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Obama Sucks Up To Wall Street, Big Pharma, The Pentagon, and the GOP – Yet His Spokesman Disses His Progressive Base

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What next, Mr President? As a candidate you promised concrete things to progressives — closing Guantanamo, making big moves on energy independence and climate change and infrastructure, creating good jobs that can’t be outsourced, etc. — but what have you done as our president?

Oh, what a litany of half-assed screw-ups there are. Maybe you haven’t made your horse a Senator like Caligula did, but you’ve wimped out more often than that arch-coward Sir Harry Flashman in 19th century Afghanistan.

Take one example. Take your Wall Street “reform.” You and the Democratic Congress have set it up so a) Goldman Sachs and the other banksters can pay themselves whatever bonuses they feel like; b) “too big to fail” is alive and well; c) there’s no Tobin tax on financial transactions, and d) the Volcker rule gets loopholed after you promised us on TV that you’d give us that rule (remember, it happened when you pooped yourself over Scott Brown taking Massachusetts). The result? In four to ten years, Wall Street will wreck us once again.

Heckuva job, Obamie.

And then your spokesman Robert Gibbs has a snit fit. Sam Youngman from The Hill reports:

“I hear these people saying he’s like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested,” Gibbs said. “I mean, it’s crazy.” The press secretary dismissed the “professional left” in terms very similar to those used by their opponents on the ideological right, saying, “They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.” Of those who complain that Obama caved to centrists on issues such as healthcare reform, Gibbs said: “They wouldn’t be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president.”

Maybe your man Gibbs had a bad day. Funny, none of the things he’s talking about have been pushed by the bulk of the “professional” left. All we’ve done is push for a robust public option, and some common sense about our wars. Your man Gibbs is demonizing us like Faux News does when they call you a “socialist.” I imagine Gibbs is venting your own frustration, so it means you’re demonizing us, too, just as if you were working for Faux News. Thanks a lot, Mr. President. And hey, what the heck are you doing!? You’re peeing inside your big tent on the folks who worked their butts off for you (even though, before Iowa, most progressives were behind that idiot Edwards). Talk about entitlement. Talk about whiny privileged brats. Has the White House suddenly become a juvenile frat house for liberal Chicago Ivy League assholes?

Listen, Mr. President, we progressives see it as our duty to hold your feet to the fire. A very necessary duty: after all, those very feet have often run so far away from a liberal agenda, we progressives have had to keep darting into GOP territory to retrieve your feet for a well-deserved grilling.

You saved Wall Street by throwing them a life raft, which started with your man Geithner and others under Bush. But the longer you were president, the more this life raft turned into a luxurious yacht. In the end, you let the banksters get away with everything. What did you save for us regular Americans? All we got was a watered-down Recovery Act and some other emergency measures that still leave us with 9.5% unemployment according to the latest July 2010 stats.

It’s actually worse than that, because 181,000 people have left the work force and stopped looking for work, and in the screwed-up way we count our unemployed, we no longer count those who’ve given up, which is why the real figure for the unemployed and underemployed is more like 19 million plus, and the rest of us lucky employed ones are working longer hours at shittier jobs because the good jobs keep going overseas. They say there’s one job for every six Americans looking for that job.

Here’s the skinny for your big fat ears: the jobs aren’t there, dude, and you’re doing NOTHING about it. The only thing that will work, Mr. Brain-Up-Your-Butt President, is to directly employ millions to work on repairing and building our falling-apart Neanderthal infrastructure (the smart grid you keep talking about, that Portugal and Denmark have, and you’re too in love with Big Oil to give us). The only thing guaranteed to make a difference is a public works program that FDR had and you don’t, because you’re too much of a suck-up to the big corporations who’d outsource your job if they could but since they’ve already bought you and Gibbs and Emanuel and Geithner and Summers they don’t have to outsource you like they’ve done with our jobs.

Some recovery, dude. Lucky us, dude. Really appreciate the big leg up, man.

Now you want progressives to cheer? Now you want ANYONE to cheer? For what, Mr. President? For your goddam pecs?

The people who fucked us, those Wall Street fraudsters, are making out like bandits because they got $13 trillion at 0.2% from the Fed. And the people who got fucked, us regular Americans, we got no more than $500 billion, and we’re walking the streets jobless and homeless and mad with you and Washington and the whole damn cabal of moochers at the public trough of our tax dollars.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture, President Obama? America despises Wall Street, but you bent over for them. Got it? At all?

What part of it don’t you understand? AMERICA DESPISES WALL STREET, BUT YOU BENT OVER FOR THEM. Got it now? Let me say it one more time. AMERICA DESPISES WALL STREET, BUT YOU BENT OVER FOR THEM. Has that big fat truth landed inside the bubble of your skull inside the bubble of your White House inside the bubble of Washington? Has it, Mr President?

Not from where this progressive is standing.

Every time I see your pal Tim Geithner mumblecore your inane White House talking points — how you saved our financial system, how the recovery has started — I want to ask Timothy to recover his goddam brain if he’s still got one left after a lifetime of sucking up to rich people. I hear him talk to some softballing inside-the-Beltway interviewer, and I want to force-feed some truth serum right down the butts out of which they’re talking.

Your economic team of Summer and Geithner, both of whom have been living up Wall Street’s sphincter for years, are making damn sure that the banks get preferential treatment and that the rest of us are sucking worse eggs than those found in the fallopian tubes of a radiated warthog on crystal meth who grew up in an oil spill.

These guys, Summer and Geithner, who shill for Wall Street day and night, weren’t appointed by the GOP, Obama. They were appointed by you. You didn’t have the balls to appoint Joseph Stiglitz. He won a Nobel Prize for actually doing something, not like your Nobel Prize for what you might do, which it doesn’t look like you’ll ever do, given your record of a half-assed half-a-loaf Presidency so far.

Two things you should remember: You saved Wall Street by having your entire administration, with the exception of Paul Volcker who’s too tall to bend over for anyone, fellate Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon and Vikram Pandit et al ad infinitum. But when it came to regular Americans, you short-changed us.

That’s the long and the short and the tall of it. Don’t whine about the American people being uninformed or bamboozled by cable TV or the 24/7 news cycle. The American people are on to you. We can see you abandoned us to crawl up Wall Street’s Hershey tunnel. No amount of okey-doke from you can cover this fact.

Your cheek-to-cheek tango with Wall Street, Mr. President, while the American people remained the wallflowers — that’s what laid you wide open to attacks from the right, attacks that stick to you like maggots to a corpse, even though the conservatives are ventriloquating via gasbag butt monkeys like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and Sharron Angle and other assorted chocolate-covered nut jobs from the Jolly Box of Extreme and Empty Kook Queens. Actual humans are taking these idiots seriously because you, AND YOU ALONE, have given them their chance by screwing up so bad. You let the wet, farty, greedy, stinky dogs in, Mr. President.

It’s nobody’s fault but YOURS.

Yes, you deserve some credit for a few things in your health care bill: no more “pre-existing condition” excuses to refuse health care; no more dropping of customers when they get sick; no more capping the amount of care someone needs when they get sick. Solid things we appreciate. But — after talking a year about how we need the public option to keep the insurance industry “honest,” you didn’t fight for it in the end, even though it was a small thing that had been whittled down to a speck of what it should have been.

Thanks a lot, dude. We’re really grateful you made sure the public option went down. We’re really grateful you cut a deal with the industry to make it go down — when a clear majority of regular Americans wanted it. Thank you so much for listening to the insurance industry instead of to the American people. Thank you so much for making sure that the health care industry has no competition, so they can find new ways to rip us off.

You ignore our wishes, you fight against our wishes, and then you expect us to be grateful? Go splooge in your hand, dude. Grow a pair between now and 2012, and we’ll leave our homes to vote for you. Otherwise we’ll stay home or vote for Nader.

Yes, you banned torture and the overseas CIA prisons (but left Guantanamo open, and left standing extraordinary rendition and indefinite detention, and didn’t lift a finger to dismantle the dollar-sucking Stasi-like Surveillance State we’ve become, with so many departments of fuck-knows-what, our “security” has morphed into an uncoordinated mess of floods of useless data vomited forth by government bureaucrats using our tax dollars to earn their wages sitting on their behinds doing nothing productive). Yes, you’re getting us out of Iraq and maybe out of Afghanistan (but increasing the Pentagon budget, plus you’re too cowardly to repeal Bill “I-Triangulate-Therefore-I-Am” Clinton’s idiotic “don’t ask don’t tell”). Yes, you cut out the middleman for student loans (but students still have to bankrupt themselves if they don’t have rich parents). Yes, you made sure women could sue for equal pay and get it. Yes, you’ve made some smart moves on education. Yes, you saved Detroit and thousands of jobs in a recovering auto industry (funny how we don’t hear much from the GOP anymore about this socialist giveaway to the unions). And yes, you shook down BP for $20 billion, and got no credit for it because everybody is so fed up with your namby-pamby ways in all other respects.

You tackled many little things, and some big things, and didn’t kick the can down the road, all very nice of you, but the important big things — a public works jobs program, a meaningful energy bill, the public option, too big to fail — you’ve ducked. You were too scaredy-cat to fight for things you might lose. You only fought when you knew you would win. That’s not fighting for what you believe. I guess you didn’t believe in those big things, otherwise we would’ve seen you fight for them, win or lose.

You talk big and you act small. We’ve read about FDR, and you’re no FDR. You’re not even LBJ. You’re a great big fat weenie of a wimp. A jellyfish has more backbone than you. An earthworm has more cojones than you. Nero did more for his people than you do for us. Don’t whine to us about having to be pragmatic or realistic. That’s just an excuse for not getting off your butt and doing what’s right, to hell with special interests. Even if they win, you should be going down fighting, and not give up or cut a deal or make any of those Clintonian moves that your Clintonian advisers like so much.

Now your spokesman Robert Gibbs gets all pissy because the progressive base isn’t licking your posterior. Who do you think we are, dumbfuck right-wing idiots who licked Bush’s ass no matter what he did, just because he’d throw them a little red state meat about pro-life and anti-gay and some other fuck-witted notion that he wasn’t going to do anything about anyway? You want progressives to thank you for your half-assed pieces of watered-down legislation when your White House always makes sure to kill anything actually effective and progressive in Nancy Pelosi’s bills?

You’re not a GOP president talking to dumbfuck rightwing Faux News idiots, my man. You’re a Democratic President talking to progressives. We’re smart and savvy. Bring on your smoke and mirrors and we’ll see through them. We’re your base because we’re smart, not because we’re dumb. We’re sick and tired of empty promises. We want our country to get moving again and not be stuck on park where you’ve put it.

Some of us still have a little bit of hope for you, Obama. You’re ten times smarter and better and nicer and saner than Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Haley Barbour, and all the other IQ-challenged borrow-and-spend GOP bottom-feeders who can’t think beyond creating huge deficits by cutting taxes for the rich, privatizing Social Security (code for giving our Social Security money to Wall Street), and giving our school dollars to the Pentagon. They’re always ready to help rich people and big corporations and to buy more weapons, but when it comes to regular folk, they want to cut Social Security and Medicare, or privatize or abolish them, and fire teachers and cops and firefighters, and bust their unions. It’s cozy socialism and deficit spending for the rich, and raw capitalism and deficit cutting for the rest of us. They’re so dumb, they make a bedbug look smart.

But we’d like for you, Mr. President, to help America. That’s your damn job, Barack Obama, and you’re not doing it.

So shape up. Or get shipped out. In these dog days of August, 22% of Democrats are enthusiastic about voting, compared to 44% of Republicans. You’re a politician, so make up your mind about whose votes you need. Make up your mind about your loyalty to those voters who worked and voted for you, and are now being dissed by your right-hand man.

It’s your choice. You start acting like a Democrat from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, and you’ll get our vote.

You keep forgetting us, Obama, and we’ll forget you.

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About Adam Ash

  • Ruvy

    Another “messiah” worshiper no longer on the bandwagon to nowhere. The longer the Big Zero rides his bandwagon deeper into the “Hershey Tunnel” (gotta love that phrase!), the lonelier it will get for the worshipers of “The One”.

    Obama-Mama! Diaper change and disobedient kid alert! Aisle three.

  • Adam,

    I started reading your manifesto, but was so disgusted by the half truths and twisted logic, that I had to stop.

    Vulgar language, while acceptable in the threads is really, tasteless in articles written by *superior writers*.

    “Is this the voice of the professional left?” No, it’s just a new member of the Tea Party…

    Remember, Tea Partiers, as you slash government positions and services, that in the end the losers will be you, not the people that have actually hijacked this country, The top 1%. Haven’t you figured that out?

  • Ruvy,

    You need what? a diaper change?

  • Ruvy

    No, Jeannie. Adam does…..

  • Adam Ash

    I guess you’re too young, so you missed the whole Hunter S. Thompson vulgar language New Journalism phenom. My gonzo style is in that tradition, albeit a little souped up. Thank you for stopping reading. I sometimes get readers upset by the language who read the whole thing.

    I think The One is better than anyone else, and certainly better than the idiots running your country of idiots, with the exception of David Grossman and a few others who are still sane.

    Adam Ash

  • Jordan Richardson

    Pretty sure some of the world’s best writers used vulgarity, profanity and sleaze in just the right amounts, so I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules about content unless you’re writing church bulletins.

    At least Mr. Ash has the temerity to criticize the leadership. That he does it with humour and a dash of vulgarity is, in my humble fucking opinion, a bonus.

  • Adam,

    I am older than you, but I still have my wits…

    You call yourself a Progressive?

    : ) Take a peek. And I’ll finish this article.

  • Adam,

    If President Obama were able to singlehandedly wipe out this many years of cronyism and backroom deals in his first term in office, then America would be a dictatorship…keep your head above water

    After all, the best gift you can give the Republicans, Conservatives, and the Tea Partiers is to ignore all that Obama has accomplished and just focus on what he hasn’t.

    sorry I called you a member of the Tea Party earlier

    🙁 Don’t give in…

  • Adam,

    Why aren’t there any links to back these statements up? whenever, I submit an article here, I am challenged by the editors to put facts where my mouth is.

    Here you write to President Obama:

    You saved Wall Street by having your entire administration, with the exception of Paul Volcker who’s too tall to bend over for anyone, fellate Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon and Vikram Pandit et al ad infinitum.

    :0 curious

  • Jordan,

    Are you back to those passive-aggressive comments directed at me but not addressed directly to me?

  • Buy a pair, Jordan.


  • Adam,

    President Obama’s approval rating among liberals is currently 76%.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Jeannie, are you back to those paranoid comments that somehow try to turn every single nothing into something? It was a comment about vulgarity and my appreciation for it in this article. It expresses a different opinion than yours. Boo fucking hoo.

  • Jordan,

    Oh,…I’m sorry
    Want a tissue? : )

  • It’s clear that Jeannie is reacting to the thrust of Adam’s article. After all, she is on Obama Mama. I may fault her for being so uncritical, but after all, there’s nothing paranoid about it. If anything, it’s more paranoid, IMHO, to be expecting miracles from Hope & Change and then be disappointed because by the results. After all, we all know the realities of American politics and the dumbness of the American populace to justify the realities. So what’s the big deal.

    Jeannie strikes me as a person who would like to believe. Anything wrong with that? It may be unrealistic, but certainly not paranoid.

  • I understand Adam’s frustration, but his rhetoric is as unconcerned with facts and fairness as, say, Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh or Fox News.

    I would challenge him to name someone else he would prefer as president — someone who has even a remote chance of being elected.

    Robert Gibbs spoke some hard truth the other day. He was echoing something James Carville said several years ago: “Liberal special interest groups are never, ever satisfied,” indicating that it’s futile and self-destructive to even try to satisfy them.

    Realpolitik is a dirty word to many on the left. But people who actually get elected have to deal with the reality of the hand they are dealt: a destructive partisan atmosphere and a financial crisis so severe that it can’t be readily compared to any in our lifetimes.

    A President Kucinich or a President Ron Paul would be just as frustrated — and as frustrating to you — because
    [a] we don’t live in either a parliamentary system or a dictatorship, so what the president may prefer does not necessarily become law; and
    [b] there are limits to what the federal government can do to create jobs, which have to originate in the private sector for the most part.

    So, fine, go ahead and scream and rant and get it out of your system. If you then have to deal with Pres. Mitt Romney [or worse] and a Tea Party loony-bird GOP congress in 2013, explain to me how exactly that will make the world be a better place.

  • Roger,

    You agree with my statement?

    “If President Obama were able to singlehandedly wipe out this many years of cronyism and backroom deals in his first term in office, then America would be a dictatorship.”

    : )Maybe you can be a Obama dad!

  • Jeannie, I’m on your side [I think], but I have no idea what you mean by that.

  • Life is frustrating, politics even more!

    After all, the Republican Party’s frustration since not winning the last election is why they have been trying to stonewall any progress in this country while they campaign…endlessly, instead of, sucking it up and admitting defeat.

  • Handyguy,

    What is unclear?

  • One more thing and I will shut up for a bit…

    It’s not hard, and draws plenty of Internet traffic, to angrily list the shortcomings of Obama’s legislation, both already passed and pending.

    But imagine how much worse off we’d be with:

    No stimulus bill

    No health care bill

    No financial reform bill

    Which is what you would have [or, um, not have] without Obama.

    You put yourself in the position of agreeing with John Boehner and/or the Tea Party that not having these flawed but valuable bills would have been better. How does that make sense?

  • Your sentence about cronyism and dictatorship, Jeannie. Makes no sense at all to me. Translate into English perhaps?

  • Handyguy,

    This is a great statement!

    [People who actually get elected have to deal with the reality of the hand they are dealt: a destructive partisan atmosphere and a financial crisis so severe that it can’t be readily compared to any in our lifetimes. ]

    :0 I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Handyguy,

    Why doesn’t that statement make sense to you?

    “If this were a dictatorship, then everyone and everything would line up and do whatever the dictator wants…we are free not to blindly-follow our leaders.” we question

  • There is a clear line between questioning and dissing.

  • OK, Obama Mama will back off…for now…

    :)BYE BC

  • Adam Ash

    I didn’t rant about the hand Obama got dealt – I ranted about the fact that he was too wimpy to go down fighting for what the people want. He gave up and cut deals when he should have fought. That’s what he said he would do.

    Handyguy, you always make the mistake of setting up your own straw man, when I am talking about something else. Jeez, pay attention to the words written, dude, not to some construct you’ve made in your jump-to-conclusions one-rail mind.

    Adam Ash

  • “Too wimpy to go down for what the people want”

    “Go down” being the operative phrase. You’re not claiming he could have won these battles, just that he should have fought them. The hand he got dealt is inseparable from any practical approach/solution.

    And by “the people” do you mean the Daily Kos? Your rant is in no way aligned with “the people” in the sense of “a majority of the electorate.”

    It’s been my experience that whenever someone claims a commenter is “building a straw man,” it’s either a misinterpretation of what the commenter is saying, or a fake non-argument because you can’t come up with a direct response to the commenter. Define my straw man, or, better, just respond to what I wrote. You don’t get to dictate the terms of a discussion.

    You’re very skillful at spewing venom, considerably less successful at forming a coherent point.

    And I ask again: Who’s your preferred electable alternative for president? You didn’t answer me because you don’t have an answer.

  • I hope that, Adam has answers for me…: )

  • Adam Ash

    The majority of the electorate wanted the public option (58%), the banks to be broken up, think the Afghanistan War is not worth it, want green energy, etc.

    Your straw man is your idea of Daily Kos. I’m not Daily Kos, except in your one-trick-pony, one-rail cerebellum.

    There is NO electable preferable candidate, although if Alan Grayson primaried Obama, Barack and his buddies could be scared into growing some gonads in their second term.

    That’s what the progressives want to do, and the progressives are not a monolithic Daily Kos bunch, they include Jane from Firedoglake, Glen Greenwald, Ed Shultz from the Ed Show, Rachel Maddow, Katrina vanden Heuvel, all with different positions on various issues, and all to the left of the Clintonian triangulating suckups to Big Business in the White House.

    Now give me a straight answer based on facts not on what you project on me and the left out of your lame preconceptions. Maybe you can. I hope so. I’d be happy to learn from you if you can tell me something I didn’t know. Sincerely.

    But I don’t have the patience for boring talking points from the right, the center or the left. Sorry about that. If you don’t have anything original to say, expect me to get a little peeved. If you do say something original, I’ll say hallelujah, even if I don’t agree with you. Unlike most Americans, I’ve lived under socialism, democracy and fascism, so I’m familiar with a wide variety of talking points, and I’ve become a little arrogant in my dotage. So forgive me the occasional vitriol.

    Adam Ash

  • Alan is not popular enough…although I do admire his courage to swim upstream!

  • He had the courage to call the invisible Health Care Plan, proposed by the Republicans just what it was…Don’t get sick and if you do…die quickly.

  • Adam,

    I’m not blind to what the real problems are in this Administration. Far from perfect, these people are allowing Bush’s BS to remain.

    This really pisses me off!

  • doug m

    Have to side with Miss JD. The swearing comes off like someone unable to express themselves or a teenager desparate to shock people. Any relation of this work to Thompson is a sad delusion of the author, who I am guessing has created zero jobs

  • Adam Ash

    I had a very small business, 18 people.
    How many jobs have you created?
    Yippee, now I’ve pissed off two people with my desperate teenager sad delusion of any relation to Hunter.
    Good to see good taste and Puritan rigor still survive in many-splendored and many-dumbfucked America.

    Adam Ash

  • I think maybe you enjoy pissing people off far more than you enjoy having a conversation. My two previous comments here were reasonable and to the point and your response was more nasty invective. Your articles’ only purpose is to be destructive; you have nothing positive to offer. Too bad.

  • Handyguy,

    Don’t bitch, at least you got a response. 🙂

    Look at #33’s link, OK? and then tell me how we can change the outcome!

  • Adam, Adam, Adam.

    This little Puritan read through the article and let you do the swearing for me. Your cussing had almost an….inspired…quality here.

    Looking back on it now, do you think your Campaign ’08 efforts would have been a) less or b) more in vain had you decided to spend them getting more attention for Ron Paul?

  • Eh, let it go. You did what you thought you should be doing at the time, Adam, and you can’t look back now. I’ve had longer time than you have to process the disappointment, so now, as a good little Puritan, I will suppress my efforts to continue the cursing (though, boy howdy! It felt good) and continue praying for the President instead. He needs it, and it helps, I think. Doesn’t accomplish any less than cursing does, in any event.

  • Adam Ash

    Listen, I sincerely hope the President gets into a real fighting mood, as he is now doing as he gets into campaign mode. I’m hoping that in his 2nd term, when he has nothing to lose, and if he still has majorities in Congress, that he starts fighting for the big changes America needs that the GOP is too loony to give us.

    I also hope that the GOP starts distancing themselves from all the nutjobs in its tent so it can act grownup after 10 years of idiocy, lies and Faux News crap.

    Those are my two positive hopes for the future.

    Jeannie, I would like to answer you but your questions must have been 30 comments ago and I’m doing my life on the fly here having to deal with family matters and preparing for a show.

    Handyguy, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you read me so wrong it’s infuriating. Your implication that what I stand for does not represent the majority of the electorate, when what I stand for — public option, Afghanistan War not worth it, infrastructure, and green energy — represents the majority in polls going back two years month by month, is so loony you deserve plenty vitriol. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t complain when you’ve grabbed the wrong tools in the kitchen. Take a deep breath, muster your arguments, and let’s start over.

    Adam Ash

  • : )That’s OK, Adam.

  • Arch Conservative

    It’s amusing watching you guys get in a pissing contest over whose moonbat credentials are the most bona fide.

    Say what you want about Bush. At least he made us laugh once in awhile which is more than can be said for Barry Sotero.

  • Arch ConscienceStain

    It’s amusing watching you guys get in a pissing contest over whose moonbat credentials are the most bona fide.

    We also enjoy your entertaining spoiled, drunken fratboy cliches. Keep ’em comin!

  • Arch,

    Obama has a great sense of humor.

  • Arch Conservative

    So making fun of the Special Olympics on Jay Leno constitiutes a great sense of humor>

    Barry is a think skinned jackass.

    More and more people like him less and less every day.

  • His aproval rating amoung us liberals? 76%

    More and more people like him less and less every day. not true

  • Adam Ash

    The bit where Obama makes fun of the GOP for driving us into the ditch and then wanting the keys back, is a piece of comedic timing (and acting the parts of the GOP and the administration) that is absolutely priceless and as polished as Cosby or Chris Rock. The whole audience laughed in more than one place, and I watched it four times over and kept laughing. Obama is a natural comedian, especially when he makes fun of conservatives.

    But of course you thin-skinned lot of loons can’t take it. Remember when Faux News tried to do their own satiric Jon Stewart tyoe show and fell flat on their stoopid asses? Oh, BTW, you’re not very funny when you try to be, either. “Barry Sotero” — ohmigod, how funny of you! what a remarkable sense of humor! Why don’t you audition for Stephen Colbert, dude?

    Adam Ash

  • I agree with you about one thing, Adam. The Afghani venture is a lost cause. The sooner we pull out, the better. So yes, you ought to be outraged. It’s precisely the kind of reaction I’d expect from any sensible human being.

    Don’t you apologize for your stance.

  • One-liner simplistic solutions for every complex problem….get ’em right here, on those wacky Interwebs!

  • Arch, your tasteful wit about the physical appearance of women met with such unanimous rave reviews…that you decided to come back for more? Some of us had hoped you were on an extended leave of absence…

  • Zedd


    The real problem is you and your expectations. I have a great deal of respect for your perspective but you are wayyyy off this time.

    You cant be serious.

    With the twists and turns that have come about and…. THE ECONOMY, know that your laundry list of pet interests will not be dealt with as they would have under better circumstances.

    KNOW the the international community is praising our President for saving the global economy.

    I have the help with SAT prep…. I’ll be bauch!!

  • Arch Conservative

    Well I’m not handy.

    Deal with it.

  • Arch ConscienceStain

    Deal with it.

    This is a good thing. By you setting the bar so low, we don’t have to strain our backs so much.

  • Adam Ash

    1. The public option: all Obama had to do was come out strongly at the end. I’m not saying he would’ve swayed Liebermann, but what if he had reminded Liebermann that a majority of voters in CT wanted it, and put him on the spot? But he didn’t. We’ll never know whether it would’ve gone through. I think Obama had a 60:40 chance of winning that one.

    2. The war in Afghanistan: Obama listened to the Pentagon and Hillary and Holbrooke. He didn’t listen to Joe Biden and our ambassador in Afghanistan. He should have, and he could have.

    3. A public works program to build infrastructure. That would have easily been a slamdunk. What’s not to like? Millions employed building a smart grid etc. Obama could have and should have and the country would have been right behind him. The problem with the economy would’ve been solved. Realistically, like FDR did. If the WPA got us through the Great Depression, a similar program would have gotten us through the Great Recession. I call that realistic thinking, and what Obama actually did unrealistic, because we’re looking at years of minimal growth now. Instead of paying unemployment, Obama could have used that money on employment, That’s realistic, not unrealistic, Zedd.

    4. Green energy. The catastrophe of the oil spill gave him a huge opening, and again, he didn’t take it.

    My pet peeves aren’t unrealistic. They’re realistic. FDR would have done it. LBJ would have done it. But Obama didn’t. That’s why he’s a wimp and they weren’t.

    And you’re unrealistic for thinking my pet peeves are unrealistic. I thought I got a president with imagination and balls, and so far I got another triangulating Clinton. Let’s see if Obama becomes FDR in his second term. Let’s see if he gets realistic then, because so far he’s been unrealistically timid.

    Adam Ash

  • If you actually believe your point 3, Adam, you’re not as smart as I thought. “The problem with the economy would have been solved.” Just like FDR!

    I am a Democrat and a liberal and I hate conservatives who slander Roosevelt. But the WPA didn’t “solve” the Depression, and there was and is no such magic bullet now either.

    The stimulus bill as passed is estimated to have created and/or preserved 2 or 3 million jobs. The GOP, of course, pretends it was a worthless waste, and the public is gullible enough to believe them. It’s depressing.

  • I’m really disappointed with you, Zedd. There is every reason in the world to be outraged. I would think that place you were born would keep you in that mode. Apparently, it wasn’t so.

    Can your explain?

  • Oh hi Zedd!
    The place (or continent) Zedd was born was also the continent where President Obama was…well…where his father was born.

    Why shouldn’t Zedd feel proud of Obama as the first black president. Look, even I was happy and proud to listen to his inauguration speech. It was like watching the dang MOON landing!

    Still, I enjoyed Adam Ant’s rant as you probably did, too, Roger. I don’t know if Zedd camaigned as vigourously for Obama as Adam Ash did, but if she had, how would SHE be feeling right now if his spokesman had recently wiped the floor with her?

    Why can’t people be just allowed to feel what they feel, Roger Nowosielski?

  • I don’t mind the swearing but “gonzo” this certainly is not. Hunter didn’t cry from the sidelines with a laundry list of complaints, unaware of how government actually worked. This is unfocused rage that’s barely coherent and unintentionally proves Gibbs point.

  • Zedd


    I’m not sure what you are going on about. Are you feeling okay? Not sure why we are talking about feelings. This is a political discussion about the President’s first 20 months on the job. I don’t know him personally. I know very little about Kenya – as much as I do about Croatia or Burma. I certainly don’t know what his dead beat dad has to do with my assessment of the state of the union.

    I’d be more apt to feel pride for Adam than Obama, based on your reasoning.

  • I am feeling great, Zedd! Thanks for asking.

    This is indeed a political discussion, Zedd, a comment thread attached to an article in which some pretty powerful emotions were expressed.

    My comments to you and Adam and Roger were appropriate for the context.

  • You are of course free to disagree with me, Zedd, and I feel that I can assure myself that when you do–though don’t expect an answer tonight because my husband has just returned from his gig–I will be ready to answer with such powers of intellect as I am able to muster, should the situation require it.

  • Zedd


    I am really shocked the you seem to lack the basic awareness of the complexities that come with running any significant operation, let alone a country with a tightly designed system of checks and balances like ours. Come on bru. You cant take on these tendancy of misplacing what is theatrically fantistical with what is simply basic reason and pragmatism.

    It’s only been 20 months. Again, my problem is that you forget from whence we’ve come. Do you not remember the direction that this country was headed in a year and a half ago? I expect certain displays and amnesia and fikleness from others but you? You’ve been blessed to at some point have had a clearview of the Drankensburg. Why the intellectual malaise? – Infusing a little drama for you to keep you alert.

    I am getting the sense that you are new to following politics. Are you? You must not have a sense of just how completely renegade it was to simply mention health care reform. You must not know that that simply was a none starter.

    I get the sense that you don’t know what the rhetoric on the right really is or has been for the past 25 yrs. You must make yourself familiar with the entire landscape, not just the few gaffs and ridiculous sound bites that are made. Understanding what they BELIEVE and why they believe it helps you to understand what smart stategists MUST do to get the things that they want accomplished; it isn’t just guts. Certainly waving a wand thats propped up by determination during a 20 month stint on the job, during a horrible global economic crisis, two wars, potential environmental catastrophe, in a highly bitter and polarized era, as the first partially Black man to take office in these United States, ISN’T going to do it. You must know that.

    FDR sat and did nothing while his country stood hypocritical about its most pronounced declaration that all men are created equal. You may argue that he had his hands fool however others may say that that matter was the most glaringly fundamental. He did nothing.

    Man it’s time for you to get out of here. Reboot. A little castle larger and biltong never hurt anyone.

  • Zedd

    Actually his hands weren’t fool, they were full… but you got that :o)

  • Zedd


    I can’t imagine that there would ever be a government (in our life time) that you would approve of. So you shouldn’t be disappointed or surprised at my analysis. Unless you assumed that my position was that of perpetual discontent.

    I simply don’t think that Adam has made a good case.

    If on the next article that he rights he makes presents a valid indictment of Obama, I will agree most vehemently. But what he has simply stated is that he is not the Messiah. My response is that is was naive to ever thing that he was (in essence).

    You have:
    – Two wars
    – Gay rights issues
    – Massive unemployment
    – Fat cat ineffective legislators
    – Companies folding
    – Foreclosures
    – The oil spill
    – Massive stupidity spreading like wild fire
    – Health Care
    – Racists
    On top of dealing with the stuff the other Presidents have had to deal with


    – Lefties want to talk about trees, loving ferrets, kumbaya and the dawning of the age of aquarius AND they are serious.

    Be reasonable old friend.

  • Zedd

    Wow I need to turn in. Write not right. How does that happen?

    It’s Obama’s fault. He needs to tuck me into bed.

  • Zedd

    Oh my there are stacks more. In my mind I state things flawlessly :o)

    Drat that l a z y President of mine! Garçon!!! Fluff my pillows will you? Do work on spell checking and just the general sentence structure editing of my posts, will you? Run along. Oh could you be sure to bring the troops home tomorrow and insure the security of the countries simultaniously please? Oh and be a good man and get me some warm milk then close Gitmo on your way down stairs as you pick up the dogs toys. Oh before I forget, would you be a sweet heart and turn off the lights and repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and sell the public on being more green, giving up their non-green jobs and going to school to be retrained for more sustainable jobs. Thanks Luv. Cheers right? Don’t forget to design a new green economy… Night Night plum.

  • Zedd’s gone to bed, right? *looks around*

  • In #67, wonderful cadence, sarcasm, imagery, movement, a real pleasure to read. An unfortunate ordering of priorities, however, is also in evidence. No need to say more about that now though because….

    *lowers voice to a whisper *
    (….ooooh Zedd, this is going to hurt you baaaaaaaaad ….you thought you were going to HTLW, didn’t you?….you didn’t know I was going to come BACK after I said hi to my husband (straight-ahead jazz, fusion, piano, an avocation, mainly for fund-raising events; thanks for asking about that, too) ….and I’m guessing you won’t be getting back online any time soon because you have to get up early and go to work tomorrow…and I still have ten days of vacation left…)

    *totally lets loose*
    …. Muahahhahhahahaha

    …The Last Word iS mine mInE *M I N E* fOr thE nEXt EigHTeen HOurS aT least!!!

  • Arch Conservative

    “lack the basic awareness of the complexities that come with running any significant operation,”

    That’s Barry Sotero in a nutshell.

  • Zedd,

    You made a lot of good points in #65, but if we all don’t start hugging trees, then politics wont matter much in the future. because there wont be one…

    : )hug a tree!

  • Adam Ash

    You’re right, the WPA didn’t solve the Great Depression, the Second World War did.

    But FDR tried all sorts of things. He got through REAL bank reform, against everything Wall Street threw at him. He did the WPA. He stopped a run on the banks.

    Sure, Obama has done a lot. Sure, big money got smart and started screwing over regular Americans from Reagan on. I do know all that.

    But here’s what I know, and maybe you do. It takes a catastrophe to generate either a lousy or a great president. The Civil War produced a great president, Lincoln. The Great Depression and WW2 produced a great president, FDR. 9/11 produced a lousy president, Bush-Cheney.

    And what has the Great Recession and a horrendous legacy of two wars produced? A half-assed president, Obama. He has the potential to be great, but not the character. That’s why I’m disappointed in him, He’s not living up to his potential or to our potential. He’s let Wall Street and Big Oil etc lead him by the nose, when he has the proven potential to inspire us to honor our better angels.

    The minute Obama walked into the White House, he started sucking up to the very folks who brought us all this pain. Don’t be telling me I don’t understand politics. Mandela rallied a nation against all the odds. Obama could’ve done it. He blew it. You better get used to it and stop making excuses for a brilliant man who didn’t have the character to rally us to the greatness we’re capable of, to which MLK rallied us.

    Obama is wonderful, but he ain’t no FDR or LBJ or MLK. He’s a Chicago pol who appointed Rahm and Summers and Geithner to be his buddies, when there were much better minds and people of character to pick. We’re stuck with him, because there’s no alternative except him. I question whether he is a progressive. I think he’s a Clintonite, and Bill Clinton was as bad as Bush was, what with standing by when the Hutus macheted the Tsutsis, and signing the two bills that gave Wall Street the freedom to screw us all for years to come.

    If you want to be a nelly and complain about the lousy hand that Obama inherited, or the obstructive GOP, or the Tea Party, or our plutocratic system, or our dysfunctional Congress, or Harry Reid’s ill-fitting suits, nelly on, nelly on.

    I expected more of a president with Obama’s gifts.

    Adam Ash

  • Adam Ash

    And BTW, I’m not a treehugger. I fucking hate trees.

    Adam Ash

  • Jordan Richardson

    I think Zedd is on to something when it comes to the expectations many Americans have of their leaders. There’s this sense of worship, of putting presidents and politicians up on pedestals, that permeates American politics. Presidents are seen as “great men” by their followers, remembered and immortalized for ages with statues and memorials and libraries.

    Obama perhaps had more expectations piled on him than any other recent president, which is saying a lot in the United States.

    Politics, as a whole, is generally an ineffectual machine for change in a society. The type of change needed in America can’t come from politicians answerable to the status quo, but the religion of leadership carries on and people keep on worshiping politicians until the inevitable letdown happens.

    Adam mentioned Mandela, but Mandela is a once-in-a-lifetime historical figure. He was a result of the “power of the people,” not a groomed member of the political elite, and he endured 18 years of prison and, before that, life on the run for 17 months to achieve what he was able to do. Mandela’s actual actions as the president, mind you, were minimal in contrast to what he was able to accomplish behind bars and as an advocate for real change in South Africa.

    So I think Americans are going about things the wrong way. Leaders are just leaders, not objects of worship on which to pin our hopes and dreams. I understand the temptation to create heroes out of politicians, but those heroes are only destined to disappoint as long as the vile architecture of political power remains the same.

  • Easy way out for you, huh?

    Oh, Jeannie I would responed to some of the comments you addressed to me early in the thread , but I have to go get ready to go…

    Go hug a tree; it would give some oxygen to those brain cells.

    : )

  • Jordan,

    I can agree with your comment.

    Of course our expectations are way too high at this point, and it is so disappointing to know that more could be accomplished if the stonewalling would let up. For the GOP, it is campaign, campaign ,and more campaign, because they have to get their country back.

    Obama is doing a damn fine job, considering the crap he was left to fix and it was given to him by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and W.

  • Adam Ash

    Jordan, darling,
    So you’re another US expert on South Africa, just like the US experts on the Middle East.

    You say about Mandela:

    “He was a result of the “power of the people,” not a groomed member of the political elite, and he endured 18 years of prison and, before that, life on the run for 17 months to achieve what he was able to do. Mandela’s actual actions as the president, mind you, were minimal in contrast to what he was able to accomplish behind bars and as an advocate for real change in South Africa.”

    1. Mandela was very much a groomed member of the ANC power elite, groomed by guys like Joe Slovo and others.

    2. Mandela’s actions after he left jail and as President were crucial to the future of the country. He kept the country together when blacks were ready to make a bloodbath after the assassination of Chris Hani.

    3. As President he kept the country together again, and got them together in backing the Afrikaner rugby team of the Springboks, who were hated by the blacks until Mandela showed the way.

    4. He also went to have tea with the widow of Dr Verwoerd, who institutionalized apartheid. If it weren’t for him, whites would have gotten it in the neck worse than they have.

    5. He also kept white capitalism going, and didn’t expropriate land like many in the ANC wanted him to do. Any other black leader would’ve ruined South Africa’s economy.

    Jordan, get your facts straight next time you opine about a country you know sweet blow all about. Jeez, the liberals on BC threads are as ignorant as the conservatives. Read some books, people.

    Adam Ash

  • Good discussion, guys – Adam, Zedd, Irene, Jeannie, and yes, even Jordan (the qualifier will soon become apparent)Even LB makes good points about “gonzo.” Since music is his life, I had no idea he was that politically astute.
    bsPerhaps my bitching and Adam’s bitching are somewhat different, though we agree on certain points.

    I certainly haven’t fallen for the Messiah Obama BS; I was for Hillary all through the primaries, donating money and making calls. (I don’t know about Adam.) But then again, and we’re talking two years ago, I was politically naive, still believing this country wasn’t beyond fixing. Since I’ve joined the BC, because of exchanges with Mark Eden, Cindy, and Les Slater, I no longer do. (Again, I don’t know about Adam.) So therein lies the basis of mybitching. It’s no longer about personalities or leadership; it’s about the state of the nation.

    As to Obama, he’s just a pimp, but it doesn’t make a difference anymore.

    And now I coming back to Jordan’s remarks concerning “high expectations.” Only recently he bitched about Canada’s involvement in US-run military operations, about Canada playing the role of a toy puddle (John John le Carré turn of phrase when referring to Tony Blair’s complicity in the Iraqi operation, Absolute Friends.)

    So what is that business again, Jordan, about “heightened expectations”?

  • Ruvy

    Adam, will you please make up your mind? IN your article, you pan Obama with all the politeness of a street thief like Rahm Emanuel. Then when I say you’ve fallen off the messiah bandwagon, you tell he’s the best. Now, in comment #72, you demonstrate, that indeed you have fallen of the “Zero Percent Guts” wagon. What is the deal here, Adam?

    P.S. We’ll leave whatever your personal proclivities or peccadilloes with respect to trees out the conversation, out of due respect for a fellow writer….

    Love and kisses from Samaria.

  • Mark

    Face it. The guy’s administration is corporatist bordering on fascist.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ Leader.

  • Ruvy

    Really, guys, given what you were facing in 2008, it was clear that ANY president you elected would be a disaster. This has nothing to do with ideology, party or anything else. For once, Zedd makes a good point by listing all of them. Personally, had it been me in Sept. 2008, I would have dropped out of the race altogether, letting the other guy have the ride in the mud Obama is (deservedly ) getting.

  • Roger,

    Obama Mama’s feelings are hurt by that little quip. He’s not a pimp.

  • Ruvy

    By the way, Mark. The last administration was corporatist bordering on fascist. The sitting administration is fascist altogether… It crossed the Rubicon for you. All that is needed is the actual dictatorship, and that appears on the way.

    Have fun with your stinkin’ Leader. Sieg und Heil!


  • Ruvy,

    There I thought, “I agree with you!” until I read the rest…

  • Ruvy,

    The definition of a Fascist: A person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.

    I don’t see any proof of this in Obama or his administration. please prove your words

  • Well, find it in your heart for forgive me then? If you cannot, I’ll take it all back.

  • Mark

    That’s a piss poor definition of a ‘fascist’.

  • I thin a more comprehensive definition, Jeannie, would be one whereby you’re getting screwed and you’re getting to like it.

  • Ruvy

    Mark is right, Jeannie. This: “a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views….” is a piss poor definition of a fascist. Objectively speaking, when your government took over General Motors (amongst a slew of other firms) WITHOUT NATIONALIZING THEM, your government took the basic step into fascism. Fascism tends to lead to a dictatorship – but it often doesn’t start that way.

  • Mark,

    Really? It’s from dictionary . com. Perhaps you can provide us with a better one. 🙂

  • A food for thought, Jeannie. The Nazis formed a socialist party, and very progressive, you might say.

    Someone like Hitler could set this nation straight. There would be no unemployment to speak of.

    Arbeit macht frei.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Adam, the point is to suggest that there are vast differences between Obama and Mandela. I may have simplified some of the details, but I think my overall point stands. I also never claimed to be an expert on anything.

    I also didn’t say that Mandela’s presidency was inconsequential. What I meant and apparently failed to convey is that Mandela had more philosophical significance to the country outside of his presidency than he did within.

  • Adam Ash


    I was for Hillary because she hated the GOP as much as I do. “Vast rightwing conspiracy” kinda nailed it for me. Plus she’s as tough and hard as a Sherman tank.

    Then I saw an Obama campaign speech and I thought, here’s a guy who loves America like I do, he’ll bring a change I can believe in. He also ran his campaign so much better than Hillary and McCain ran theirs, I thought he would be wicked efficient.

    Then, in Presidential mode, Obama appointed Blue Dog Creator Rahm Emanuel, a Clintonite triangulator, plus Larry Summers, who was Clinton’s Treasury Secretary and helped deregulate derivatives completely with no oversight, plus Timothy Geithner, who was in the room with Hank Paulson and Lloyd Blankfein when they decided to let Lehman Bros go (so Goldman Sachs could pick up Lehman’s business) and to save AIG and give backdoor bailouts to Goldman Sachs, a French Bank and a Swiss Bank — a backdoor deal they tried to keep secret.

    So basically, what Obama did when he appointed Summers as his Chief Economic Adviser and Geithner as his Treasury Secretary was akin to appointing your rapist as your therapist.

    If Obama had appointed Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz and Simon Johnson (read “13 Bankers”), both economists with vast real-world experience, we would’ve had a very different outcome.

    But Obama didn’t. I didn’t expect the Messiah. I just expected somebody smart enough about our economy to do the things we need to do, which I guess will be done when Wall Street blows us up again in 4 to 10 years’ time.

    That is the what of the that for me. I live in the hard, real world. I have friends who lost everything because of the banksters and Obama’s coddling of them.

    Furthermore, although I’m thoroughly disappointed in Obama, I can’t imagine a better president. That’s what’s called a paradox, and that’s exactly how I feel.

    Adam Ash

  • Jordan Richardson

    Roger, I’m not really sure what you’re on about. My comment referred to the worship of leadership and of the idea of leaders having all the answers. How exactly does that play into my thoughts on Canadians perishing in Afghanistan and Canada’s foreign policy approach to the United States?

  • Ruvy

    This is a more thorough definition – only a lazy thinker would say “a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views….”. Of course, there are lots of lazy thinkers.

  • Roger,

    This is how I see it:

    : ) I’m so tired right now that I think I’ll let you fill in the blanks…

  • Jordan Richardson

    Even LB makes good points about “gonzo.” Since music is his life, I had no idea he was that politically astute.

    What a ridiculously condescending thing to say.

  • Roger, your #91 sounds like the aspirations of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and the Religious right, not the Obama Administration.

  • Ruvy

    Adam, if Obama is the best president you can imagine for America, you have my sympathy. I know you are in the imagination business – but you gotta do better than imagining this lowlife as your commander-in-chief…. If you can’t, you need a vacation with lots of cute girls impressing you with their feminine charms…. Your mind truly needs a rest.

  • Adam Ash

    “What I meant and apparently failed to convey is that Mandela had more philosophical significance to the country outside of his presidency than he did within.”

    This is just so wrong it’s ridiculous. Maybe you think he conveyed that to YOU sitting outside South Africa, but if you were a South African, you’d think differently. Mandela had an incredible philosophical significance to the country within his presidency, as much if not more so than outside his presidency. The struggle was one thing, and took ages. Then came the Presidency of a new South Africa. That’s when Mandela changed the entire country’s view of itself totally and utterly in his Presidential years. Nobody could ever have guessed his Presidency would make such a philosophical difference. I’m still stunned.

    I suggest you read a few books written by South Africans about his presidency before you do your blithering idiot thing here. Next thing you’ll be telling me Jacob Zuma is a Khosa. Move on to some other topic, Jordan. Please.

    Adam Ash

  • Ruvy,

    Read the comments and you will see that definition was from, Dictionary dot com.

    Don’t call me lazy, Ruvy The only one here that could possibly know why I’m this low today is, Roger. He has actually taken the time to read my articles

  • Then I saw an Obama campaign speech and I thought, here’s a guy who loves America like I do, he’ll bring a change I can believe in. He also ran his campaign so much better than Hillary and McCain ran theirs, I thought he would be wicked efficient.

    Compared to the other choices…he has been very efficient. Just not in a fascist way.

  • Jordan Richardson

    The struggle put the eyes of the world on South Africa and on the issue of apartheid, so I’d argue that Mandela’s arrest at the hands of the CIA and the secret, the Rivonia Trial, Robben Island, and so forth set the table for Mandela’s struggles against white and black domination in the country.

    Without those struggles, it’s hard to say that Mandela and, more importantly, the plight of the downtrodden in South Africa, would have received as much (if any) international attention.

    I could frankly do without the condescending attitude, but I guess that’s the deal around here even when people attempt polite discourse.

    My point was simple and Mandela was a mere example of the larger picture, but you seem content to avoid that in order to call me a “blithering idiot.” Fine.

  • So, what does the musician really want?

  • Jordan Richardson

    *CIA and the secret police

  • Ruvy,

    I have no idea what’s in that link…my web scanner says it’s malicious. I thought I should let you and everyone else know.

  • is #105 for #104?

  • Jordan Richardson

    No, it’s for #103. Although “the musician” could want the CIA and the secret police.

  • Ruvy

    Jeannie, I read your comment and saw the link. It was unsatisfactory the way you quoted it.

    Sorry if you are feeling low today. Given that your last article appeared at BC in March, you must be talking about something in your blog-site….

  • Ruvy

    Let’s try the link this way. Wikipedia on Fascism.

  • You’re being an a … le, Jordan. I was only humoring him. That’s the problem with you, you don’t know when to be serious and when not to be. You laugh at Nazi jokes and think them hilarious; yet you take my innocuous little remark, a jest, at face value.

    I have no idea what’s eating you, but I’m sure glad I don’t suffer from that ailment.

  • Jonathan Alter of Newsweek, smart man and Obama biographer, thinks the “problem” [if that’s what it is] is that Obama finds the idea of talking in populist sound bites repugnant. It’s beneath him.

    That’s why he has gotten this [I think undeserved] reputation for being a condescending professor, lecturing us [when he’s also one of the most gifted orators of our time].

    The Republicans and their cable TV/talk radio allies have no such qualms. So their caricatures, exaggerations and outright lies have been expressed in easy-to-understand sound bites. And the public, to some extent, has bought it.

    Add to this the tendency of critics on the left to blow off steam a la Adam Ash, and you have what is possibly more an image problem than a substance problem.

    This administration [and Congress] have accomplished an incredible amount in a short time. But they’re not getting much credit for it.

  • “So basically, what Obama did when he appointed Summers as his Chief Economic Adviser and Geithner as his Treasury Secretary was akin to appointing your rapist as your therapist.”

    Yes, Adam, that nailed it for me. The Radical Left – Naomi Klein, Democracy Now, etc. – was very adamant about those appointments, and I agree. He just recycled the old Bush-Clinton team. Then and there I knew we were back to the old ways of doing things.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Actually, I am a blithering idiot. I was wrong and my attempts at making a point failed miserably. I apologize, Adam. It was ego that kept me struggling when I knew I was in over my head. You were right and that much is obvious to everyone.

    Over to Roger, you’re probably right too. You’re much, much smarter than me on these matters and manage to uncover things that I’ve never even thought of. You have a gift and I appreciate your candour and patience.

    But honestly, I’ve been struggling in the comments section here for far too long. Struggling to “be funny” or fit in with the aggressive games that carry the day. I’ve pissed people off regularly trying to fit a mould I can’t possibly fit, so I think it’s time I took a legitimate break from here to concentrate on what I really do know instead of faking it to fit in with people I admire.

    And Jeannie, I hope you write more articles for BC. I really enjoyed them.

    Cheers all.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Roger #111, I apologize. I don’t know how to take what you have to say, honestly, so I make a lot of mistakes in trying to figure you out. The best bet for me is to avoid the headaches altogether and just stay away for a while. When it’s no longer fun to post here, you know you’re doing something wrong.

  • Jordan Richardson

    But if you think I’ll apologize for finding certain things funny or “not knowing when to be serious,” you’ve got another thing coming. You’re not an authority figure, Roger, you’re pixels on a screen. As much I as I do sincerely apologize for being a prick, I don’t apologize for shit I did not do wrong.

  • And BTW, Jordan – the connection I was drawing had to do with “high expectations.” You made a specific point, arguing we shouldn’t have any, yet you bitch about Canada being at a beck and call whenever the US engages in immoral military operations. So make up your mind, one way or another, and don’t play stupid with me, claiming you fail to understand.

  • Adam Ash

    Come on, Jordan, don’t run off. You can call me a blithering idiot any time. I get very grumpy when people come up with theories about the place I grew up in, that’s all.

    Adam Ash

  • Maybe that’s your problem, Jordan. You’re relating to pixels. Well, forgive my ignorance, but I never have and never will. But if that’s how you wish to be regarded, I can surely make that accommodation.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Ugh, this is lame.

    I didn’t say that you shouldn’t “have any” expectations. I said WE shouldn’t worship our leadership and have unreasonable expectations of them. Change comes from the bottom, not the top.

    None of that, NONE of that, has anything to do with not protesting wars or not criticizing leadership decisions or not having expectations of decent fucking morality from our fellow human beings.

  • The demonization of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner [and Robert Rubin] is based on caricature and misinformation. They did not cause and are not prolonging the economic crisis. That’s just another simplistic sound bite.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Adam, this type of crap has been happening far too often around here lately. I honestly get the sense that it’s impossible for people around here to be “wrong” or to misunderstand things without getting chewed out over it as though they’ve committed some grand crime. I’ve done it too, I’ve been a right jackass. But at least I admit it.

    Roger, you are nothing to me. You are someone that I once actually got along with, but your idiotic insistence on being better than everyone here has pretty much rendered you absolutely impossible to relate to as a human being. Everything is some sort of “misunderstanding” with you and I’m fucking sick of dealing with it. I’m more than willing to take responsibility for my part in it.

    When the majority of what passes for conversation in this section is games about semantics or word choices, it’s hard to humanize much of it. And maybe that is my problem, but so be it. I’d personally much rather ENJOY the conversation than not. Chalk it up to another flaw.

  • OK, then, so I escalated your point. There was a talk up the thread regarding expectations, and you seemed to concur. I do admit I’m not reading every single comment religiously, only skim through them, just to get a gist.

    So if I was wrong in misrepresenting your exact position, I do apologize – and to the pixels, Jordan, but the person behind the pixels. (To do the former wouldn’t make any sense.)

  • Jordan, I sympathize and empathize completely.

  • Jordan,

    Don’t you dare run away!

    and…thanks 🙂

  • Roger,

    We are all here represented by pixels.

    You’re relating to pixels. Well, forgive my ignorance, but I never have and never will.

    I’ve never understood that theory.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Jeannie, I’ve got a stack of music and books to get to reviewing and a beautiful wife to spend time with.

    Not overly sure I should continue making time for a place that I barely enjoy when there are so many other better things to do. This seems to bring out the worst in me, so I don’t know that I should be exposing myself to the temptation until I’ve grown a little more to be able to take myself less seriously. I seem to keep falling into the same traps with the same people, so I think avoidance is my best option for now.

    Write some articles, will ya?

  • I’ll try, Jordan…promise 🙂 Say hi to Jennifer for me, OK.

    This place does that to many of us, however…I don’t want to leave and I wish you wouldn’t either

    : ( bye

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m not leaving outright. Got too many articles to write and so forth.

    But I think it’s best that I stay out of certain “situations” and avoid certain individuals until I’ve grown a little more, as I said. Until (shit, or IF) that happens, it’s just not worth my time to keep on attempting to make sense out of it. I guess that’s a way of saying that I won’t be around the usual politics fray. But I’ll still be around Blogcritics.

    Anyways, enough of this lame crap on Adam’s article. Apologies, yet again, to Mr. Ash for the drama.

  • Good show, Jordan. I’ll promise I’ll do not to offend you.

  • doug m

    Hysterical to call a guy out for not knowing about a country only to then demonstrate what limited knowledge you have in a similar vein. Lincoln shredded the Constitution so spare us the pablum they fed you in school.

  • doug – what’s the reference?

  • doug m

    Roger, no offense but have to run because the grandkids have arrived so I can’t proprly cite anything. Start with the suspension of habeas corpus and see where that leads you. There are also websites that take some of the shine off Lincoln’s halo.

  • Adam Ash

    Yeah Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and stuff, a la George W. Bush. Plus he came round to anti-slavery rather late. But he was a heck of a debater, in days when they really debated at great, great length. They say he might have been gay, too. Shared the same bed with his good friend. Maybe that was the norm back then, but then again … It would be great if someone wrote an irreverent play about Lincoln, and as doug m says, took some of the shine off his halo. Apologists for the South can really climb into Lincoln’s character. He was a very cunning and cut-throat pol, just like all of them.

    Adam Ash

  • If you’re from Kentucky, perhaps you’ve got to be. I’ve been having the pleasure staying here for over two years now, and no, thanks.

    But which poster was Doug referring to? That was the intent behind my rather poorly formulated question.

  • Adam Ash

    I don’t think Doug was referring to a poster as such. I think if you google “Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus” you’ll get somewhere. I think Lincoln also tried to gag the press, but I’m not sure of it. I also believe, depending on which historian you read, that the freeing-of-the-slaves declaration was a political move against the South, more than a move born out of principle. Remember Lincoln was assassinated; he was not popular in many circles. No doubt his wonderful speeches may have led people to paint him prettier than he was. I still believe he was a colossus. All other presidents with the exception of FDR pale beside him. Though Washington is right up there too and one or two others at the most.

    Adam Ash

  • He was after all dealing with armed insurrection. I don’t think you can claim he was anti-democracy at heart.

    This has come up before on here mostly from Ron Paul followers. It’s a libertarian thang.

  • Are we back on line at last? Hurrah!!

  • Interestingly, there was no notification of any kind from the management, saying that the site was done for over four days. In contrast to the marketing letters we all get on a regular basis.

    Nice going, guys. You ought to be proud of yourselves.

  • An announcement was made on the writers’ Yahoo group, Roger. I guess you must’ve missed it.

  • Adam Ash

    I got censored, and I wrote a very flattering reply to handyguy.
    At least the BC system breaks far less than the wider US one.

    Adam Ash

  • I must side with Roger on this one, Lisa. It would’ve been more businesslike to at least have posted a short front-page notice about what was going on, and to assure visitors that the problem was being addressed. I for one don’t follow the writers’ Yahoo group, and don’t feel that I’m missing anything. Moreover, your assumption seems to be that the only people with an interest in Blogcritics comments are writers with access to that restricted Yahoo group. I can’t prove it, but I suspect you’re wrong about this.

  • Doug Hunter

    “Not overly sure I should continue making time for a place that I barely enjoy when there are so many other better things to do. This seems to bring out the worst in me….”

    You are so right, an old and wise poster by the name of Shark warned me of this long ago… guess I’m a slow learner. This site has a way of drawing obnoxious comments out of me as the conversations devolve.

    You can’t change someone’s mind by calling them racist, marxist, commie, nazi, hatefilled, lying, ignorant, patsies yet much of the conversation (and even many of the articles) attempt just that, sometimes subtely sometimes not so much. In the rare case you rise above it and spark a real conversation you won’t see much progress. No amount of calling someone’s safety net a cage will change his mind and vice versa. I fear the cage, he fears losing the government safety net, nothing changes and we’re still expressing our worst instincts.

    Politics is motivated by fear, frustration and failure… I as an individual shouldn’t be.

  • Adam Ash

    You are so right. The two strains that butt heads in American political talk — individual freedom vs social responsibility is one way of putting it — are not mutually exclusive.

    There is a continuum on this particular binary and everyone of us ends up stuck on our little spot on the continuum, and berate anyone a few yards away from us to the right or the left, when we could easily meet in the middle of our two spots. That’s what Congress used to do all the time no matter who had the majority.

    I myself, who had not been on BC in ages, started calling people bad names now as soon as I thought someone was reading me wrong. Teh internets are all like that. Email is like that — we dash something off in the heat of the moment and then wish there was a button named “UNSEND.”

    I’m beginning to think the web just brings out the worst in us as a default setting. Perhaps people only comment when they’re grumpy. Or if they agree heartily with the writer, they’ll say bravo and get off. The dudes and dudettes who stay a while and maybe bitch or ask a pointed question … it can start quite innocently but pretty soon someone takes offense and then rationality goes out the door. Some of the things I said, I would never say to someone in conversation, although I have had political discussions at picnics and stuff that could get kinda heated. But we don’t call each other “blithering idiots,” which I did with Jordan. Oy vey.

    Adam Ash

  • Sorry, Lisa. Since I’ve revoked my membership after being inundated with emails, I wasn’t aware. I apologize.

  • Doug Hunter

    Well good on you Adam. I’m glad we can have this moment of agreement. Before I get drawn back to my regularly scheduled berating of ‘insidious leftist propaganda’with childish namecalling let me say one thing.

    I believe that most everyone posting here, from the true Marxist, Les Slater, over to you and even me are here because we want a better future for every person even if we disagree on how to get there or even precisely where ‘there’ is. Our sense of a better future has much more in common than they differ. Now we know what we want and we think, as reasonably intelligent mature humans are prone to do, that we have an idea of how to get there. There’s just one problem, one thing standing in the way of our own little utopia… other people and their ideas that are different. But you’re right, we’re set in our spot on the spectrum and it’s not to easy to move us… in fact it’s frustrating as hell when we communicate our ideas in the best way we know how and they seems to fall on deaf ears. We know honey works best, but when honey doesn’t elicit the desired response we are too quick to throw it out, skip the vinegar, and grab the fucking flyswatter.

    What does it all mean? I don’t know. I don’t need to be here arguing I need to be out making the world a better place… spending time with family friends and in the community, attending my business ventures, volunteering, etc. etc. In the end, this latest crisis and the potential government response (whether for it or against it) is a result of our own personal failures. We didn’t do enough, didn’t carry our share of the load or pay our share of the taxes, weren’t creative enough and didn’t provide enough opportunity for those less fortunate, didn’t take care of ourselves and others enough so the government is being called out to address that failure.

    Perhaps we need less people telling us they know how to build a better world and more people showing us they can.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Holy shit, Doug. Incredible post. Really well said.

  • A Doug Hunter you can like. Except we can’t dispose of our ideas. It’s by virtue of our ideas that we act either this way or that way.

  • Zedd


    Its perfectly good to debate. Out of these debates you either strengthen your convictions, soften your stance, feel more compelled to live out your position, cease to do what you no longer believe in, etc.

    We don’t have opportunities to have long meals where we can engage in Socratic dialogue and solve the issues of the world. This is a wonderful tool. No PC, just ideas being exchanged. No cameras or potential PR disasters to be concerned about, just honest views (right or wrong).

    The MSM has let us down miserably. We don’t care what they think or how they want to spin for the day. We don’t care who scooped who. They are all irrelevant (except for a few like BBC, Jim Lehrer News Hour and NPR)

    What’s left? I get to talk to a Tea Partier and ask them point blank what the heck is wrong with them. We get to ask a Sara Palin fan, “what thu”. Guess what they answer back. No pundits or smarmy snotty climber who purports to speak for one side (and the public, of course), to throw out talking points while re-interpreting what the American people want (because we the American people cant understand what the American people want without him).

    While I personally choose not to use profanity and attempt not to make personal attacks, I think you should bring it on. Lets not underestimate one another.

    Adam, you wrote a wonderful article. You gave great critisism. I don’t think its warranted but I appreciate it. More over, the banter has been great, heated at times (which means it is relevant) but relatively civil and certainly refreshing to a substance starved (cute) young lady. You simply cant get that too many places. You either have people who agree with one anther or you have really silly tit for tat brawls where the discussion never rises to a recognisable level.

  • Adam Ash

    Why,thank you, Zedd. If you were here, I’d lean over and kiss your hand. But you’re not, so I do it symbolically.

    Adam Ash

  • Zedd

    Ewwww… ek speel goed ne. :o)

    Does this qualify for change you can believe in?

  • Adam Ash

    Waar in Suid-Afrika bly jy? Of bly jy in Amerika?

  • Zedd

    Jozy/Dallas area. Jy

  • Zedd

    What about this change