the internet a bad name.

  • zingzing

    “Every fricken country in the world thought your hero Saddam, had WMD.”

    that’s either some ignorance or some revisionist history. there were multiple dissenting opinions and doubts presented, including from the un’s chief weapons inspector. it’s more likely that even bush didn’t think they had wmds. but, as the downing st memo shows, he was going to war whether or not wmds were present in iraq.


  • Desert Rat

    Just looked through that list. Hysterical that some items were done by Republcian administrations. Didn’t bother with second page. If I wanted any more frothing at the mouth, I’d put on Old Yeller

  • Boeke

    Andy, Glenns use of tu quoque may be prompted by your own constant use of that fallacy.

  • Desert Rat

    what second part? Not sure you should be calling people whackjobs when you are referring to things that aren’t there

  • Norm LA

    Every fricken country in the world thought your hero Saddam, had WMD. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Arch Conservative

    As usual Glenn’s defense of Obama is nothing more than bringing up Bush.


  • Glenn Contrarian

    Cheryl –

    Gee, didja leave out any conspiracy theories there? Tell me, since you’re so offended at our current Commander-in-Chief, did you raise hell when our fellow servicemembers were sent to invade Iraq on false pretenses? Did you call for prosecutions of Bush/Cheney when they authorized TORTURE – which George Washington himself refused to allow his men to do when they had captured some German mercenaries and the very sovereignty of our not-yet-secure nation was at risk? Did it occur to you that said TORTURE was the greatest recruiting tool al-Qaeda ever had, and that it was DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of many of your fellow soldiers? Did you call for Cheney’s head when he exposed a CIA agent…and by doing so, exposed an entire network of American agents worldwide, about seventy of whom were killed or simply ‘disappeared’ in the months afterward? Did it get your attention when so many flag officers retired rather than accept Dubya’s appointment at CENTCOM…and they spoke out as one against Bush’s illegal war? Or did you think it was somehow patriotic to invade a nation on false pretenses, when that nation posed NO imminent threat to America, and we have since lost thousands of our military volunteers, over a trillion dollars of our taxpayer dollars, and directly caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children, and directly caused the STILL-extant displacement of well over a million more Iraqis?

    Tell me, soldier, WHY are you not raising hell about what Bush and Cheney did to our nation? DID YOU EVEN KNOW that when Clinton handed over the watch to Dubya, that our economy was on track to pay off the ENTIRE national debt by 2012???? But what happened? Bush and Cheney and a trillion-plus-dollar illegal war chock-full of war crimes for which WE prosecuted AND executed war prisoners back in WWII!!!! There is NO REASON why Bush and Cheney should not be standing at the Hague facing charges of crimes against humanity!

    I used to be a hard-nosed conservative like you back during the Reagan and the Bush 41 years…but in the final decade of my Navy career I came to see the vast hypocrisy of the Right, how they tell you that you’re not a patriot unless you follow them and support all that they do. DO YOU NOT SEE that your people have gone so far over to the right that Reagan – and Bush 41 – would both be called socialist and utterly rejected by what now passes for the Republican party?

    I don’t like everything Obama’s done…but he’s been FAR more on the side of the American people than your precious Republicons.

    The big difference between thee and me is this: you’re clearly buying into every conspiracy, every outright lie fed you by Fox News…whereas I saw through it all halfway through my career and I base my judgments on solid, provable FACT, rather than just taking what’s fed me by whatever news source.

  • Boeke

    This salutation alerts one that the article is an utterly biased rightist diatribe:

    “Okay, I made up the second part, but the fact that this narcissistic wackjob…”

    I assume that he means Obama, and I’m going to assume that the author is NOT a professional psychology worker and thus not using “narcissistic” and “whackjob” in some scientifc and definitive sense, therefore the rest of the article is not worth reading.

    Why does Blogcritics publish such trash? Are they so desperate for filler material? Anything to bump the word count?

    Is someone at Blogcritics under the impression that such incoherence is provocative, or interestingly contrary?

    Well, you’re wrong.


    PS: Any decent person would advocate exactly what I proposed.


    Dear troll,
    I have no idea who Gary Johnson is and I did not post the image of the political buttons.

  • troll

    …actually – Johnson is a decent man whose policies wouldn’t even approximate the author’s proposals