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Obama On Immigration Reform: Republican Support Needed

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President Obama has finally decided that, despite it being an election year, it is time to take on the bull of immigration reform, but he is going to need bipartisan support to do it. Why the change of heart? Originally, he said that the politicians would be too distracted concentrating on getting re-elected to do real work on getting immigration reform accomplished, but now that does not matter. Why?

The Arizona immigration law has brought so much pressure on the federal government to take action that they can no longer ignore it. The law is an understandable expression of the public's frustration with the government's failure to overhaul the immigration system, and the intention of the Arizona law was to try to get a handle on the state's immigration problems with direct action instead of waiting on the federal government that has let it go on for so long.

The law, which takes effect on July 29, 2010, requires police enforcing other laws to ask about a suspect's immigration status if there is reason to believe that the person was in the United States illegally. Under this law, it makes it a state crime to be here illegally. Some of the things that might bring a person’s citizenship status into question are: whether or not he/she is able to speak English and, if he/she is able, can speak without speaking in broken English, and does that person have a valid driver’s license or state identification?

One action that sometimes happens, and might be an indication that they are illegal immigrants, is they are involved in an automobile accident and offer to pay the other party for damages in cash on the spot rather than calling the police.

Many people think that this law will lead to racial profiling and violate a person’s civil liberties because most illegals in this country are of Hispanic heritage and have skin of color. The law's intent is to stop people from Mexico from crossing the U.S. – Mexico border illegally.

Many people are against a state taking on an issue that should be handled on the federal level. The opponents include activists, politicians, nations, celebrities, and organizations that believe the Arizona law is unconstitutional and violates civil liberties.

President Obama feels that the Arizona law is misguided, ill-conceived, divisive, and would put undue pressure on local police departments. He advocates a comprehensive approach that would insist the government, businesses, and illegal immigrants themselves live up to their responsibilities within the law, while the Republicans insist that the first step is to secure the border.

The Republicans feel that the President would be offering “amnesty” if he creates a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the United States. Obama said that it would require immigrants to first acknowledge that they had broken the law, pay fines and back taxes, perform community service, and learn English. They do not agree.

If President Obama would break away from his amnesty plan and make a real commitment to border and interior security, then he might get the support he needs from the Republicans.

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  • n8whit

    Not one time did you mention in this article that Arizonans and the rest of this country support this law in overwhelming numbers. This is why we need to end the Democrat party. They are willing to sell out the American worker for foreign invaders.

  • Deb

    These biased articles only tell of the illegal lovers/advocates and not the Legal American sentiment. Americans are sick of illegals breaking so many laws, DEMANDING rights they are not entitled to and dropping anchors to receive those benefits. We do not agree with 12 millions criminals (which they are when they take their first illegal step into this country). Illegals that have no regard for our laws should not be given a pass for their crimes. Oshama better realize that the majority of Americans are against another amnesty, as the last 2 failed miserably. Those politicians who support the criminals better think twice as they will be losing their jobs come November. Enforce our immigration laws and deport those who feel our laws don’t apply to them.

  • Tropical anjelD

    Deb, you are a creature that sounds in need of love, passion, and God, you sound so mean and unhappy, that your words transcend your state of well been, at these days. At first i would Kindaly remaind you that, mr. president’s name is Obama and not Oshama, and he know what he is doing. This is a country build on immigrant labor, and simplilly you white “hater” folks, can’t just use people and kick ’em back out here, is that simple, ‘couse of your ” crazy spoiled believes that fucked up the whole world as it is” are, you should apply for a job on the KKK headquarters, you fit just fine in the position of spokes white trash person, and rock with ’em crazy racists nazi-minds friends of yours, 4 life. America is bigger than you, and has received us to prosper here,to care about our familys, and that’s right send our kids on your colleges to take your crack head meth smoking kids, and we don’t believe every single one white person is like you, one hater lost in a world that probally you felt in your knees many times doing your stupid human mistakes, or aren’t you human? u don’t comit these things?!, we fear God, and he’s promisses, we been through a whole lot of bad, and even worse situations of stand you, but trully deep inside, we feel sorry for ya, spoiled ones as most of you haters, and the laws of the universe that you guys may face it, for your hate. But for now, Thank you Mr. Presiden Obama for came foward in help of us here, suffernning the pain, getting sick without right of a proper treteament, without helth care, thank you for a opportunitty of pay taxes and help build back up america’s economy, with never than before, needs any kind of founds to relif our public services, and keeping giving the kids of america, the proper type of education that they deserve, without us fear the school’s door’s closing and teachers loosing theirs jobs. Thank you, in name of all 12 milions of illegal people that here live, that here came, seeking for a better qualitty of life, wi th a dream, and a heart beating tha believed in this AMERICA so call, “land of freedon.

  • Doug Hunter

    I love the general spirit and work ethic the illegals bring with them, I find it quite preferable to some of our more entitled native born attitudes.

    The thing I’ve always disagreed with is the insistence by Democrats that businesses be the bad guy and cut the illegals off when the government doesn’t have the cajones to do it themselves. The government wants to pander to the illegals while making business be the bad guy. I say it should be either both, or more preferably, neither.

    If businesses are to be fined for hiring illegals, government organizations should be fined and punished for providing services and benefits to them.

  • Aztec75

    Anytime the President or anyone else talks about illegals, they say we can’t deport 12-20 million people. Why not? This country won WWII, went to the moon, destroyed the Soviet Union, and we cant find some Mexicans and drop them on the other side of a fence. Will it take some more people? Sure, but those are government jobs I can support, not to mention all the jobs that become available when illegals are sent home. I’d like to see deportation back on the table.
    Can we deport millions of people?
    Si se puede!!!

  • Marcmagus

    You go Deb! T-Angel is just in fear of immigration. I think the AZ law is the right move. I am tired of presidents giving up on our nation’s immigration laws. I am a Democrat, and short of shooting them as they come across the border, we need to get serious. Mexicans are not like other immigrants that have helped this country grow and prosper. They come here and work for way less than minimum wage just because the employers are abusing their immigration status to cheat them. We should be holding employers, schools, hospitals, and social services accountable for funding the idea that being illegal in the US is okay. Even services like Western Union makes it less expensive to send money out of the US than to send it from state to state. Enough already!

  • John Wilson

    I’m glad so many people are exercised over American loss of sovereignty. Maybe now we can do something about the existential threat to the USA represented by foreign takeover of corporations able to freely and openly bribe USA politicians, ala recent SCOTUS decisions.

    Soon we will be treated to the sight of a foreigner in a foreign language demanding that senators do what he says because he and his countrymen own enough stock in XYZ corp. to dominate the BoD and buy politicians with corporate money.

  • the american

    JOhn Wilson you just drew a parallel worth telling that is americans complain about illegasl awhen they created wealth out of the = american dream BUT they r ignorant enough to still be the laves of corporations seeling this country overseas….!!

  • the american

    JOhn Wilson you just drew a parallel worth telling that is americans complain about illegals awhen they created wealth out of them = american dream BUT they r ignorant enough to still be the SLAVES of corporations selling this country overseas….!!a powerful country with third world citizens = THE PEOPLE!!

  • the american

    Aztec75 you are mexican and yo hate your own? I wonder why mexico is in such bad shape and for your informaiton THE USA did not win WWII by itself go back to school and learn history and be careful they might deport you once the law goes into effect for your looks and probably accent…..

  • the american

    By next year obama will be defined as either against or for the well being of the country regarding immigration…………..too late to give a specch in desperation for the latino votes….and I hope the latinos ar not aas stupid as thier people wheer they come from to sitill vote for people with broken promises….

  • the american

    Doug Hunter AND>>>>….you should be put in jail for smoking pot which therefore you sponsor the cartels and for tha reason they r in the borders causing problem……get it? WE ARE ALL AT FAULT!!! but it is american in the 21st century to blame others for our mistakes and byte the hands of the people ( illegals..the good ones) who gave us such a comfortable life………

  • the american

    Tropical anjelD I AM WITH YOU!! I wish justice prevails above all odds and the people like yourself get the opportunity to stay and improve this place…………..if slaves who had no education and whatsoever built a country like these……the illegals that come in all colors and backgrounds will be able to do as good or greater things in the future for the US AMEN!!!

  • Arch Conservative

    Neither party wants to secure the border.

    Neither party wants to exhbit fiscal sanity at the risk of pissing off some lobby.

    Obama is bought and paid for buy the same people that bought and paid for Bush and Cheney. They put a black face on the new world order to distract.

    The globalist scum know that the fall of this once great nation, through the dissolving of our borders and the ruining of our economy is the most important part of their agenda and so far they’re doing a pretty good job while the kool aid drinking minions drive around with fucking “hope and change” bumper stickers on their cars.

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

  • I try to keep an open mind about illegal immigration, but I laud Arizona in its efforts to deter the crossings within their state. I ahve heard people complain for years about how the illegals are taking their jobs, how they are receiving benefits we paid for with our taxes, filling up our schools to where our children are not receiving the education they deserve because of overcrowding, the illegals are Mexico’s criminals that they are glad to be rid of, the illegals bring an abundance of drugs into our country contributing crime, etc.

    If the benefits of being an American is so great, why do you not take the time to come here legally? Whenever someone goes overseas to another country they are required to have a passport and the appropriate visas, or they do not enter. The same holds true for the foreigners coming into the USA, so what is the uproar

  • . . . about suspected illegals being asked to show that they are here legally? Every time a policeman pulls you over, you are required to show your driver’s license, proof that you are a legal citizen following the laws of the country.

    Amnesty should not be given, but earned as a privilege and not a necessity. I also agree that not only should be individual illegal be deported, but those that willingly and knowingly support them should be held accountable.

  • the american

    Charles amnesty is no longer in the language of any debate…………it is interesting how hate and feelings get you an other people frustated to the point english is not longer understood……..if CIR happens due to the actual tough requirements and probably will get even tougher if it reacxhes congress…….probably less than half of the illegals would be eligible (the good ones) my guess is that some of them were also victims of unscrupulous lawyers,…..anyway the truth is that we need reform for the illegal and legal immigrants as well as to improve our internal system for national security……..for example a biometric card……..think Charles….think how do you propose the gov has control over 300 million people?????????? only answer a biometric SS# with a driver’s license married to the system now we have a solid WALL between the US and not only the southern border but the rest of the world……..you have to use your head and think 3% polulation that is the illlegals will destroy or is destroying this country?????anyway

  • Cannonshop

    It’s really simple: you should never have a law you’re unwilling or unable to enforce. There is ample evidence to the argument that the Federal Government is unwilling and unable to enforce Immigration laws as they are currently formulated-12 to 20 million illegals in the U.S. is ample evidence, just as we saw from 2006 to 2009 that the Federal Government is unwilling and unable to enforce other laws-like antitrust law, to the detriment of the Nation, even to the point of the Bush/Obama mantra of “Too big to Fail”.

    Forget bringin’ back zombie Reagan, what we need is to summon Teddy Roosevelt back from beyond the veil. “Poltergeist Roosevelt, Save US!!”

  • the american

    Cannonshop you got it all wrong what we need is americans that are not like you who blame the gov for your own faults………the citizens like you should have enforced the law….so the people failed to be americans…this is not russia where the gov does everyting for its people get it?! in the US the people govern………

  • John Wilson

    So, is Arizona going to pass a law that says only native-born Americans, and not those foreign devils, can own corporations that bribe politicians with ‘campaign contributions’?

  • Cannonshop

    #19 and y’know what, American? We are governed by the government the people will tolerate, I did my bit, and it wasn’t enough, and I’m old enough now that I have no interest in doing everyone else’s-I have enough of that at work.

    I’ve come to the understanding that the majority of Americans are too lazy, self-absorbed and dependent to govern themselves, that they WANT nanny-government to take care of everything for them, they chose it by majority, and the only way I, or anyone else, can be anything LIKE free, is to avoid drawing Uncle Sam’s attention, avoid the dependency traps, and avoid scrutiny.

    Don’t make trouble, don’t get noticed, don’t make waves. The reason there’s that Immigration problem, is because of Americans who want to pay as little as possible for work and services, and at the same time demand extortionate wages enforced by law for themselves for similar work, who don’t seem to ‘get’ that they’ve been cutting their own throat all these years-and frankly, those are the people that make up the majority, so I don’t have any trust, faith, or understanding left, and I have no problem blaming government, because government is US, and WE…collectively, have the government we deserve, shitty service and all.

  • Mobile

    I am glad so many people are exercised over American loss of sovereignty. Maybe now we can do something about the existential threat to the USA represented by foreign takeover of corporations able to freely and openly bribe USA politicians, ala recent SCOTUS decisions.

  • Arch Conservative

    Obama On Immigration Reform: Republican Support Needed

    Yeah it makes it a lot easier to sell out this nation when you have political cover in the form of some level of agreement from the other main party.

  • the american

    Cannonshop #19 OK! I read your answer. I know now where you stand and I am WITH YOU!

  • the american

    Cannonshop I must tell you that not too many people realize what you just said and I hope there tons and millions more like you to eventually fix this place. On my end I have seen these illegals being abusedx and exploited for years ro rhe point they gave their lives ( the good ones) and sacrificed their health to make a living here ( invited bby citizens to come and work here in the US). SO I donlt think it is american to kick out these few illegals after 20 years of basically abuse and yet they still smile with their broken hands and bodies……..so there should be a fine line os compassion and merit to these people….no different to the spouses that get abused and yet they get the green card. In this case these people contribute to the american dream in a smaller manner……….

  • funny

    its funny i am legal here but if you americans think that immigrants are taking your jobs then u must have a shitty job lol.

  • Pavel