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Obama Sans Teleprompter

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We conservatives make fun of President Barack Hussein Obama’s reliance on the teleprompter. His speeches are scripted. He is quite good at reading a script as if he were talking off the top of his head. But he is very bad at actually talking off the top of his head. Because teleprompted eloquence is, by definition, artificial, Obama believes that his real wit and insight are appreciated only in extemporaneous exposition. His lack of judgment is only fully illustrated when he is off it and his more extreme ideas are candidly expressed. His real views have shown mostly from unguarded moments when he talks without his teleprompter, and therefore sounds quite conniving and very shallow.

We learned about Obama’s true views toward Israel when he was caught on an open microphone with French president Sarkozy rudely ridiculing Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, and when he snubbed Netanyahu at the White House. Also revealing was the statement by the Palestinian foreign minister to the effect that Obama administration officials had advised the Palestinian leadership to “sit tight” during the election year until Obama no longer need face the electorate, and thus its displeasure for forcing concessions upon the Israelis.

Only after he was caught on an open mike assuring Russian President Medvedev that after the election he could be “more flexible” with Putin did we start to become worried about Obama’s naïveté in dealing with the Russians on arms control, short-changing the Poles and Czechs on missile defense, and not quickly dropping his failed reset diplomacy.

Obama’s unscripted comments about the Supreme Court are quite revealing. He gave an impromptu speech that Supreme Court justices are, “…an unelected group of people” who should not, “…somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law, an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

Impromptu bows to a Saudi sheik or a Japanese monarch provide insights into the sort of multilateral, we-are-all-equal worldview that Obama envisions for America.

As for healing and unity, something Obama promised during his 2008 campaign, he has said (unscripted), “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” “Get in their faces,” “tea-baggers,” and “punish our enemies.”

Consider Obama’s private call to Sandra Fluke and his remark that he did not wish his daughters to grow up in a world in which a Rush Limbaugh defames women. Yet he somehow forgot that he accepted $1 million from misogynist Bill Maher.

Yes, it’s true that other presidents have revealed themselves through off-the-cuff candor. Reagan’s anti-Soviet feelings were behind his open-mike joke “We begin bombing in five minutes.” Such revelations about other presidents makes it all the more striking in Obama’s case, since rarely has a president’s ideology been so at variance with his public persona. In other words, what he reads and what he says are two entirely different things.

If we have a choice between an eloquent delivery of someone else’s neatly crafted liberal ideas and Obama’s ad-hoc revelations of his own hard-left worldview, it is no wonder that most of us prefer the teleprompter.

But that’s just my opinion.

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  • ST Y’all M

    “an article that even Warren can’t argue with”.

    I’ll do one, in strine. Let’s see him work that out. I’ve got some great hat pictures too.

  • STM

    Warren obviously doesnn’t have a job, y’all … oh hang on, is THIS his job?

    Hope it’s not the day one.

  • Maybe Warren has a spare tin foil one for you until you can find one.

    Meanwhile, here is an example of how unoriginal he can be with what he thinks are clever images… a google search came up with all of these sites that used his “hat” before he did…

  • Not surprised Clav sports a goatee. Pretty hard to shave when your bristles are made of nails.

  • STM

    I want one of those Obama hats.

  • The Goat

    Come on Warren, find your own friends.

  • “Rabbit” Warren

    I seen a picture of that Clavos. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a goat every now and then.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Jet –

    Good luck – I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • By the way I’m still working on writing an article that Warren can’t argue with.

  • You’re right of course. All those black Obama Hussein supporters armed to the teeth waiting to take bible-pounding, reg’lar folks’ rights away.

    They’re probably financed by those South American prostitues that Obama sent his secret service men to hire to work up here illegally.

  • But Jet, if we let Warren go unchallenged, the terrorists win.

    Think about that!

  • WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? You are trying to make sense with Warren…

    …Think about that!

  • Warren: “Do, or do you not, believe that America is exceptional? Or are we, as Obama would have us believe, just another country?”

    What he is really saying is…

    Do, or do you not, believe that America is exceptional? Or are we, [ as Warren would have you believe ] Obama would have us believe, just another country?

  • Clavos Juarez Santana Zapata

    And nobody likes a goatee.

    My wife does, zing. So do the other women in my life. I don’t care whether guys do or not.

  • Oh, and the USA is NOT on a downward spiral and the reason people turn to it is because it’s there, not because it is exceptional…

  • re #47: Warren, the USA is just another country and, just like all the others, is exceptional in some ways, not all of which are good…

  • Zingzing

    Hey, ruck you guys.

  • Zingzing

    Clavos, nobody likes a grammar nazi. And nobody likes a goatee.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    …into a typwswttwr’s…

  • A priest, a rabbi, an Irishman, a Pole and Rick Santorum walk into a typesetter’s…

  • Glenn Contrarian

    zing #51 – there’s a Santorum joke in there somewhere…I just can’t think of it right now….

  • Uh huh.

    Clav, maybe we should give zing the bwnwfit of the doubt on this one.

  • Clavos Juarez Santana Zapata

    Look at where the w and e are on the keyboard…

    Uh huh.

  • Warren, what in the name of Mary’s flowery knickers does zing’s #27 have to do with American exceptionalism?

  • Zingzing

    Warren, what on earth does #47 have to do with #27?

  • Zingzing

    Clavos, stop it. Please. It would be okay if you did. Look at where the w and e are on the keyboard and accept that you’re not perfect. Did god give you a bigger asshole than most, or must you just express it more?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Warren –

    Ah, so if being the richest and militarily most powerful nation makes our nation exceptional, then so was China and Rome and Spain and England and France. Less fortunate nations turned to them for help, just as they turn to us for help today. In fact, more of Africa turns to CHINA for help today since the Chinese don’t attach political “thou shalt” requirements to the agreements.

    America was exceptional when our people had the highest standard of living on the planet. They don’t anymore, thanks to YOUR boys deregulating our markets, passing free-trade agreements, and allowing our corporations to send literally thousands of our factories overseas! What’s the most American-made car today? The TOYOTA CAMRY!!!! How can you say you consider America exceptional when it’s YOUR boys who wanted GM and Chrysler to fail, it’s YOUR boys who cheered when Obama didn’t bring the Olympics to America, it’s YOUR boys who couldn’t make up their minds as to whether Obama was ending the wars too soon or not quickly enough (but NEVER as he should)!

    You complain about my attitude – I complain about your willful ignorance, your refusal to READ anything that your Fox News-regulated echo chamber doesn’t want you to read!

  • Re: comment # 48, Glenn, to what country does most of the world turn for financial and/or military help? And, IMHO, it is attitudes just like yours that will continue this country’s downward spiral.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Warren –

    America used to be exceptional – but now we’re something like 47th on the list of nations by life expectancy, our educational system sucks, our income gap rivals that of many third-world nations, our standard of living is lower than that of many first-world nations…

    …and about one-third of our nation has decided the way to fix all that is by passing anti-abortion laws (including state-mandated vaginal ultrasounds), anti-brown-people laws, anti-Sharia laws, and state-mandated-drug-tests-for-poor-people laws.

    We were exceptional once. But not now. We could be once more, but as long as we’ve got a GOP that wants to make America into a version of The Handmaid’s Tale, we can never be exceptional again.

  • Re: comment # 27, ZZ, this has to be my favorite all time comment. Do, or do you not, believe that America is exceptional? Or are we, as Obama would have us believe, just another country?

  • Clavos Juarez Santana Zapata

    Toeing the line, zing. Refers to keeping one’s toe behind the line in certain games, (e.g. tennis, bowling) in order to conform to a rule or standard.

    And that’s straight from the coffin. 🙂

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Warren –

    Do you ever see all the liberals united against, say, Clavos as we are against you? With the exception of our resident racist Dan, no one – not even the most conservative on this site (it’s not you) gets slammed like you do.

    Of course you’ll probably look at that with a measure of pride, all the while never comprehending the problem I’ve just shown you.

  • Zingzing

    Warren, you “cite facts” but then you (or, more often, your right wing source,) come to vapid, simplistic ideas about what those facts mean. You seem to fall for the political angling as if it were the absolute truth of the matter. You should take a more critical eye towards your beloved media sources. You know they’re towing a line and have an agenda. And yet you buy it and present it as your opinion. You’re a parrot. Congratulations.

  • Warreb worships at the altar of Fox opinions over facts.

    …but of course that’s only my opinion

  • Jordan Richardson

    You’re not “citing facts” any more than I’m riding an elephant, Warren. You’re repeating talking points, complete with all or most of the right-wing idioms you so lovingly memorize. If you’re not a caricature, you’re a doting admirer.

  • Re: comment # 39, Jordan, I would agree with you IF I were just spouting opinions rather than citing facts. And as for understanding, y’all Kool-Aid drinkers would rather be foolish than understand or reason or examine the obvious.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Jordan –

    Great proverb –

  • Jordan Richardson

    It is amusing that Warren quotes Ecclesiastes 10:2 on his site, though, as a way to validate being “right.”

    Maybe Proverbs 18:2 is more apt: “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.”

  • Warren’s next article: Hussein Obama sends his secret service ahead to hire prostitutes for wild party and gets caught.

  • Then he’s also pulling those of the wider web on his own site…

  • What other conclusion can you draw?

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m pretty convinced that Warren is a parody. I think he’s pulling our collective legs.

  • I’ll think of something Glenn-I’m taking it as a challenge re(31)

  • @ #29: To be fair, Jet, Dubya was/is a bit of a health nut himself.

    He had to be, considering that his deputy was Dick “No Original Parts” Cheney – whose nickname isn’t “Darth” for nothing…

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Jet –

    With anything beyond fourth-grade math, that’s impossible…because then it becomes part and parcel of a vast left-wing conspiracy otherwise known as ‘education’.

  • I have just received an e-mail challenging me to write an article that even Warren can’t argue with.

    …this may take some thinking.

  • Just some potential material for future articles you might want to stay tuned for

    He’s busy working on Kyles #3, Doc… give him time… give him time.

    After all Rush Limpbaugh only does so many topics a week that he can crib from.

  • OOOPs now Doc, don’t start him on Bush’s Broccoli rant!

  • rarely has a president’s ideology been so at variance with his public persona.

    Oh, puh-lease.

    Obama favours diplomacy over the previous administration’s invade-first-ask-questions-later approach; and, as zing correctly remarked, doesn’t like Netanyahu (who is, by many accounts and from my own observation of him over the years, a complete and utter berk). This has been obvious from the get-go.

    What your soap opera perception of politics seems to be blinding you to is that (a) unscripted comments like these don’t tell those of us who have been paying attention anything we didn’t already know; and (b) an unscripted comment or joke by a president does NOT mean he’s going to act on it (cf. Reagan; cf. also McCain’s “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”, although in that case I guess we’ll never know for sure).

    What’s next, Warren? Obama makes an offhand comment that he doesn’t like lettuce and suddenly Michelle’s anti-obesity campaign is a total fraud? Obama makes brief eye contact with the North Korean ambassador at the UN and suddenly he’s appeasing the communists?

    Just some potential material for future articles you might want to stay tuned for…

  • zingzing

    “Please show me where I exhibited any ‘feelings’ to what reagan said.”

    you misread. not you, him.

    “Is what you think “analysis?””

    i wrote a sentence. you used reagan’s hot mic moment as an example of how hot mic moments are often revealing, but you totally missed what he was revealing.

    “do you REALLY think that what Obama has said have no consequences for foreign or domestic policy?”

    not a huge one. he doesn’t particularly like the israeli pm. big surprise.

    as for palestine and russia, he was just telling the truth. he’s not going to touch either one of those issues before the election. i wouldn’t either.

    his thing about the supreme court sounds exactly like what the right would say (and has said many times,) about activist judges in nearly any other case.

    as for the saudis and the japanese, i’m glad he shows respect for other nations and cultures, even if we have our differences. if one is going to be diplomatic, start by being diplomatic… don’t start by being a disrespectful bully.

    things said during a campaign, especially about the opposition, are things said during a campaign. it’s how hillary and obama can hate on each other for 6 months, then all of a sudden, they’re buddy-buddy. same for santorum and romney. just watch. this is the way the world works, warren.

  • Re: comment # 24, ZZ, you say, “of course, just like his “analysis” of everything else, he ascribes simplistic and faulty “feelings” to what reagan said. i think it has a lot more to say about the theater of the cold war than it does reagan’s thoughts on soviets.” (1) Please show me where I exhibited any ‘feelings’ to what reagan said.” (2) You say, “i think….” Is what you think “analysis?”

    Re: comment # 25 (as well as comment # 22), ZZ, do you REALLY think that what Obama has said have no consequences for foreign or domestic policy?

  • zingzing

    “Re: comment # 22, ZZ, are you denying that Obama said those things?”

    of course not… they just don’t mean what your knee seems to think they do. but what does that have to do with what i said in #22?

  • zingzing

    glenn: “Perhaps Warren doesn’t remember what Reagan said when the mic was on…”

    actually, glenn, warren does remember it on page 2 of the article:

    “Reagan’s anti-Soviet feelings were behind his open-mike joke “We begin bombing in five minutes.””

    of course, just like his “analysis” of everything else, he ascribes simplistic and faulty “feelings” to what reagan said. i think it has a lot more to say about the theater of the cold war than it does reagan’s thoughts on soviets.

  • Re: comment # 22, ZZ, are you denying that Obama said those things?

  • zingzing

    “Re: all comments, NONE of them address the subject of my article.”

    frankly, warren, that’s because there’s absolutely nothing new here. there’s no news, and these things were discussed when they happened, months or years ago. “your” opinion is nothing but the conservative sound bites everyone started from way back when. since this conversation has already occurred, it’s not likely that too many people want to start all over again just because you’re late to the party.

  • As for actually reading your articles warren; your journalistic reputation preceeds you. The moment you obsessively use “Hussein” we all know what’s coming. Your words… hell even your illustrations (as any google image search would prove) are all out-and-out stolen/copied from other radical right wing sites and badly quoted Rush Limpbaugh radio shows. You even swiped my old tag line from op-eds I wrote SIX years ago!

  • Without puking? Read comment 8 again

  • Amigo Clavos, mi latín es tan malo como mi español

  • Re: comments # 11 and # 12, Glenn and Jet, did either of you bother to read the article? Try reading before offering opinions. So much for credibility for either of you.

    For all other comments, NONE of them address the subject of my article – We see the true Obama only when he is without teleprompter. What others say or have said, or use or not of teleprompter, is irrelevant.

    Typical librual tactics – y’all cannot refute the argument, so attack the author.

  • Latinis est infirma gringo

  • Clavos Juarez Santana Zapata

    You’re making a fool of yourself…

    Insanus omnis furere credit ceteros…

  • Kyle Hussein Hunter

    Don’t forget Glenn that by Santorum’s definition “Star Wars” Ray-gun wasn’t a true conservative-in fact he would almost be classified as a liberal (gasp)

  • Nah, we just think of him as political comic relief Kyle

  • Kyle Hussein Hunter

    Theory: Warren is publishing these many posts in hopes of convincing his like-minded buddies that he is a major political influence on this website.

    Actually he is considered an under-educated and at times annoying class clown here, as evidenced by the previous comments.

  • Of course Warren doesn’t remember Glenn, most brainwashed fools don’t?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Perhaps Warren doesn’t remember what Reagan said when the mic was on:

    “Inform Moscow we begin bombing in five minutes.”

    Sure, Reagan – whom I hold to be one of our five best presidents – was joking…but if the Soviets had taken him seriously, our current solo arms race would consist of who’s got the biggest sticks and rocks. But of course that’s NOTHING compared to the oh-so-eeeeeeeeeevil Obama who is obviously trying to tear down America and make us all Sharia-obeyin’ atheists!

  • Warren do you know how many dumb and ill-advised things Dubya said, not realizing that a mic was on?

    Warren do you know how many dumb and ill-advised things Bubba said, not realizing that a mic was on?

    Warren do you know how many dumb and ill-advised things “fucking” Biden said, not realizing that a mic was on?

    Warren do you know how many dumb and ill-advised things Dubya said, not realizing that a mic was on?

    These whining and illconceived articles of yours are beginning to sound like a 7-year-old repeatedly whining about his older brother stealing a nickle of his lunch money from him.

    GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re making a fool of yourself…

    …in my opinion.

  • Re:7
    Probably because the article is too ridiculous and shallow to comment on, and only its obvious misleading and political intent and writer is.

    I refer you to comment 8 for reference

  • In preparation for an interview with fox news Romney is shown chatting with Sean Hannity before going on air. After producers inform Hannity there is a script for the segment-which Hannity will read off a “prompter” – the two men mock Mr. Obama for using a TelePrompter, with Hannity saying, “I think Obama sleeps with his.”

    But the two then sing the praises of the device in keeping a candidate from saying something he might regret.

    “It does make some sense though” to use a teleprompter, Romney tells Hannity. “I do understand.”

    He adds: “It keeps you from saying something you don’t mean, you get the message out precisely the way you want to get the message out.” Romney says he has used a TelePrompter “maybe five times” in the campaign. Romney in recent months has tended to use a teleprompter for most major speeches.

    “It’s smart,” Hannity agrees. “You’re right. You don’t want to make a mistake. I’ll tell you, they’re out to just eviscerate anybody who makes a mistake.”

    Some have been confused by Republican attacks the president’s use of a TelePrompter, and Democrats note that presidents from both parties have used the device for more than half a century.

    “It’s a strange obsession because it’s inane,” wrote Robert Schlesinger in U.S. News and World Report last month. “Teleprompters are tools. Sure they’re high tech if you’ve just emerged from the 1950s…but ultimately they’re just a medium for prepared remarks, substantively no different from a sheet of paper on a lectern.”

    Romney has been burned multiple times throughout the campaign for his off-the-cuff comments, some of which have reinforced the notion that he is not in touch with the average American. (Among them: That wife Ann “drives a couple of Cadillacs,” that he has “some great friends who are NASCAR team owners,” that he would bet Rick Perry the rather odd sum of $10,000 over who was correct about Romney’s record.) In a world where a poor choice of words can derail a campaign message, it’s no surprise that Romney sees the value in sticking to the script – even if he’ll only admit as much when he thinks no one is watching.

  • Re: all comments, NONE of them address the subject of my article. Do y’all deny that Obama said these things?

  • Here’s one, Obama plans to paint the White House black in the winter so the building will collect heat from the sun to save energy…

    but is that the real reason?

  • Yeah, Zing, even after I told him I used that tag line on and off since 2005 he still uses it…

    Which only proves he doesn’t really read comments, or most of them anyway.

    lol on the list Kyle

  • Zingzing

    How to write a Warren article:

    Step one: narrow overwhelming obsession with Hussein down to one cliche.

    Step two: discuss already well-trod news items from the past as if they were still fresh, ignoring anything but blindly partisan, right wing conclusions.

    Step three: come up with some reason for Warren to be afraid at night, piss own bed. Conclude with someone else’s catch phrase.

  • Kyle Hussein Hunter

    Well Warren Hussein Beatty, you have gotten every presidential stereotype covered so far, so I’ll give you a bucket list of articles you still need to write about:

    Hussein’s real estate scandal – The “Blackwater deal”
    Hussein’s Subliminal messages-If you play Obama’s speeches backwards they urge black men to have sex with white women!
    Hussein’s affair with a male White House intern and how he was blackmailed into letting homosexuals into the military!
    Hussein’s secret plan to paint his “Marine One” helicopter black
    Hussein’s plan to outlaw store coupons because he hates housewives
    Hussein’s covert plans to rename Washington, DC “Allah”
    Hussein’s plans to force white women to have sex with black men so everyone will be mixed race like him
    Hussein’s secret plan to tax all churches that worship Jesus
    Hussein’s plan to un-fluoridate drinking water so white kids will get cavities
    Hussein’s plan to make Kenya our 51st state
    Hussein’s proposed plan to give anyone with the middle name “Hussein” a permanent 90% tax break
    Hussein’s secret plot to destroy the soft drink industry by importing cheap Cuban sugarcane
    Hussein’s plot to take god-fearin’ Umarican yungun’s guns away so they can’t protect themselves in skule
    Hussein’s secret plan to throw the election so he can make millions in fees worldwide making anti-American speeches
    Hussein’s plan to rig the Florida election results to give Romney a 110% lead in the polls
    and finally:
    Hussein’s secret plot to have Hawaii succeed from the nation and turn it into a communist island after paying aliens to bomb Pearl Harbor again.

  • Kyle Hussein Hunter

    Merriam Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
    1: a series of underground tunnels where rabbits live :rabbit warren
    2: a building or place with many connected rooms, passages, etc., where you can get lost very easily – a warren of narrow hallways

    A brain is a terrible thing to waste in a warren.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Yep! Obama’s every bit as shallow as all those presidents who read their speeches from a sheaf of papers in front of them!