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Obama Republicans: The Far Right’s Latest Accomplishment

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If there is one word that could aptly describe the state of the ongoing Republican presidential primaries, it would be this: sorry. Things are so sorry, apparently, that over twenty percent of registered Republicans plan to vote for President Barack Obama during the fall. Although his presidency has been mediocre at best, and haphazard at worst, I can easily see how a dastardly primary season might make many of my fellow moderate GOPers bail on their party.

In all honesty, I can hardly blame them. Just knowing that a sizable bloc of voters have the wherewithal to back either former House speaker Newt Gingrich, the stereotypically angry old man, or defeated Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, an actively dangerous theocrat, is depressing. While the former is becoming thankfully irrelevant, the latter is actually gaining steam. In a victory lap on Sunday morning, he stated that he “would overturn” any Supreme Court ruling recognizing same sex marriage and “would do the same thing” to Roe v Wade. He must plan on evading the Constitution in order to achieve these ends as the executive branch has absolutely no power to tamper with Supreme Court decisions at any level.

This is the exact sort of nonsense that is driving Republicans into the arms of the Democratic Party, which itself is no great shakes under the farcical yet fanatical leadership of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Even worse is that the exact sort of Republican least likely to vote the GOP ticket this November is the one most needed for victory: the centrist, principally affluent man or woman living in urban to suburban areas. If he or she cannot be successfully courted, then the Republican National Committee ought to save its money, cancel the convention, and focus on a strategy for the 2014 midterms.

Such abject failure, however, can be averted with a center-right nominee like former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. His biggest asset is that he sounds thoughtful and pragmatic when he speaks, a far cry from his ideologically charged competitors. If he is not the one carrying the Republican banner this August, then I will have to write a name in for president. Sad as it is to say, I, and surely millions of others like me, will be left with no choice because Gingrich, Obama, and Santorum are not choices at all.

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About Joseph F. Cotto

  • “… he sounds thoughtful and pragmatic when he speaks …”

    Also, wears a nice suit.

  • SC Guy

    You’ve got it all wrong. I’m a conservative voter and I have totally ruled out voting for Mitt Romney if he is the nominee. I won’t vote for the despicable Barack Obama under any circumstances but Mr. Romney’s fluid ethical boundaries are just too much for me. And I know there are a lot of conservatives who feel the same way.

  • I have no idea why Mr. Cotto would find the poll results he cites credible. That defies logic.

  • The Republican Primary thus far has not produced a clear winner although Mitt Romney is ahead in delegates. If no candidate wins a plurality of votes, then the delegates will be free to back a popular candidate on subsequent ballots.

    This process could lead to a nominee like Jeb Bush, Rudolf Giuliani, Chris Christy or even Congresswoman Miller from Michigan. The convention could produce a compromise candidate from the primary participants putting Mitt Romney at the top of the ticket and Ron Paul as the VP selection or some combination of the current candidates.

    The Democratic Party has its work cut out. Turnout will be decisive, especially in the industrial states where unemployment, underemployment and corporate downsizing are popular concerns of the electorate.

    The population has grown from 300 million to about 315 million since 2000. This is yet another unpredictable factor.

    Elections are very fluid. The 2000 election was a virtual tie and the 2004 election turned only slightly in President Bush II’s favor in the last week or so. Stay tuned.

    President Obama has ended the Iraq engagement and Afghanistan is winding down more quickly than anticipated. Obamacare has positive and negative aspects. Time will tell how and whether or not the program will stand the test of time.

    Finally, libertarians, independents and many liberals are suspicious of Patriot Act and the potential for misuse in the society at large.

  • Clavos

    Dr. Maresca’s point about the delegates being free to back another GOP candidate (announced or not) is a far more likely scenario than the possibility of their backing Obama.

    I don’t see Republicans backing Obama in significant numbers in any likely scenario.

  • Deano

    So far this election has the same morbid fascination as watching an auto pile-up on a snowy highway – one car after another plunges into the chaos….it’s the political equivilent to the Final Destination movies.

    Obama was intensely vulnerable if the GOP could have collectively forced the hard right of the party keep their mouths shut, marginalized the nutbars and the ex-Fox commentators, and presented a selection of solid centralist to mainstream conservatives as potential candidates. In this grim economy, they should have been able to gut the Democrats as ineffectual.

    As it is, they have succeeded in branding the GOP as the flaky, vaguely creepy under-achieving problem child of this year’s political arena, one withan apparent obsessive focus on the rich, the dim, the straight, the males and the paranoid fundamentalists.

    Romney now has a much higher hill to climb, should he win the nomination. If Gingrich or Santorum should win, you might as well hold Obama’s inaugreal ball tomorrow.

  • Zingzing

    Roger, the poll results come from a rightwing news site.

  • Igor

    Let me see, as I understand it, Romney doesn’t favor Evolution and he doesn’t favor Global Warning. He doesn’t care about the poor.

    He DOES favor lower taxes for billionaires. He DOES favor de-regulation.

    I’m not a billionaire, so why should I vote for Romney?

  • Well, although the poll was conducted for World Net Daily, which automatically sets alarm bells ringing in my head, I did take a look at the actual survey and it doesn’t seem like a push poll to me. The questions asked are phrased neutrally and don’t lead.

    That said, an angry and frustrated Republican threatening to vote for Obama in February is a far cry from him or her actually doing so in November.

    A lot of glacial meltwater is poised to flow under the bridge between now and then, not least notably the small matter of the Republican National Convention and the final nomination of an actual candidate to oppose the incumbent president.

    Remember the PUMA movement that sprang up among Hillary Democrats last time around? Throwing tantrums when it started to look as if Obama was going to get the nomination and proclaiming loudly that there was no way they were going to vote for him?

    You bet your hairy arse 90% of them did.

    Once it’s known for sure who the GOP candidate is, there’ll be a few months for Republicans to adjust to the idea, to focus, and to decide whether to follow through on their threats, whether to hold their noses and vote for whoever it is just to get rid of Obama, or whether, as Joseph and Clav intend, to write someone in.

    But it really isn’t registered Republicans who matter here. It’s the independent middle, and as things stand I can’t see them going for any of the potential GOP candidates in large numbers.

    Particularly with the budget Obama just unveiled, which, regardless of your opinion of its contents, I think is a political masterstroke.

  • “A political masterstroke”?

    Aren’t we being exuberant?

  • @ #10:

    We would be if we were members of Obama’s fan club. You forget, Roger, that I’m not American and won’t be voting in November.

    I think that Obama casting his lines now (and I see that the congressional GOP and some of the candidates have already taken the bait) clearly sets out the battleground and where Obama and his administration stand in relation to the Republican trenches… ahem, I mean position.

    It sets the agenda. The election will be fought over whether Democratic or Republican approaches to exiting the recession are best, not over emotive but peripheral issues like whether Betty should be able to marry Sheila, or whether Newt Gingrich is descended from Bubbles the chimpanzee.

    It’s a strategy that has the potential to take down not only Obama’s eventual presidential opponent, but the GOP majority in Congress as well.

  • I suppose I agree. It still has all the makings of a campaign promise, in short, nothing to build upon.

    And so the game goes on.

  • The congressional GOP has already declared the budget dead on arrival, which is playing right into Obama’s hands because it reinforces his/the Democrats’ portrayal of them as obstructionist. We’ll have to see how that plays with the “independent middle” I was talking about earlier, but from my perspective Obama is aligning himself with and appealing to the average person on the street, while the only message Republicans seem to have is that taxing the rich is bad, which as a concept is a very hard sell to begin with, and a downright foolish one in an election year.

  • The Republicans must be clear about how they will reduce unemployment any faster than President Obama. In addition, there must be a viable alternative presented to Obamacare or there must be a proposed compromise which phases in the elements that can be agreed upon universally.

    I’d like to hear someone talk about a health and wellness system rather than a disease management system which has been in place for decades.

    The Republicans will call for a higher defense budget. This could only aggravate the deficit and take away the badly needed focus on the consumer sector. I still hold to the position that the defense budget should grow no higher than 3.5% of the GDP as was the case at the close of the Clinton Administration.

    If President Obama succeeds in reducing unemployment to around 7.5% with a growing population, his case for re-election is enhanced.

    If no-one emerges with a first ballot victory, then the likelihood of a brokered convention increases. Then, the convention may talk about other candidates. Jeb Bush comes to mind as a popular governor at one point. Chris Christie is even more popular. Rudolf Giuliani has a solid reputation for municipal management as does Mayor Bloomberg. Congresswoman Miller of Michigan has never lost an election and has won by wide margins.

    Of course, there are others. The possibility of horse trading at the convention could produce a coalescing of support around a current primary candidate like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or even Ron Paul. The compromise could center around the VP candidate as was the case with the choice of Pres. Lyndon Johnson.

  • Igor

    The fact is that the republicans are incapable of formulating a campaign platform. They have NO economic plan since their favorite, supply side, is out of gas and impotent.

    They have no National Defense plank since Obama unmanned them with the various Al Queda assassinations he’s administered, and the wind-down of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

  • Clavos

    The only thing the Republicans don’t have is a decent candidate, and as Dr. Maresca sagely points out, the possibility of a brokered convention offers at least two popular and qualified candidates in Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

  • Cannonshop

    #15 Igor, the Republicans never even used the one you’re calling “out of gas”- Supply-side isn’t Corporate Graft. They used Corporate Graft-same as teh Democrats do.

    But you’re right about the lack of a BELIEVABLE platform-the GOP has nothing left with which to run, after breaking every promise they ever made, and they don’t have a candidate, either.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clavos –

    Neither Jeb Bush and Chris Christie would stand a chance, because Bush has the stigma of his last name, and Christie’s too fat…and yes, the American electorate is that shallow.

  • Igor

    Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Bachman, etc., all turned out to be creeps when we got to know them, so it’s likely the same fate awaits Bush and Christie. They just haven’t had enough public exposure yet.

    I’m afraid that the republicans have painted themselves into a corner by pre-selecting all possible candidates to be such extreme kooks.

  • PrestonDawkness

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